sometimes only a woman could 'get' you so well...

Who is Yvonne Beever and why do I want her as my adoptive fairy godmother??
Without having ever seen me, she's captured my only true,and beloved! form of what may or may not be termed 'exercising'. She must have seen me do it, slipped into my room...
How else would she have known?
I mean, I simply thought I put on such a show — many a-time, it might as well be noted

(Me, espied.)

These — the rest of the collection at 20ltd —could be anyone of you.

There's a regrettably humorous article — first three paragraphs — in The Independent (1998!) titled "Not in our class, dear" recounting the three marriages of a woman who may or may not be Yvonne Beever. I need to know. her.

The modest image of old-fashioned needlework (yes! this is all hand-drawn and sewn by Ms Beever) with a decidedly immodest subject matter, these limited edition pieces have been created specially for the decadently discerning online haven 20LTD.

Naughty kisses.