spring dresses (I)

Darling sexy boobies,

I'm obviously way too excited — A post!!

A perfect bricolage of trivialities, elaborate contrivances, ideas, nuances and an overwhelming desire to be "good": this is me. It's most of us, I think. I struggle — constantly — with the ornateness that is fashion and a Buddhist-monk-like need for the pursuit of simplicity, for instance. For world peace.

Most times, all is well. These seemingly alternate universes exist harmoniously within me; other times, like the proverbial warring factions, I'm torn by conflict. I'd be minding my business, dreaming up a modern day Audrey Hepburn: skinny ankle-length pants, hair up in a decadent chignon, walking down Fifth — okay, so Audrey really transcends time!! Sheesh!! — when an alter ego would pop up on the sidewalk knocking down my Audrey?!! Then she, my alter ego, with a disapproving look on her face, would go on to remind me of the catastrophes around the world — umm... there's just been a cyclone in Burma!!! and you're thinking of Audrey; shaking up my pleasing reverie and almost causing me to panic. It's unhealthy. Really. Allowing the world's troubles to affect my psyche like that...

I rebuild my Audrey, replace her cigarette holder precariously — seductively — between her lips. She peers at a window display; reflecting, perhaps, on the prettiness of a quilted 2.55 in a fleshy peachy pink. (Spring is in the air:))

I sound like a patient in therapy?? Yikes!!

It's just life, huh??

Anyway, that's not what I meant to write about.
I'm back in love with patio/lounge/maxi/long dresses, whatever you call them. Last summer, it was all I wore during the day, practically everyday, and I'll be at it again soon!! Yay!! Well, as soon as the weather permits. While barely-skimming-my-thigh short dresses are a delightful rationale for a major part of my existence, long patio dresses are just so charming, I can't help but fall in love with them again. I just want to host a little soiree wearing one of these dresses in my non-existent backyard — okay, I'll settle for my non-existent flat balcony since I'm a city gyrl, (leaning casually over the balustrade, the breeze against my face).

The DVF pieces are my faves!! They're just so divine and I want all three. I love, very terribly, the chic simplicity of Caroline Hedaya's dress; for fall, she switches the colors, so that the navy blue is the primary color on the top and the cream portion is the lower portion. And yes, I need them both in my life, so screw me!! Ha!! Besides, I've simply taken to anything Ms Hedaya constructs, she is one of my adored new designers.

Actually, so maybe I lied. The Fendi psychedelic circle pattern dress (bottom right) might be my most fave, it's just that I obviously can't afford it at $2500. I don't know how Mr. Lagerfeld does it, but I think I want to a roll of silk fabric in his hands in one of my next reincarnations.

Top: All DVF
Bottom: L-Caroline Hedaya R-Fendi

Kisses and more decadent kisses.


Anonymous said...

mmm. love the pink and yellow/orange dress:)

kiki said...

very hawt, it's chic

Mia said...

You have such great tastes! The DVF dresses are super chic. And Karl Lagerfeld is a genius because that fendi dress is just fierce!