ms banks, if you're nasty

Tyra on next week's cover of NY Time mag

Of course...
...this picture has been photoshopped to within an inch of it pixel-worthy outline so that there's nothing real about it anymore.
...she's been made to look like a size four; a size two would really be pushing it now. (I mean we aren't blind?! Just willing to lap up a little white, illusory lie every now and then.)
...Tyra has found a new way to hide her blooming arms by twist-strangling herself from behind.
...that hair — I'll just leave you to your thoughts on that one.
...she used the f-word a thousand times on set. [The word of which you'd never heard until Ms. Tyra herself spoke it into being; and which has now become the sickening catch-all-word of every fashionably (or not) gay man and wannabe model (or not)] F.i.e.r.c.e!!
But all of these — it's not why I love her.
And yet it is.

Deep, erotic, mouth-searching kisses... because I feel like it.


cheery suckers

I woke up this morning and thought, "seersucker". I don't know if I'd been subconsciously awaiting the passing of Memorial Day Weekend — which unofficially marks the start of summer (here in the US); but, it simply popped up in my head. A pleasant, billowing thought I chose to indulge. I absolutely love the airy feel of the fabric, and the casual chic simplicity a pair of shorts, say, gives off. So darling!! And sweetest serendipity! if it's a pair of shorts on a man with deliciously sculpted calves?? — cheery heaven!!1
pic: Moschino Cheap & Chic Jacket

There is one teeny thing however — I desperately need seersucker (keeping the traditional stripy pattern) made in edgier cuts. HA!! I realize its seeming absurdity, or maybe NOT, but I think it'd be worth a try. *shy smile* I busied myself — for a full hour — searching for an out-of-the-ordinary piece. Laughable. I even looked up the history of the fabric (dork?!) so I could think up a few designers that may have worked with it; that is, excepting darling R. Lauren and the requisite pieces that turn up every time this year at Jcrew and Brooks Brothers — love, love, but... Turns out seersucker is all American!! Should have figured, but yay?! all the same. Since my search proved painfully pointless, I'm thinking I'll start with the classic pieces I already have and work something out with my tailor... Decidedly unusual (or ridiculously shorter, maybe) hemlines; outward facing zippers running through the length of a fitted skirt... I'm positively gagging for pairings with silks and chiffon2 on the top; yes, nipple action is so risque, but so very appropriate for the avant-garde look I'm channelling. And certainly, print pairings. It'll require a very delicate flair but I'm up for it. *Excited*

L: Jcrew gets it right although it's still very reserved; I'm waiting a few more weeks for more pieces to hit the stores;
L ctr: Lela Rose's decadent but the classic stripes are lost;
R ctr: Moschino Cheap & Chic, cute!! but not that price tag cute.
R: Back of Moschino C & C dress. I admire the Rosella Jardini's initiative, but I think the candy-colored buttons (on the dress and jackie above) are more indicative of extreme ADHD than anything else. :(

Cheery kisses.

1. Let the very delicate art of pursuing male hotties in shorts commence. *Naughty grin*
2. Not just cotton, the fabric of our lives...


model moment

Unofficially, resort season1 kicked off Monday with collections from Messrs. Galliano and Lagerfeld for C. Dior and Fendi, respectively.
Officially, Arlenis Peña is the hottest model at the moment!! She's simply stunning. The Dominican model walked at Dior and Oscar de la Renta (who showed two days later); ummm, she'd even accompanied Mr. de la Renta to the Met Costume Institute Gala last week. And she's featured in the 'all black' Vogue Italia (June 2008) along with Iman, Jourdan Dunn and Alek Wek that's driving everyone wild. Ms. Peña has managed to accomplish all of this in... oh, just under a month on our radars.
Gobsmacked!! In your face!! LOL.

L: Christian Dior. R: Oscar de la Renta

Darling kisses.

1. I love resort collections, honestly I do... But isn't it really geared toward women who sail into Martinique to in the middle of December?? Dom P. Rosé Guitar Cases (£75000, by the way??!! *hiss*) — Karl Lagerfeld's rocker-chic collection — on board??


spring dresses (I)

Darling sexy boobies,

I'm obviously way too excited — A post!!

A perfect bricolage of trivialities, elaborate contrivances, ideas, nuances and an overwhelming desire to be "good": this is me. It's most of us, I think. I struggle — constantly — with the ornateness that is fashion and a Buddhist-monk-like need for the pursuit of simplicity, for instance. For world peace.

Most times, all is well. These seemingly alternate universes exist harmoniously within me; other times, like the proverbial warring factions, I'm torn by conflict. I'd be minding my business, dreaming up a modern day Audrey Hepburn: skinny ankle-length pants, hair up in a decadent chignon, walking down Fifth — okay, so Audrey really transcends time!! Sheesh!! — when an alter ego would pop up on the sidewalk knocking down my Audrey?!! Then she, my alter ego, with a disapproving look on her face, would go on to remind me of the catastrophes around the world — umm... there's just been a cyclone in Burma!!! and you're thinking of Audrey; shaking up my pleasing reverie and almost causing me to panic. It's unhealthy. Really. Allowing the world's troubles to affect my psyche like that...

I rebuild my Audrey, replace her cigarette holder precariously — seductively — between her lips. She peers at a window display; reflecting, perhaps, on the prettiness of a quilted 2.55 in a fleshy peachy pink. (Spring is in the air:))

I sound like a patient in therapy?? Yikes!!

It's just life, huh??

Anyway, that's not what I meant to write about.
I'm back in love with patio/lounge/maxi/long dresses, whatever you call them. Last summer, it was all I wore during the day, practically everyday, and I'll be at it again soon!! Yay!! Well, as soon as the weather permits. While barely-skimming-my-thigh short dresses are a delightful rationale for a major part of my existence, long patio dresses are just so charming, I can't help but fall in love with them again. I just want to host a little soiree wearing one of these dresses in my non-existent backyard — okay, I'll settle for my non-existent flat balcony since I'm a city gyrl, (leaning casually over the balustrade, the breeze against my face).

The DVF pieces are my faves!! They're just so divine and I want all three. I love, very terribly, the chic simplicity of Caroline Hedaya's dress; for fall, she switches the colors, so that the navy blue is the primary color on the top and the cream portion is the lower portion. And yes, I need them both in my life, so screw me!! Ha!! Besides, I've simply taken to anything Ms Hedaya constructs, she is one of my adored new designers.

Actually, so maybe I lied. The Fendi psychedelic circle pattern dress (bottom right) might be my most fave, it's just that I obviously can't afford it at $2500. I don't know how Mr. Lagerfeld does it, but I think I want to a roll of silk fabric in his hands in one of my next reincarnations.

Top: All DVF
Bottom: L-Caroline Hedaya R-Fendi

Kisses and more decadent kisses.


hi. *shy face, eyes peeking above sunglass rims*

You haven't even asked where I've been. You haven't looked. Wondered... I could've been kidnapped — willingly on my part *take me darling*
Would you have known??

I'm stalling and trying to deflect blame on my part... [insert plausible excuse for unexplained absence]

I've been busy.
I've been doing a fair amount of traveling, and working. It's delightful and blah blah, but it's also very tiring. This, accompanied with rather frequent episodes of manic love and desperation as well as a general slacking off has kept me away from you, you see. Life, eh??

I'm awful, I know. So while you sit there — with that smirk on your face — trying to think up a befitting punishment (or your adoring kisses, perhaps?? please??) ponder this:
...Never too late to apologize (for my absence). I've been around the world — okay just three steps into my kitchen; yesterday however, that mean sidewalk on Fifth. But, as I recall you like to show off too — I'm wearing your Rolex, right?? (*whisper* Typical douche ...rolex!!) [I] believe in Choos and couture, and?? Yeah, some think I'm in over my head, but I'll always keep it flying high in the sky. You, me, my Choos forever!! So check my body language, I need that drink!! Then, perhaps we can dance cheek to cheek, right after I'm done sleazy dancing in the mirror *wink*.
One Love.

Okay I need some 'gyrl power' songs!! I went from apologizing to talking to a boy??!! To one love for the world?? HA!! But I'm proud of my mediocre pop culture babble. I'm not completely out of touch after all. Yay!!

Fashion raves will continue (and you will forgive me).

Double hershey kisses!!