gilt fingers

I came across this finger ring over the weekend when I found myself on tumblr wondering a million things about the utility of the site.  I thought I saved the tumblr page, but apparently not. (I've just been looking, but no swish!!) But I did 'like' the Cornelia jewelry page of facebook, a means of avoiding my ever-growing bookmarks, I 'spose. I love this ring very much because I never paint my finger nails — I'd rather plain finger nails than a glaringly chipped one every few days —so this is the perfect, most decadent alternative.
Thank you Cornelia Webb.

A letter:

Dear Cornelia,
I hope all is well with you.
Will you kindly have your PA check your email when you get a chance for my message about stockists and purchase options? I need to get a few of those... I'd really like ummm...ten, in all honesty. I'd need larger ones for my thumbs, I reckon. Do they come in different sizes?

PS. dear Cornelia you really deserve an award for this piece of brilliance.

PPS. This chain dress was made for me, I can't stress how important it is for both of us to agree on this. I need to find it and wear it to the non-event I've coming up; for instance, lunch down the block. I love uncomplicated glamour like that.  Respectfully yours.

Pics: Cornelia's facebook page and her webbie.

Gilded kisses.


James A said...

cool pics ... Nice work Cornelia