for Giambattista Valli

Of course it's naughty and I'm totally up for anything Mr Valli wishes... à la Henry Holland:

Half-nude in your alley
'Battista Valli.

Seriously, only a man who successfully juxtaposes ruffles and rock chic is capable of understanding the complex nature of a woman's mind. Body. Both.
(Available at one of my fave across-the-pond ports: Luisa Via Roma should you want to get it for me. As it is, I'm contemplating a foolish thought that will involve that dress shipped to me and going on a new diet of ramen noodles for at least two months. I'm biding my time for now, however...)

I still dream of last summer's famously photographed fuschia-pink mini-dress!! Chichi chic!! (Don't know the dress?? You better ask somebody!!)

Intricate lingering kisses.


Anonymous said...

why would you need to go on a ramen diet? how skinny do you want to be? You know, with us small girls, the boobs go first! lol

Mia said...

Yes that dress is hot. Stupid question, but was that the price in euros??? lol. love you.

*kiki* said...


Secretista said...

I Giambattista Valli more than words could express!!