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Not too long ago, I truly believed I just couldn't eat anything Indian. Don't ask!! Haha. Well, not so anymore. I do like some Indian food, and today, I decided I'd love Indian for dinner. So, I called up the Indian place on my block; which, apparently is one of the best Indian restaurants in the city, and ordered some keema nan (bread with mince lamb and spices), baingan bhartha (eggplant veggie dish) and chicken tikka masala for dinner. Can you say delish??!! If only they delivered... Seriously.

Walking back home, I anticipate my mini smorgasbord (thank you God for Meet the Parents. Hilarious!!) The fragrant spices filling the evening air, my thoughts meander and I remember tumbling in love with the collections from Lakme/Mumbai (India) Fashion Week!! Oh my - I'm getting even more excited!! I'd admired a Monisha Jaising RTW piece when I'd seen it courtesy Hilary Alexander's "An Indian Tale" in the Telegraph.co.uk.
Now, I know what I'll be doing as I eat dinner - researching that tunic, literally.

Ummm... yeah, not really.
Being on my computer interferes the complete enjoyment of my food.
So T.V. instead, news, whatever!! My food is scrumptious!!

Dinner over, white paper plate in trash (I usually only use "plain, tacky-print-free" white paper plates, haha, I keep it classy with my paper plates) and I'm ready to begin my research. Ugghhh, can I say that I couldn't find a single website selling Jaising's clothing. Is that even possible?? Either that, or I just don't know how to google properly. I've searched every possible site, even some annoying, ill-designed websites that I just can't deal with!! I can't believe it. What's the use of the internet if not to bring me, a New Englander, closer to an Indian designer and her clothing?? Touche.

My only option is to further torture myself by reviewing the collections from Mumbai Fashion week and imagine how beautiful the pieces would actually look and feel in real life. What I glean from my touturous, yet, aesthetically pleasing episode is that the Indian designer truly understands a woman's body!! Many pieces simply fit the woman's curves making the woman oh so alluring. Wait. Is it really that, or is it that the models have 'slightly' more meat on their bones - oh no, sacrilegious!! In one designer's collection, I honestly saw a couple of models eating something as they pranced down the catwalk - it was part of the theme!! Whatever it is, the clothes look great on women with boobies and booties. And the fusillade of colors, one after the other - rich, full-bodied and piquant, just like Indian cuisine; let's not even mention the intricate patterns and metallic embroidery!! What further makes these collections appealing is the delicate, flowing fabrics I can imagine are usually used to make tunics and saris. They must feel so soft and luxurious. But, surely, most amazing is the fusion of Indian culture and mode of dressing with European styles as evident in the clothes. Simply creative brilliance. This fusion makes each piece all the more appealing and especially practical. (I don't think of showing my bellybutton even for the sake of fashion.) I am wondering how to get some of these clothes. Perhaps, I can make up a reason to fly into London - that'd be nice - and dare I say, I could pay Dato Jimmy Choo a visit again!! Yes!! And, I could eat scones all day and say things like "I'll have a cuppa, please" or "Have you any softie??" and everyone would think me normal. Joy!! I am obviously getting ahead of myself here, but this could be possible!!
Life really could be grand!!
I love London!!

The bottom middle is the tunic I love by Monisha Jaising!!!


Oh well...

Colorful, fragrant kisses.
"[A woman should put perfume where ever she] wants to be kissed." ~ Coco Chanel
be back at some point to label the pics.


Invade My Closet said...

I love the ENTIRE COLLECTION....especially the tunic!!! Tre Chic!!!

chic simplicity said...

thank you because i love everything as well!! haha!!