Shoes worthy of a Queen.
(Alexander McQueen)

Another quick-been-meaning-to-write post:

I am crazy in love with some shoes!! (is that a Bey..on.c.e. utterance?? Wow, I really am crazy to be quoting the chick!! *shudder*) Anyhow, Alexander McQueen has managed to incorporate delicate femininity into his avant garde, futuristic designs in a manner only he can, that it is causing me to paraphrase the one destiny's child the group has always been about. Eeek!! I have tumbled in love with his Rose Whorl sandals; ummm... they are amongst the top of my incredibly long must-have-can't-live-without list!! Well, that and a couple more. What's a gyrl to do?!!

The Rose Whorl sandal (topmost) is available at Net-a-Porter, McQ is also available at the website; and at Shopbop. Ok, actually the bottom antique rose shoe is now my true fave!! That's it!!

Pretty kisses.


** Terramia ** said...

Oh, I hear ya loud & clear!
The shoes of the season, these shoes. O' how I love thee ~
Got me lookin so crazy right now, your love's got me lookin so crazy right now...

chic simplicity said...

Exactly!! I would be prancing around in these shoes and singing just like that!! :)