Shoes worthy of a Queen.
(Alexander McQueen)

Another quick-been-meaning-to-write post:

I am crazy in love with some shoes!! (is that a Bey..on.c.e. utterance?? Wow, I really am crazy to be quoting the chick!! *shudder*) Anyhow, Alexander McQueen has managed to incorporate delicate femininity into his avant garde, futuristic designs in a manner only he can, that it is causing me to paraphrase the one destiny's child the group has always been about. Eeek!! I have tumbled in love with his Rose Whorl sandals; ummm... they are amongst the top of my incredibly long must-have-can't-live-without list!! Well, that and a couple more. What's a gyrl to do?!!

The Rose Whorl sandal (topmost) is available at Net-a-Porter, McQ is also available at the website; and at Shopbop. Ok, actually the bottom antique rose shoe is now my true fave!! That's it!!

Pretty kisses.

Barneys is the Top Shop!!

So, this is how the cycle of my fashion memoirs works... I save title drafts of posts that I'd love to write about and when I've a bit of time or I'm feeling down, I write; because you see, sometimes there's no better antidote than fashion and writing about it. So here's a post I've been meaning to write for about two weeks now...

On purpose, I've ignored recent ambitious pairings of celebrities and mediocre stores (automatically downgraded when they embarked on the sad idea). Not that I won't patronize said stores if I've been doing so prior, or if they've products I love; but, I absofrigginglutely dislike the idea of such blatant disregard of true sartorial craftsmanship (and the innate pleasurable decadence derived from a design) when celebs are used to promote fashion, especially clothes!! That said, I've been giddy with anticipation over Kate Moss's collection for Topshop debuting at Barneys. Ahhhh... such juxtaposing complexities. But, can you say pure brilliance!! Every fashion doyenne understands the vital role Topshop plays in propagating Brit-sassy, chic fashion trends throughout London; and thanks to the web... globally. Do I even need to say that in this day and age?? Equally, Barneys stocks decadent styles from all over. I mean you want something unique and super stylish, head to Barneys!! Truly, Barneys supports me in my all-important struggle against the constraints imposed by many of the so-hot-now trends that flush individual expression right down the gutters!!

Anyway, imagine my joy when I heard:
~ Kate Moss was creating a collection for Top Shop (equivalent: double scoop, full-fat fave häagen dazs);
~ and this collection was going to be available for the US at Barneys (10lbs heavier, but... a 7.76ct Harry Winston ring at the bottom of the ice cream dish - my aside reverie: I've been swooning all day; naturally, I was drawn to the one ring that would happen to say "price upon request" when I clicked this morning over at nymag.com. I figure the 10lbs is a bonus, you'd need more leverage to hold up that rock, you see!! Okayyy, seriously nothing would compare to that... but you get my point) JOY!!!

Well, it's almost here, May 8th, that is... Kate Moss will make an appearance at Barneys NY to celebrate the launch of her collection and the next day, the collection becomes available. To understand the enormity of this affair, there's a countdown going on right now at Barneys!!

Let me try to explain my giddiness... Kate Moss, minus what I imagine must be the chicest 'snow' compact as her singular accessory, is one of my fave fashionistas. She just makes glamourous chic look so easy and that's totally my style. It's almost as if she wakes up, puts on a shirt as a dress and walks out the door totally chic!! If you know anything about me, you know I invented the shirt-dress look. Haha. This is where being petite pays big time!! In additon, Julie Gilhart, Fashion director at Barneys NY recently testified that Topshop and Barneys both share a love of style. I couldn't agree more. In an interview with the folks at Fashionweek Daily, she says, "the most important thing is that we buy produce first, regardless of designer or name," and really, that is my fashion dictum. I don't like to discriminate higher end stock in contrast with not-so-high end merchandise; although, it's part of the equation in this merger - the collection will be offered in the Barneys CO-OP division, or designers for that matter. My shopping subconscious is "see, fall in love and buy!!" Haha. Oh I know it shouldn't be!! But oh well, I know is I'm looking forward to this collection.

With élan as always, and double kisses.


Valentino launches roof deck at GPH.

We'll review some of my loves, just in case you didn't know...
NY!! NY!! sparkles, incandescent, yet, subdued, ethereal gossamers (and who does these as well as Valentino??!!)

Now, imagine my utter joy when I found out that Mr. Valentino would be christening the new private roof deck and club at the Gramercy Park Hotel (right after I'd spent my bday wkend there, natch) with a special dinner tomorrow, April 16th, after some actors' guild celebration or whatever (obviously this isn't the important part of this tidbit!!) JOY!! Of course, I'd be there... why wouldn't I?? I'm not sure if I'd get past Damion, the man to know to get into the Rose Bar (I am planning to change that, however, with a couple more stays and smiles at the GPH; he did think me cute when I met him!! Haha) But, if only I could get a glimpse of this wonderful man, perhaps touch the hem of his impeccably tailored signature charcoal suit ad be made sartorially whole!! - Please believe me, I'd make it past his security: I'm teeny petite and pretty slick and quick on my feet when I have my heels in hand!! Yes, I'd make it through...

And then, a fateful bit of R & R; reality, and maybe, responsibility - just maybe - set me straight!! So unfair!! That and the impending torrents that'd be pummeling the NE in a couple of days. Seriously, I don't understand this weather.
Anyway, I've taken it all in stride and by default, I can look at myself as a responsible young lady!! I couldn't really tell my friends that I was certainly going into the city on a Monday night, let alone book a room at the GPH spontaneously... oh well, now they'll know what was going on in my fashion-warped head!!

2 faves from Valentino Spring couture :)

Bizou. Bizou.

p.s. Speaking of gossamers, can you say Bridal Runways??!!! I'll be reviewing those soon, we all know - and if you didnt, now you know - how much I love love wedding dresses!! I've already said I'll be having pre-wedding parties, just so I can wear a couple of wedding dresses before I do the real thing!!



Tom Ford: A man after my own heart

Yesterday, I wished I was a man; just so I could have Tom Ford tailor my clothes!!

So amidst great stir the previous morning, Tom Ford, celebrated style expert - do I even need to sing his praises?? - opened his flagship boutique on Madison Ave, solely catering the man who distinguishes and appreciates great style and luxury. He hosted a private press review; and skimming the reports in some editorials, I feel a strong respect and kinship - if I may - toward this lovely man!! He does look yummy in this pic, doesn't he??

Here's a man talking about the clothes he would like to wear, just like we gyrls do!! Many of the industry's great fashion houses are headed by men, many of whom are able to gauge quite well what their kind of woman is likely (or would love) to wear, but there's nothing like the feeling I get from Tom Ford speaking about himself as a man and the kinds of clothes he wants to wear. His passion for designing clothes leaps at me through his words and I think: I'd really love to be a man, so he could make my clothes. Hmm... I wonder if this raises eyebrows (trans-gender identification & preference, homo-eroticism?? I'm listening to Mr. Stanton from FL talk about becoming a woman). Oh my, this can get really confusing.

Even more importantly, he reveals that he is his own muse and I feel even more closeness with Mr. Ford. Nothing touches me more than this view. This is because I - as well - am my own inspiration and that comes across in how I want dress anytime. And he speaks of the Chanel House - trying to create what the revered House has accomplished for women, in his own store. See, we definitely share a kinship in some other life... perhaps. Ahhh... joy. Or not. Darn!!

Okay, I'm still a gyrl and I looove being a gyrl!!

Cupcake Kisses.


Divinora Intervention. (Guerlain)

Guerlain's always been one of my favorite brands especially because it was one of the first beauty labels I discovered myself. Granted, I recall the Guerlain Shalimar Parfum being part of mom's plethora of fragrances when I was younger; but that doesn't really count because I think part of mom's lifework was - and still is - to acquire the fragrances of the world!! Naturally, my first Guerlain purchase - a Divinora Lipgloss - was aboard an aircraft (duty-free!! yes!!). The second was a Divinora Mascara (shiny object alert); also bought high in the sky!! Yes, I remember these random, but, obviously precious and valuable moments and purchases of my life!! Every gyrl does... I think.

Perhaps you're wondering why I'd been making beauty purchases on the airplane: Uhhh... weird!!
Ha *scoff*!!
It was pretty normal for my (younger) sisters and I; although, now it does seem like we were oh so deprived. You see, our first forays into the world of makeup really came from shopping duty-free on airplanes and at airports. As children, and, even well into my teens (since I was the oldest, haha) we were only given pocket-money when we were traveling abroad - coming into the US or Europe. And, we could almost spend it as we wished. Ha... my darling parents!! Ergo, on trips, we stocked up on lots of color palettes and fragrances. Indeed, apart from sneaking into mommy's hardly-ever-used beauty collections, we learned our biases to different brands en route. It really was exciting, there were always limited/specially packaged editions and they were always duty-free!!

Anyway, back to Guerlain... Naturally, the brand epitomizes the uppermost echelon of fragrance and beauty products; constantly renewing their products' richness and effectiveness by fusing superior technological advancements with luxurious ingredients. The foundations and concealers I skip natch; the brand doesn't even come close to making colors for people who aren't two shades of negative pale or beige!! I should protest, but it'd be a no-win/no-win situation. I wouldn't be able to satisfy my addictions; they'd lose an oh so valuable customer (hahaha)... No, it certainly would not work.The rest of its products, however, should be labeled 'Seduction in a jar/bottle...' I've taken to their eyeshadows, perhaps, much like a junkie to umm... white powder. Only these (powder) formulas are so rich in color and texture and truly luxurious!! Just about three weeks ago, I returned to Guerlain, yes, the real beauty counter, and bought the Divinora Pure Radiance moisturizing gel - a sheer "radiant glow" gel formula containing suspended particles of pure 24K gold (hmm... are they serious??), which melt into my skin making it oh so radiant!! This is a divine moisturizer; but, it's also an effective base for my makeup, enhancing its staying power!! I mean it's beyond amazing and feels very sensual!! Can a beauty product be sensual?? Ahh... yesss. This is perfect since summer is almost here (doesn't feel like it up here); and we all will be clamouring for the golden, glowing look. Although, many women sometimes like to adapt their looks to the seasons, I am partial to "glow-enhancing" products and bronzers all year round, so Pure Radiance will become one of my staples. I simply find that I want radiant, youthful (and I, by no means, am old!! - said in head-shaking, index-finger-wagging tone) skin all the time!!
Of course, I go to the Neiman's website just because, and they're highlighting Guerlain in the beauty section!! Great minds think alike. Also available at Sephora and Saks.

Sugar-frosted, lip-smacking kisses on the lips!! Muah!!

p.s. Neiman's is having a beauty event, lots of delish goody bags!!!


indian food, indian fashion

Not too long ago, I truly believed I just couldn't eat anything Indian. Don't ask!! Haha. Well, not so anymore. I do like some Indian food, and today, I decided I'd love Indian for dinner. So, I called up the Indian place on my block; which, apparently is one of the best Indian restaurants in the city, and ordered some keema nan (bread with mince lamb and spices), baingan bhartha (eggplant veggie dish) and chicken tikka masala for dinner. Can you say delish??!! If only they delivered... Seriously.

Walking back home, I anticipate my mini smorgasbord (thank you God for Meet the Parents. Hilarious!!) The fragrant spices filling the evening air, my thoughts meander and I remember tumbling in love with the collections from Lakme/Mumbai (India) Fashion Week!! Oh my - I'm getting even more excited!! I'd admired a Monisha Jaising RTW piece when I'd seen it courtesy Hilary Alexander's "An Indian Tale" in the Telegraph.co.uk.
Now, I know what I'll be doing as I eat dinner - researching that tunic, literally.

Ummm... yeah, not really.
Being on my computer interferes the complete enjoyment of my food.
So T.V. instead, news, whatever!! My food is scrumptious!!

Dinner over, white paper plate in trash (I usually only use "plain, tacky-print-free" white paper plates, haha, I keep it classy with my paper plates) and I'm ready to begin my research. Ugghhh, can I say that I couldn't find a single website selling Jaising's clothing. Is that even possible?? Either that, or I just don't know how to google properly. I've searched every possible site, even some annoying, ill-designed websites that I just can't deal with!! I can't believe it. What's the use of the internet if not to bring me, a New Englander, closer to an Indian designer and her clothing?? Touche.

My only option is to further torture myself by reviewing the collections from Mumbai Fashion week and imagine how beautiful the pieces would actually look and feel in real life. What I glean from my touturous, yet, aesthetically pleasing episode is that the Indian designer truly understands a woman's body!! Many pieces simply fit the woman's curves making the woman oh so alluring. Wait. Is it really that, or is it that the models have 'slightly' more meat on their bones - oh no, sacrilegious!! In one designer's collection, I honestly saw a couple of models eating something as they pranced down the catwalk - it was part of the theme!! Whatever it is, the clothes look great on women with boobies and booties. And the fusillade of colors, one after the other - rich, full-bodied and piquant, just like Indian cuisine; let's not even mention the intricate patterns and metallic embroidery!! What further makes these collections appealing is the delicate, flowing fabrics I can imagine are usually used to make tunics and saris. They must feel so soft and luxurious. But, surely, most amazing is the fusion of Indian culture and mode of dressing with European styles as evident in the clothes. Simply creative brilliance. This fusion makes each piece all the more appealing and especially practical. (I don't think of showing my bellybutton even for the sake of fashion.) I am wondering how to get some of these clothes. Perhaps, I can make up a reason to fly into London - that'd be nice - and dare I say, I could pay Dato Jimmy Choo a visit again!! Yes!! And, I could eat scones all day and say things like "I'll have a cuppa, please" or "Have you any softie??" and everyone would think me normal. Joy!! I am obviously getting ahead of myself here, but this could be possible!!
Life really could be grand!!
I love London!!

The bottom middle is the tunic I love by Monisha Jaising!!!


Oh well...

Colorful, fragrant kisses.
"[A woman should put perfume where ever she] wants to be kissed." ~ Coco Chanel
be back at some point to label the pics.


Scarf Thong (Versace)

Deliciously rad; mode.
My next pair of shoes if I buy anything!!

My fave new It-bag: The Lanvin Nopalea Bag

Reviewing my loves again...
lucite bangles, huge totes, the extra baby-soft leather on Lanvin bags.

Now imagine my immense joy at discovering the new Lanvin Bag called the Nopalea bag!! (I've never really cared to know the explicit names of bags, etc, but I can't stop saying the name of this bag. *coquettish giggle*) This bag is the cliche - so cool, it's hot - only in this case, it's oh so true!! It's patent white leather sack has got just the right amount of slouch; that's very important to me - I know it's a trend at the moment, but I'm not a huge fan of slouch, it's slouching, read sloppy, for goodness sake!! And the handles, yes, they are made of clear lucite!! (cue: heavenly trumpets) Of course, there's a .2 millisecond moment of insanity that grips me as I think I would kill for this bag, but those lucite handles mimicking handcuffs snap me back to reality promptly!!!

Available at Barney's, $2980.00 (Lord help us!!)
Swoon ladies, swoon!!