Divinora Intervention. (Guerlain)

Guerlain's always been one of my favorite brands especially because it was one of the first beauty labels I discovered myself. Granted, I recall the Guerlain Shalimar Parfum being part of mom's plethora of fragrances when I was younger; but that doesn't really count because I think part of mom's lifework was - and still is - to acquire the fragrances of the world!! Naturally, my first Guerlain purchase - a Divinora Lipgloss - was aboard an aircraft (duty-free!! yes!!). The second was a Divinora Mascara (shiny object alert); also bought high in the sky!! Yes, I remember these random, but, obviously precious and valuable moments and purchases of my life!! Every gyrl does... I think.

Perhaps you're wondering why I'd been making beauty purchases on the airplane: Uhhh... weird!!
Ha *scoff*!!
It was pretty normal for my (younger) sisters and I; although, now it does seem like we were oh so deprived. You see, our first forays into the world of makeup really came from shopping duty-free on airplanes and at airports. As children, and, even well into my teens (since I was the oldest, haha) we were only given pocket-money when we were traveling abroad - coming into the US or Europe. And, we could almost spend it as we wished. Ha... my darling parents!! Ergo, on trips, we stocked up on lots of color palettes and fragrances. Indeed, apart from sneaking into mommy's hardly-ever-used beauty collections, we learned our biases to different brands en route. It really was exciting, there were always limited/specially packaged editions and they were always duty-free!!

Anyway, back to Guerlain... Naturally, the brand epitomizes the uppermost echelon of fragrance and beauty products; constantly renewing their products' richness and effectiveness by fusing superior technological advancements with luxurious ingredients. The foundations and concealers I skip natch; the brand doesn't even come close to making colors for people who aren't two shades of negative pale or beige!! I should protest, but it'd be a no-win/no-win situation. I wouldn't be able to satisfy my addictions; they'd lose an oh so valuable customer (hahaha)... No, it certainly would not work.The rest of its products, however, should be labeled 'Seduction in a jar/bottle...' I've taken to their eyeshadows, perhaps, much like a junkie to umm... white powder. Only these (powder) formulas are so rich in color and texture and truly luxurious!! Just about three weeks ago, I returned to Guerlain, yes, the real beauty counter, and bought the Divinora Pure Radiance moisturizing gel - a sheer "radiant glow" gel formula containing suspended particles of pure 24K gold (hmm... are they serious??), which melt into my skin making it oh so radiant!! This is a divine moisturizer; but, it's also an effective base for my makeup, enhancing its staying power!! I mean it's beyond amazing and feels very sensual!! Can a beauty product be sensual?? Ahh... yesss. This is perfect since summer is almost here (doesn't feel like it up here); and we all will be clamouring for the golden, glowing look. Although, many women sometimes like to adapt their looks to the seasons, I am partial to "glow-enhancing" products and bronzers all year round, so Pure Radiance will become one of my staples. I simply find that I want radiant, youthful (and I, by no means, am old!! - said in head-shaking, index-finger-wagging tone) skin all the time!!
Of course, I go to the Neiman's website just because, and they're highlighting Guerlain in the beauty section!! Great minds think alike. Also available at Sephora and Saks.

Sugar-frosted, lip-smacking kisses on the lips!! Muah!!

p.s. Neiman's is having a beauty event, lots of delish goody bags!!!