the short on shorts

I love shorts.

However, I do sincerely feel like I can't justify paying over a certain price (twenty bucks) for a pair of shorts. My reasoning's something like this: except a pair of shorts, I mean the short shorts variety, is in itself a fashion statement — which let's face it, is usually less than 15% of the time — it just shouldn't be that expensive. Now, since it is not a fashion statement, it is merely a piece of fabric to protect my derrière and uphold my arbitrary claim to decency — or I'd sooner find myself trying to convince an officer of the law of my sanity, especially if I'm more than three feet from any semblance of a beach.

So you see, twenty bucks it is.

But, the exceptions, delightful little things they turn out, can be the most eye-catching and euphoria-inducing pieces when I happen upon them. Here's my current fave by Rick Owens, dark angel of über-chic, casual goth. I actually have a pic — you know by now I h.a.t.e. pics. But my doll of a cousin, an extraordinarily accomplished stylist cum lawyer (in London), made me take piccies not so far back. She deserves a post of her own, really. Anyhow, my panel shorts has been garnering me looks in this here city. I don't know what kind of looks because I'm afraid to look strangers in the face. Nonetheless, while the shorts required a little rework for said decency's sake, I love. love. them; they make me feel like I'm walking on air. A simple pair of shorts. Not only that, there's a pair in white (Luisa Via Roma).  That'll be harder to pull off. Haha. God save the queen me.

Meanwhile, I'll start scouring for the yummiest shorts of the season.

Best for today's remembrance holiday.

PS. Dear Luisa, could you make the customs process a tad easier.
Thanks, your lover.


i'm going to try to move my memoirs over to wordpress. it may take forever.
meanwhile, sale season starts. shop wisely.
if you wouldn't buy it for whole price, think carefully before you buy it on sale.

tender kisses.


gilt fingers

I came across this finger ring over the weekend when I found myself on tumblr wondering a million things about the utility of the site.  I thought I saved the tumblr page, but apparently not. (I've just been looking, but no swish!!) But I did 'like' the Cornelia jewelry page of facebook, a means of avoiding my ever-growing bookmarks, I 'spose. I love this ring very much because I never paint my finger nails — I'd rather plain finger nails than a glaringly chipped one every few days —so this is the perfect, most decadent alternative.
Thank you Cornelia Webb.

A letter:

Dear Cornelia,
I hope all is well with you.
Will you kindly have your PA check your email when you get a chance for my message about stockists and purchase options? I need to get a few of those... I'd really like ummm...ten, in all honesty. I'd need larger ones for my thumbs, I reckon. Do they come in different sizes?

PS. dear Cornelia you really deserve an award for this piece of brilliance.

PPS. This chain dress was made for me, I can't stress how important it is for both of us to agree on this. I need to find it and wear it to the non-event I've coming up; for instance, lunch down the block. I love uncomplicated glamour like that.  Respectfully yours.

Pics: Cornelia's facebook page and her webbie.

Gilded kisses.


five brilliant summer jackets. (men: oki-ni)

So when the tide turns and the women begin to get naked at the merest peek of the sun's rays, I think the men should oblige and add a little something extra to their ensembles. And I'm not talking the ubiquitous pastel polo that every tom, dickster and harriet is and will be sporting soon. I'd love to see a few more men in these...
(all available at the oki-ni emporium, jackets section)

This is so girl-meets-boy-girl-takes-boy's-jacket-and-they-live-happily-ever-after jacket. Seriously a pearlescent sheer jacket?? I want it.

Absolutely gorg print that would fit in both men's and women's wardrobes. I fell in love.
Darned women!! Why do we feel the need to usurp everything??
I know. I know, honey.

This quarter sleeve makes me happy.

Well, since you've seen the back, you've got to get it now. You can't not, right??

Huge lip-smacking kisses, one on each cheek.


global gathering: from how to spend it. (ft style mag)

These have got to be the one of the most beautiful styled works I've seen in a bit. Okay, quite a lot of people do sweet things with editorials; so it has to be the vibrant colors and patterns that made me gasp with pleasure upon seeing the images, there's no way to describe it. I want to be the woman who owns half these clothes.
Mission impossible sta(r)ted.
(The sweater Alex Wek wears in pic 5, (maroon, white print is by Duro Oluwo and available on Couture Lab, not too crazy expensive considering.) Maybe I'll try to do a replication of each in more affordable prices. I hate when people do this, it is never the same thing. Never.)

I do wish, however, that editorials that pay homage to the dynamic prints, patterns and colors that can by these very characteristics classified as inherently 'african' would use more african designers, and just as especially, use a variety of sets or settings. Barns or the open wild are just so passé, in my view. Does the woman who wears a pair of the issey miyake geometric socks (pic 1) look like she forklifts bales of hay?? I. don't. think. so. Okay maybe after she's done with her farm chores and is settling down into a high back Victoria Hagan chair to a cup of coffee.

Photographs: Andrew Yee
Stylist: Damian Foxe

Be back to append the names of the designers to the pieces. I've turned into one of those girls who goes to the hair salon every. week. (in my old age). I should do a hair chronicles... blah blah


a disappearing act in five scenes: the case of dissolvable wedding gown

At three o'clock in the morning, one is bound to find the most fascinating happenings. (I mean this with the utmost sincerity — the part about the fascinating endeavours (to which people commit themselves).) I fall very fast head over heels in love peppered with rapturous pleasure and mixed with a good helping of reverential awe  — at least for the few moments when a piece of clothing or artwork catches my fancy. Immediately, I want to be BFFs with the person behind the inspiring creation, and in appreciation, said piece of genius is bookmarked stat (uhhh.. joining the masses of inspiring —but sometimes forgotten, unfortunately —  items in my bookmarks' folders.

It's how I forget what I want to write about on a daily basis; professional dilettante à la Kaiser Karl, that I am!

So yes, three a.m., and I come across this account of the dissolvable wedding dress on Ecouterre. Clearly, I've just been greeted at the pearly? gates of heaven. A press release of this undertaking available at the Sheffield Hallam University explains that fashion and engineering students at the college "combined forces to create a wedding dress that could be dissolved after the wedding to transform it into five new fashion pieces. The pieces, each a stage of the transformation process, are now on public display at the University's Furnival Gallery".

Immediately of course, my brain is whirring about the possibilities and the dopamine surge now coursing my system has made me feverish.
"You know I'm having three or four wedding gowns on my wedding day right??
Are you trying to say I could possibly have said three or four pieces from only one dress??"
Only later this morning would it become clearer.
          "Yes, Ms, we know about your three-four dresses!
           No, Ms, said dress you 'thought' — sleep-deprived, as you were— had five different possibilities, ie styles... is actually the illustration depicting the dress in five stages of disintegration/dissolution, which accompanies both narratives from Ecouterre and SHU.
            No, Ms, I know you're thinking it, there are no price attachments at the moment. It is merely showing at the University's gallery. Calm yourself."


So the gist is that you do put on this dress for your wedding and then when the ceremony is over, presumably and not before, you can dissolve it in water. Viola! All disappeared. I love its brilliance.

Jane Blohm, a lecturer on fashion design course at SHU justifies, "In order to reduce fashion's impact on the environment, the fashion industry must begin to challenge conventional attitudes and practices. The exhibition demonstrates what could be possible when design and scientific innovation combine forces." Good for the earth, good for all. Like I said, l.o.v.e.

1. This idea's taken shape in my head: what if you came into church with an elaborately bustled gown and when the presiding officiator skilfully sprinkled his holy water unto you/your dress, the dress began to disintegrate at specific areas to reveal a new version/style of said dress?? By the time you made it out for pictures in front of the worship house, you'd be showing off a new dress. After pics, sprinkle a bit of rose-infused water (must change it up, besides rose water is glorious for your skin). When you get to the reception after a quick retouch of your make up, you'd be walking in with another! new dress. And after the party's all over, you'd be left in a mini dress, say; and by the time you make it off with your new hubby, all he'd have to do would be to douse you in a little more celebratory rosé (preferably) and your dress would be completely gone. (Or would that be a little creepy? I'm thinking of an artist whose name I can't remember.) Beats the man untying/unhooking a bustier on your wedding night, perhaps... Does he do that?? I wouldn't know.

2. A few  technical questions... how long does it take for the dissolution, per sq. m or something? Clearly I wouldn't be able to sweat and forget crying at the wedding.

3. Good for the environment (thumbs up!); but I was going to recycle my gowns anyway. They'd be dyed and refashioned into new pieces. I don't think I'd want them to disappear completely forever...

The questions, the possibilities.

Love, me. x.xx


pretty knits. mark fast.

Last fall, I fell for this Mark Fast skirt (pictured left). Given that I've a love-hate relationship for hair/hair-y textures as adornments or clothing attachments, this skirt was one piece for which I fell hard and, decidedly, without any reservations. Brown's — which carried the skirt at the time— was the only place that any of the designer's pieces anyhow back then; I'd searched, but while there was a slowly whirring buzz with each successive search, I'd never find actual pieces. I never bought the skirt (I regret it), rather expensive so I kept putting it off; but I always came back to look at and admire it. Retail lust therapy.

While the 29 year old designer has collaborated in the past with fellow Central St Martins alum, Bora Aksu, for three seasons, Mark Fast's first eponymous collection was Spring last year (September '08 show-date-wise). In a rather exhilarating and pioneering effort,  Fast has turned the notion of knits as we'd previously known them into alluring, form-fitting garments that are just so beautiful to look at and even more so to wear. He explains that he designs by hand on a domestic knitting machine; his work formed onto the body!! as he knits. His innovative stitching techniques, blending lycra with viscose, angora or wool explores the endless possibilities of using yarns in sculpting areas of tension and areas of volume over the body that result in his sensual designs.

As I was saying, rather expensive — it's terribly labor-intensive as one would imagine. Enter: Faster (by Mark Fast). No, I can't even say the name without a mischievous grin forming on my lips. It's the high-street-priced version of the premier label, a dress costs about a mere ₤500 in contrast to about ₤2000 for dress under the brand name, Mark Fast. So, we are talking relativity here, in terms of price.  (Wait for the sales, I say.) Faster's pieces are less intricate and so produced more quickly than pieces in the eponymous MF line, but I suspect they're made with as much love. You simply can't look at them without feeling warm and fuzzy. I mean that skirt! I really loved it.

In a bold testament to his love for women of all shapes and the incredible fit of his clothes, Fast features plus-size models on the runway and his editorial pictures. Model Hayley Morley is one such fixture and is one of the two headliners for the Faster collection, the other being Anouck Lepere.  Knit never looked so sexy.

And since words could not begin to describe the exquisiteness that is each piece...

Faster Pre-Collection 2010.

Mark Fast A/W 2010.

Mark Fast S/S 2010

Let's plot how to lay our hands on one or two. 
(Also available at Luisa Via Roma and Colette)
Pretty kisses.


luxury personified. celine handbags 2010

Just when I thought I'd narrowed my faves down to four (haha! choices!! choices!!) simple, albeit rather pretty and very capable-looking totes — the Fendi Peekaboo, Lanvin Toucouleur, Balenciaga Papier and the Hermès Cabag GM totes — the Céline S/S totes slipped back into my consciousness. When I first came across a matte black piece in early January, I didn't want to touch it. I'd already failed the first rule of avoiding temptation; thou shall not let thine eyes linger. Touching would simply be giving in, especially since it was still early in the year and I was relatively solvent; whether or not I should have afforded myself such a luxury would have been completely irrelevant.

My little brother's tugging prevailed over the sales lady's polite enquiries. She was even handing me the bag, but I gave it a final caress and said, "No, thank you. Maybe next time." At least I didn't parade the length of the handbag floor and have the poor Brits thinking me crazy.

Forget the fashion aesthetics and all that — it's similar to the other totes for which I've fallen dangerously, and costs even more than any of them *whomp* — what I love about Celine is that one ever hears much about it. That simple. Now this may not be a good thing for newly appointed creative director, Phoebe Philo, to hear, but it's a style popper for me, and exudes a quiet luxury that I find more appealing. Seriously, who wants to carry the same bag as everyone and their wet-faced dogs?! Available at Barneys And Bergdorfs (NY). It's more readily available in London (and even more so to the French, I imagine), but still...

Oh, and aren't these bags just the image of I've-got-my-sh*t-together?!! One on my arm and I'd look oh so with it.

I've put in these belts because I can't help it. I'm not saying go out and buy triple-digit-priced skinny belts (no offense Cece!); but I'm thinking how pretty a number of such belts  — different colors, widths, and textures — would look worn together, in a careless but very much put-together criss-crossed manner.