five brilliant summer jackets. (men: oki-ni)

So when the tide turns and the women begin to get naked at the merest peek of the sun's rays, I think the men should oblige and add a little something extra to their ensembles. And I'm not talking the ubiquitous pastel polo that every tom, dickster and harriet is and will be sporting soon. I'd love to see a few more men in these...
(all available at the oki-ni emporium, jackets section)

This is so girl-meets-boy-girl-takes-boy's-jacket-and-they-live-happily-ever-after jacket. Seriously a pearlescent sheer jacket?? I want it.

Absolutely gorg print that would fit in both men's and women's wardrobes. I fell in love.
Darned women!! Why do we feel the need to usurp everything??
I know. I know, honey.

This quarter sleeve makes me happy.

Well, since you've seen the back, you've got to get it now. You can't not, right??

Huge lip-smacking kisses, one on each cheek.