ms banks, if you're nasty

Tyra on next week's cover of NY Time mag

Of course...
...this picture has been photoshopped to within an inch of it pixel-worthy outline so that there's nothing real about it anymore.
...she's been made to look like a size four; a size two would really be pushing it now. (I mean we aren't blind?! Just willing to lap up a little white, illusory lie every now and then.)
...Tyra has found a new way to hide her blooming arms by twist-strangling herself from behind.
...that hair — I'll just leave you to your thoughts on that one.
...she used the f-word a thousand times on set. [The word of which you'd never heard until Ms. Tyra herself spoke it into being; and which has now become the sickening catch-all-word of every fashionably (or not) gay man and wannabe model (or not)] F.i.e.r.c.e!!
But all of these — it's not why I love her.
And yet it is.

Deep, erotic, mouth-searching kisses... because I feel like it.


Anonymous said...

i love her

JAG said...

I am not a fan of Tyra. When she was primarily a model, I loved her. But it has all gone downhill since she started her talk show. It is something about her persona on screen. It is really fake or something.