Barneys is the Top Shop!!

So, this is how the cycle of my fashion memoirs works... I save title drafts of posts that I'd love to write about and when I've a bit of time or I'm feeling down, I write; because you see, sometimes there's no better antidote than fashion and writing about it. So here's a post I've been meaning to write for about two weeks now...

On purpose, I've ignored recent ambitious pairings of celebrities and mediocre stores (automatically downgraded when they embarked on the sad idea). Not that I won't patronize said stores if I've been doing so prior, or if they've products I love; but, I absofrigginglutely dislike the idea of such blatant disregard of true sartorial craftsmanship (and the innate pleasurable decadence derived from a design) when celebs are used to promote fashion, especially clothes!! That said, I've been giddy with anticipation over Kate Moss's collection for Topshop debuting at Barneys. Ahhhh... such juxtaposing complexities. But, can you say pure brilliance!! Every fashion doyenne understands the vital role Topshop plays in propagating Brit-sassy, chic fashion trends throughout London; and thanks to the web... globally. Do I even need to say that in this day and age?? Equally, Barneys stocks decadent styles from all over. I mean you want something unique and super stylish, head to Barneys!! Truly, Barneys supports me in my all-important struggle against the constraints imposed by many of the so-hot-now trends that flush individual expression right down the gutters!!

Anyway, imagine my joy when I heard:
~ Kate Moss was creating a collection for Top Shop (equivalent: double scoop, full-fat fave häagen dazs);
~ and this collection was going to be available for the US at Barneys (10lbs heavier, but... a 7.76ct Harry Winston ring at the bottom of the ice cream dish - my aside reverie: I've been swooning all day; naturally, I was drawn to the one ring that would happen to say "price upon request" when I clicked this morning over at nymag.com. I figure the 10lbs is a bonus, you'd need more leverage to hold up that rock, you see!! Okayyy, seriously nothing would compare to that... but you get my point) JOY!!!

Well, it's almost here, May 8th, that is... Kate Moss will make an appearance at Barneys NY to celebrate the launch of her collection and the next day, the collection becomes available. To understand the enormity of this affair, there's a countdown going on right now at Barneys!!

Let me try to explain my giddiness... Kate Moss, minus what I imagine must be the chicest 'snow' compact as her singular accessory, is one of my fave fashionistas. She just makes glamourous chic look so easy and that's totally my style. It's almost as if she wakes up, puts on a shirt as a dress and walks out the door totally chic!! If you know anything about me, you know I invented the shirt-dress look. Haha. This is where being petite pays big time!! In additon, Julie Gilhart, Fashion director at Barneys NY recently testified that Topshop and Barneys both share a love of style. I couldn't agree more. In an interview with the folks at Fashionweek Daily, she says, "the most important thing is that we buy produce first, regardless of designer or name," and really, that is my fashion dictum. I don't like to discriminate higher end stock in contrast with not-so-high end merchandise; although, it's part of the equation in this merger - the collection will be offered in the Barneys CO-OP division, or designers for that matter. My shopping subconscious is "see, fall in love and buy!!" Haha. Oh I know it shouldn't be!! But oh well, I know is I'm looking forward to this collection.

With élan as always, and double kisses.


mia said...

I saw that ring too! too amazing for words!

mia said...

And also I am excited about the Topshop collection coming across the pond!