I'm working!!

Yesterday, I received this cartoon from Denise Dorrance. It sums up ― quite perfectly ― my work philosophy.


legal tender

I'm so glad I've got my miniscule male audience for whom to write this delicious, yet slightly troubling post. UK-based "Money" clothing, which designs casual wear *yawn* ― denim, t-shirts, jerseys/hoodies (I hate the word 'hoody') ― proposes a more serendipitous, if not stupid (forgive my brazenness) form of clothing. Cue: Its premium denim line, Money 750 which runs about $1,100 a pair, and has a $100 bill welded into its right back pocket; and its line of $750-a-pair sneakers with legal-tender $100 bills eenclosed in their transparent soles. Both monies can, of course, be removed from each clothing item with a bit of effort.


No, it certainly doesn't make much sense. According to an article on style.com, one of the line's designers, Melvyn De Villiers, "It's not all about saying how much money we have. It's just another "fabric" we used for the collection." Fabric?? What??!! I'm dumbfounded to be honest. I don't really know how to argue "for" ― my attempt at being a reasonable individual here ― or "against" the concept. I do know, however, that any man sporting a pair of these 750 denim is just begging to have his bottom caressed not just by me, but all manners of crazies. And Lord grant me that said gentleman has a nice, firm butt underneath those pants. He's getting his butt smacked just for the potential thwack sound. Yum!!

Apparently, this money-in-the-back-pocket concept was sampled back in 2003 when the brand was launched, with $1 and $100 bill notes. Interestingly, the Money brand was actually responsible for the famed £20,000 hand-crafted Vicious belt made with three rows of 18ct gold studs, which dear rapper TI wore during his performance at the MTV Awards in 2006. The belt had been signed by the Sex Pistols. Collector's item or what??!! As part of its allure, Money incorporates 18 ct gold from London's Hatton Garden for the rivets and buttons of its 750 denim.

Say what you will, but this design philosophy simply nurtures the idea of stealing. Ha!! I mean what do you expect??!! De Villiers revealed, "In a store in Dubai, someone steamed off the notes and replaced them with photocopies, [and] in Harvey Nichols, kids were ripping the notes off, so we had to lock the jeans up in boxes." Oh really??!! True buyers, however, may profit from waiting until they're bored with their pants or truly strapped for cash before they rip out their money. Beneath the note, the word 'fallito' ― Italian for bankrupt ― is printed on the pocket. Sad. Definitely not admissible. The line will be available in the U.S. in the spring.

Tender kisses.


whose red soles??

If you, like me, have seen these pretty (esp. the royal blue) shoes in Spring's editorials, gushed, and then prescribed an additional VAT (Value Added, T for Trademark, in this case) by virtue of glimpsing the red soles (of Christian Louboutin, NOT), then I'm afraid we've all been fooled. They're actually made by Versace, which is equally oh so lovely and decadent, but...

It seems a bit deceptive, if you think about it. I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind stealing—such an ugly word, I'm afraid—the red soles. The Versace camp can't really need to make shoe sales that badly. Smell a patent/proprietorship infringement?? I am, however, quite certain the red Loubou soles aren't patented. It's a decidedly prohibitive process. So much so, I can only think of two companies that have managed to patent their colors—Hermès (equestrian) orange and Tiffany (robin-egg) blue; and they both happened back in the middle ages. There've been none since then.

I can only think this new installment by Versace will serve solely to create the grand opportunity for confusing my little nine year old brother when he comes to visit later in the year. If I happen to snag a pair (I'm not utterly, dumbfoundedly in love with any of the shoes at the moment), then little Jr will have to figure out that those red soles aren't my "Christian" shoes as he's so lovingly dubbed any of my red soles when he's trying to butter me up. He's such a charmer, the little brat. No, he's not into shoes, but he does have three older sisters!! It's almost saddening that Versace isn't at all part of his lingo seeing as he wasn't even born during the Biggie-Versace-love era.

I wish it was all a dream...

Big kisses. It's Friday!!

P.S. No, I can't stop staring at that bag either!!
P.P.S I just had to put Gisele's butt on display...


in-circle perks 2: HauteLook. Gilt Groupe 2.

Yesterday, a reader so thoughtfully pointed out the HauteLook.com webbie, which also offers savvy online shoppers access to tons of sales much in the same manner as Koodos and Gilt (without the need for special invitation).

Shamefully (again), I'd neglected this site for no valid reason other than my own silly forgetfulness. I've also been registered at HauteLook since Dec; and occasionally when whoever-must-be-the-lovely 'brit@hautelook.com' sends her email reminders for the designer sale of the day at 8 each morning, I click through to muse over the prettiness of it all. I'ven't bought anything on the website yet, but like the other two ports, it's just absolutely divine to have such options!!

In other lovely news, Rachel Wolkowitz over at Gilt roupe has graciously permitted me to offer my readers/subscribers invitations to the Groupe. So I've decided the first hundred people who so request, get it!!

Prepare to enjoy a spend-worthy year.

Chocolate frosted kisses.

if you were my boyfriend

"I'm going to take you on a journey to the Far West, to a place where big, greasy hunks have big, pulsating muscles smeared in soot and sweat." (Levi's - Birth of a Legend, Derek Blasberg, 10 Magazine. Q1, 2008.)
Sounds like lyrics to a Beatles' song: mellow and cultured, yet rhythmic.

I love the word pulsating. It makes me *whispering* blush. (I'm obviously distracted.) If you know any thing else about me, save my search for the perfect pair of yellow pumps, you know I definitely wouldn't mind a big (and by big, I mean tall—6'2)1 muscly specimen. Keep the greasiness and the sootiness.Oh, and the sweat.
Oh my...

Back to Blasberg: he traces the history of the denim in his article from its invention by immigrant Levi Strauss in 1850s California to the present day. He writes very cleverly about this universally celebrated item of clothing. It's enlightening and amusing at once.
But I digress.
I mean to reflect on the word, "pulsating."
Tch-th'p. (A more onomatopoeic version of 'thump,' in my opinion)
Tch-th'p. LOL
Alright... I really mean to contradict Mr. Blasberg and denounce his flawed perception of many American men I've come across. I certainly haven't met any 'big' hunks recently. Maybe, I'm not looking hard enough for these hunks. Hmmm.. I love the word 'hunk' too. And 'hung.' A nicely hung bunk. Yum. If I really did find an American2 Blasberg hunk, I'd make him my boyfriend,3 then get him these sets of cufflinks.

Whimsical, yet very chic, these pairs of cufflinks made of lucite-encased South Asian beetles ($225 a pair at Takashimaya NY) were made to catch the eye. If I met a man wearing a pair of links such as these, I just might fall in love (or fuck, excusez moi, s'il vous plaît) with him.4 It's certainly fitting for the man who is confident enough in his style to play with elements in the few accessories afforded him. It necessitates some measure of forethought in wardrobe preparation of course. A younger Humphrey Bogart comes to mind, although you couldn't see his trinkets in color. Complementing the cufflinks' colors could prove challenging, so I'd advise plain (are there any other kinds??) collared shirt and singly-colored ties with simple, matte belt buckles and jewelry/watch that match or integrate the underlying brass shaft and hinges. Just think, whilst standing upright with your arms placed at your sides, you'd want the wrists' region—the encompassing sphere around the hands and torso—to appear coherent. Save the obnoxious bling for never.
Yes, I'm super finicky. Yes, that's why I'm single. No, I don't mind; at least not yet :).

I'd also buy my lover these modish trims by London-based Arm Revolution whose webbie launched on the 16th of November last year. I know this why?? I'd signed up to be notified when they launched, and it's two days before my baby sis' birthday :). (I knew I retained completely useless info like this for a reason.)
For the record, Arm Revolution does not make cufflinks, they design "steel arm architecture" that will run you about 700 bucks a pair. Neglecting this small issue of price, these links5 are, indeed, (man) haute!! The intro video on the website is hot enough to make one feel as though one is being invited to partake in some voyeuristic episode. You've got to give these revolutionary guys kudos for managing border-line soft porn to sell their trinkets. But seriously, I'm thoroughly in awe of the (manly, of course) chic simplicity of the designs. It's very understated, yet super edgy and super sleek; just like I love my men. It's no question that I'd have to keep from jumping any man sporting a pair of these pussy magnets.6 And because you couldn't be expected to buy arm archi** and just shut up, you are invited to register your gear, and perhaps, mingle with other douche bags men—j/k, I do love a bit of arrogance every now and then—who've registered theirs too. I guess you could possibly move on to set up a meetings with your new best buddies to discuss to the size of your stock portfolios; or dicks. I'd be keen to listen in either way. And yes, bigger is always better in both cases.

Bubblegum flavored kisses.
Your gyrlfriend.

P.S. I'm so glad I wrote something for the guys. This marks my first post installment for a section I may refer to as man chic, for lack of a better imagination at the moment.
P.P.S. I'd totally rock those cufflinks myself.

1. Indeed, I'm 5'1.
2. American, only because I'm in the U.S. I don't discriminate.
3. That's just the kind of gyrl I am, I pick my boyfriends. Haha.
4. This poses a delicate situation, however: In the process of noticing his links, my eyes would undoubtedly be drawn to the man's hands. If he belongs to the class of men—I come across with alarming frequency—who are uneducated in the merits of lotion, and thus, walk around with dry ashy hands; it just wouldn't work out. This notion of men sporting wilted hands is extremely puzzling to me because I grew up with a father who regularly put lotion on his hands immediately after he washed them.
5. Sorry, I just can't keep saying arm architecture.
6. While it may seem otherwise, I'm really just a prude with awfully naughty thoughts that I usually keep to myself.


In-circle perks: Gilt Groupe and Koodos

You, my friends, don't deserve this:
I've effected one massive blunder and I'm left thinking of how to make it up to you.
[Cue: Excuses]
...Okay, seriously, it's just that the phenomenon was launched during my "pre-travels" Christmas season i.e., toward the end of November. At the time, my mind was constantly occupied with one item or the other on my ten ft. long shopping list (I could've given ol' St. Nick a run for his cookies, or mince pies.) So I created a post that's remained a draft until my glimpsing it a few minutes ago. [End Scene]

What am I blabbering on about??
Essentially, the GILT GROUPE founded by fashion merchandising twosome Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson. It's the premier (U.S) online 'invitation-only' destination for hard-to-imagine-you'd-ever-be-getting-a-piece-of-the-action designer sample sales!! Since I got invited last November when the Groupe debuted, there've been gloriously tempting sales from Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Marchesa, Sari Gueron, Kwiat!!!! And at upto 70% off!! Joy!! For true fashion aficionados (and bargain delighters, like myself), it's an act of divine intervention in the simplest form. I mean I don't know about you, but have you ever been to a Kwiat Sample Sale??!!

Imran Amed of the Business of Fashion reviews his interview with Rachel Wolkowitz, Gilt Groupe's Director of Marketing & Communications to understand the platform of this service. In the second portion of his series titled, "The Art of the Private Sale," Amed publishes his interview with the CEO, Miriam Lahage, of London's heralded koodos.com (March 2007)—at which I'm also registered :). I'd actually joined koodos.com much earlier in the year, last year, and completely forgotten about it. So sad. I really need to organize my online bookmarks!! This second online port is not so snotty as to require an invitation-only basis for joining. J/K, I'm not implying Gilt does snotty. Well, they do actually, it's the whole point; but, it's not a bad thing, so gyrlies please don't go revoking my digital carte blanche to the sales. I'd die. Koodos.com offers a yummy 'general' sales section from top (European) designers in addition to the 'private sales,' that take place on specific days as listed on their sales calendar; as does Gilt Groupe. Gilt does not offer a 'general' always-on-sale section; it lists the upcoming sales and sends an email to their members' inboxes each week introducing the sales of the week, usually about three per week. On each sale day, members get another email reminder at noon (used to be ten am!!, noon's so much better) when the sale starts. Some are one-day sales, others run a few days. Koodos operates in much the same manner.

About a week ago, WWD reported Gilt's novel partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Do you know what this mean??!! I suggest you visit the CFDA webbie and check out the sheer number of member designers!! I've already invited some of my friends to Gilt, I get credited 25 bucks for each referred friend's first purchase. If I haven't sent you an invite, let me know, it only skipped my mind. I apologize sincerely. With Koodos, when you do refer a refer you (and your friend) get £5 each to spend; that's per friend referred. My only sadness concerning Koodos is the d*mn exchange rate and the recessed American economy!! Perhaps, sadder is the fact that I'ven't bought anything on either website yet; I was just being selfless *bashful eyes* you see... christmas shopping for my parents and everyone else in the previous months required constantly going into the shoppes and not waiting for specific sales.

Anyway, to make up for my shocking absent-mindedness, I'm referring the next few email-subscribed readers of my memoirs who request an invitation by "email"; 'few' because I need to ascertain any associated legal connotations with doing so.

Again forgive me.
Huge kisses and truffles.
(R.I.P. Heath Ledger)


sole fete: Christian Lacroix

I'm reluctantly moot concerning my seeming preoccupation with shoes of late. While I love—oh so terribly—to discover tons of absolutely gorgeous shoes (or any pieces of accoutrement, for that matter); it certainly is no easy feat narrowing down my choices because I simply can't afford to buy a new pair, or four, each week!!

Yesterday, recovering from a lovely long weekend and an internet hiatus, I came across the most beautiful pairs of shoes by Christian Lacroix. I may have keeled over at the sight of this satin jewel pump: I can't recall entirely what happened in the ensuing seconds. Then, a flurry of activity: I almost screamed at my youngest sister, entreating a commiserating admiration of the pink satin beauties. She agreed, they were simply beautiful!! The bow detail on the sole got us. If only one of us, at least, could afford them at the moment. Still, I must have these shoes at some point. (Please keep your disparaging remarks about my apparent avarice rot. I'm a bit shamefaced, but it'll be a chic investment :))

I've always been intrigued by the designer's style print—(black and white or pink) polka dots and stripes, which often line the insole of his shoes and the flower pattern that's sometimes interwoven in the upper, as well as his bold print couture dresses. Can you say glorious chintz?!! And not forgetting his flower details which are always impressive. I decidedly spent an insightful hour or so on Lacroix's website—he writes in captivating detail about his inspirations and continuous re-evaluation of his works. A man who makes such beautiful shoes deserves all my attention. Certainly. Indeed, Lacroix's philosophy of a continually redefined sense of fashion to build a style, a lifestyle [of elegance] explains his Lacroix's interminable success in all his endeavors, ranging from couture dresses to jeans and from linens to porcelain dining plates!! I've also discovered—in the man—a kindred spirit in his quest for elegant style. Oh, and did you see his S/S 2008 RTW dress collection?? I'm not sure he attributed the obvious inspiration of the West African woman's head wrap on his runway, but this brings in perspective his broad influences!!

Lest you think me sensible; I looked for more of Lacroix's shoes to further torture my soul sole soul both. Well, this second pair—crocheted raffia lace-up d'Orsay pump—I couldn't really avoid; it was side by side the bow-tiful satin pair on the Neiman's website and practically staring at me . Zappos satiated a bit of my greed. And, they do have the satin pair in black and pale green!!

Greedy kisses :)


the coefficient of drag

I'm thoroughly knackered, and UNINSPIRED. This is in spite of the hundred or so drafts—which would translate to a ton of fashionable scoops—that I could be finishing up (for my memoirs.) I'm not sure what's wrong. It may have something to do with my newly-adopted biorhythm. Since my return to the cold world (Boston) last weekend, I've taken to falling asleep at about 8 pm and waking up at 2 am. Until now, it's worked out just splendidly: I'd wake up and do lots of chic skimming and reading. The on-going European Men's Shows have also proven terribly addictive, minus the obviously sexually-unavailable (read: gay, no offense) and androgynous species.

Today morning, however, blah...

Instead, I've wholesomely (not!!) transferred—and translated, very well indeed—this blah episode into a festering disapprobation for the once prevailing Louis Vuitton Cruise 08 handbag collection ads!! When the ads surfaced toward the end of the last year, I had a thrilling fit. I convulsed with a shameful laughter at the utter disproportionateness of every aspect of the poses.
End of story. Or so I thought.

Today, out of nowhere, I'm spewing an unfashionable hatred and contempt for the by-gone ad. I mean, what in the world was that unrealistic, uncomfortable and ugly-faced, plastic-doll pose?? And, why did the Monogram Rubis Salina GM bag seem to possess a dynamic power of its own; managing to suspend its entire structure at an exaggerated angle sans any real model manipulation (negligible drag)?? And don't get me started on the Mini Lin Croisette ad featuring the same plastic model (again no offense, I'm sure she was just doing her job.)

I'm sure the ad struck an ugly nerve with a lot of folks; the Spring ads, while maintaining the pervading plasticity of handbag ad campaigns, are certainly much prettier!! Even if I grudgingly admit it, I love the infused downtown feel of the new collections. And wouldn't you just look at that French Riveria Pump in yellow!! I'm getting excited for my options!!

Sweet glacé kisses to make up for my 'haterade'.
I feel so much better.


from macro to micro chips: my fave new obsessions!!

Ivana Omazic, artistic director—appointed in 2005—of the luxury contemporary house of Celine has out-done herself. Then again, it's more likely just the beginning for her. Either way, I've fallen madly in love and can't see my future without one or two pieces from her S/S 2008!! In particular, I've taken a huge tumble for Omazic's Macro Chips Shiny (high fashion) pump in sunflower (yellow)!! The pump is shaped with the sole as part of the upper (covering) and contrasts gloriously against the wooden heel.

Now if you know anything about me, you'll know that I've been searching for the perfect yellow pair of heels since before I thought I was chic ;). You can't imagine the indescribable joy I felt when I glimpsed these babies on runway pics. Of course, back then—in September—I was going crazy trying to find a much larger pic of the shoes; but, because I generally view style.com fashion show pics, I completely forgot about Elle.com's "details/backstage" pics!! Anyway now, I'm so on it like honey butter on toast points and I must at least wiggle my what-will-be freshly-painted toes—when I do decide to head for for a fitting *wink*—in a pair of these beauties to see how they look. Naturally, it's impossible (for me) to stop with just the fashionable pump. I'm seriously coveting the handbags as well; the patent corset bags in vermilion (red) and the season's hottest clutch (in my book)1 in all available skins and colors!! LOL. I love their chic simplicity of style. The laser python piece is to die for; with its iridescent skin and and vibrant hologram lamination accenting the scales.

In other exciting chip news, I'm seeking a legitimate method of procuring the newly launched Mac Book Air!! It hits stores in two weeks.

Beautiful kisses.

1. I do hope everyone isn't clamoring for it yet; I wouldn't want to have a piece everyone has. Although I do think I could almost make an exception.
You already know I'm beyond persnickety. Get over it!!


bare naked beauty

No one has been able to pull off 'natural' in a modern and, certainly, luxurious manner... until now.

We could classify our skin care products into two broad groups: Natural products, which are almost never available at the beauty counters of our fave dept. stores. They adhere to the distressingly invisible lure of ugly packaging that hardly assures customers on quality or, even, effectiveness. The other group constitutes mainstream brands that engage in a constant, stupefying race to develop and incorporate the latest technological advancements in products, which they brand glamourously, and which we, the customers, fall for at the same stupefying breakneck speed!! Of course, we ignore the fact that we don't know, or, can hardly pronounce the ingredients in these products. Very few are ever up to 90% natural, and most are grossly over-priced and over-rated.

Case study - The La Mer secret ingredient:
I'll never forget my first encounter at the La Mer counter in a Boston dept store. It was my first winter (1999) in the States: I was Boston on a trip from my middle-of-nowhere Berkshires boarding school. I wanted to buy mom some of the Crème de La Mer (my immediate younger sister and) I nicked a bit of back home (what a waste??!! And it's not like she ever used it!!) Now, my admirable mother, she would never have bought any creams, crèmes or whatever, herself knowing the price. Daddy did the buying, you see. (Love him!!) Anyway, I thought I'd buy her a new jar. The silly counter lady after explaining the supernatural benefits from its "miracle broth"—those two words are imprinted in my memory—had the nerve to show me the large size (16.5oz) since I'd explained that my mother lived in Nigeria. Then, she told me the price...No, I did not buy it. Trying to scam a mere teen!!

Recalling this episode prompts me to think I may be wrong: That, indeed, Dr. Max Huber of La Mer may have accomplished an all-natural premium-luxury skin care... The website, which other than mentioning sea kelps harvested only twice a year off the Californian coast, speaks nothing more of its ingredients. Ahem. I've looked on my sample jar; nothing!! An excerpt from the website about the divine crème: "Even now, it is not entirely clear how Crème de la Mer works." I believe in miracles, but... So that's a big fat NO on the all-natural aspect, I presume. The ingredients remain 'secret'!! This new revelation of sparse ingredient-info is a bit unnerving, to say the least. Of course, this is not to say that I've disbarred La Mer products either. Certainly not!! What utter stupidity are you thinking??!!

But back to the glam of going au naturel:
The challenge is set for beauty brands to transform the concept of natural products to the mainstream, especially with all the recent "Go Green" hoopla. As we (I wonder if I'm fraudulently including myself here) embrace our moral responsibilities; we, as consumers, want products that are not only wonderful in a holistic sense, but also—good for our environments—in an ethical capacity.

This concept is what the Nude Skin Care line has been able to achieve. I stumbled upon the line at Barney's!! (spells luxury) in November, but I was a crazed shopper and had no time to write about it. Sad. I tried the moisturizer (a delight; not overly 'odor-ific' like other natural products) and the solid lip balm, which heats and melts on contact with the skin, then cools (enough to make one feel like the product is actually performing a little miracle of 'parchment refinishing' on one's lips!!) All good enough to warrant buying a travel-sized collection!! I mean I was going to traveling the next month anyway. *angel face*

Nude is a new brand of biodynamic skin care by Bryan Meehan, the co-founder of the British organics store Fresh + Wild, which he sold to Whole Foods for $38 million; only to embark on a new eco-friendly venture: Nude. The fact that Nude spelled backwards is Edun is not coincidence. In a not-too-ancient interview with the Evening Standard, Meehan explained, "Ali Hewson and I were discussing her ethical clothing range Edun. When I told her I wanted to get into natural skincare, she suggested using the name Nude. She and Bono are now my investors..." Beautifully minimalist, Nude's packaging is a testament to its revolutionary achievements. Its products (99% natural) are sourced from certified organic, fair trade ingredients. Importantly, the ingredients work pre- and pro-biotically with the natural microflora of human skin, stimulating the skin’s own natural defence against environmental irritants, while promoting good skin health and moisture. Rave!!!

To minimize its environmental impact, the bottles is entirely recyclable and upto half of the bottles used are made from post-industrial recycled plastic. Plus, Nude is not sold in boxes, but the products have sleeves that wrap the bottles and hold all product information. These are made of biodegradable starch and are stripped away to leave the bottles clean with only very essential information left on the bottles. Nude is carbon neutral and is taking steps to reduce and offset its emissions with gold standard certified projects. Whoa!!!! It seems I could go on and on...
Visit the webbie of course: www.nudeskincare.com

Nude be you and nude be me.


well-heeled society

(I spoke too soon. I can't think any comforting thoughts about the nor'easter pounding away outside my window.)

Long gone are the days when the heel on a shoe was merely a means of extending the height of the wearer; and inflicting mind-numbing pain, natch, in the process. Rather, this portion of the shoe has become an extraordinary medium for many designers to further demonstrate their ingenuities and eccentricities. I tumbled (feet first) in love with the heel on this Prada exclusive (pictured left) for Neiman's centennial, last August. The slightly-projected and subtle shapely (steel) heel that seems to caress the lower ball of the foot was just novel enough; elegant, a bewitching twist to a timeless style that I love (while doubling as a WMD of course.)

Certainly, celebrated shoe-maker, Brian Atwood, deigned it fitting to recast the heel in his "Mila" (pictured right) and "Kendra" Fall collection shoes.
A certain fashionable friend of mine bears one of the names of these shoes and wears the other!! :)
How haute is that??!!

Even more so, for the cruise and S/S collections, many (European) designers reinvented, completely, the modern heel. From the metal strass embedded in the thick heels seen on the Proenza Schouler runway, to completely deconstructed heels by Marc Jacobs; the fairy, Venetian-inspired teacup-shaped heels (a bit grotesque, to be honest) from Prada to the star-spangled YSL sandals (I love!!); and the crystal-encrusted or mirrored steel heels from Christian Dior, you're bound to re-establish a kindred spirit with your new designer BFF and gain entry into the well-heeled elite of society.

A bit of a downer will certainly come in the form of price, but what can we do?? *Groan* By the time the cost of the heel itself and "European" quality—did I mention most of the pieces were designs from Europe's fashion houses—are factored into price of the shoe... uhhh, yeah.

That not withstanding, I certainly advocate finding yourself a new pair of beautiful heels!!
Fendi (a personal fave), Emilio Pucci, YSL

Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Dior

More classic designs: Louis Vuitton (simple chic!!), Viktor & Rolf and one word: Dior!!

In stores: I tend to go with more classic designs when it comes to my shoes and I'm eyeing the two Prada beauties below, favoring the all-black pair more :). Amendment: Okay, I'm enthralled with the Dior slingback!! No lie!! Top left: Dior; the rest: Prada.

Beautiful butterfly kisses and snuggles.


best wishes for the new yr... and, pretty peeping toms (sorry) toes

Coming back to an uncharacteristically warm January night, I'm nothing less than thrilled to be back in New England!!1 (Sounds a bit oxymoronic, doesn't it??) My return trips are generally less hassled and certainly more rewarding when one (ahem... myself) thinks one (") is rolling in the dough. (I love my daddy!!) Shopping at Heathrow remains one of my cherished indulgences (mitigating its debasing rank as the world's worst airport for some (business) travelers—I wish I cared a smidge); thus I can tell you, (my sisters and) I used the layover time very wisely. The Chanel store proffers the utmost (and an early look and caress) of chic accessories, you see—pearl chain belts and heart-warming cruise purses; not to mention a temporary, albeit very pleasurable cure for headaches; and a fitting scene to schmooze with older women prone to queue-barging and spiffy bags!!

Perhaps, more exhilarating is the fact that I'm back to my 10/20?? Mbps high-speed internet. I didn't realize I would missed it so dearly; and decided to avoid the turtle-creeping version completely. The experience has peaked my interest in WiMAX technology even though there aren't many enabled areas in the world. I'm anticipating an ultra mobile PC (Apple needs to get in the pic ASAP) with the technology by the end of the year!! And... I need a new phone. But like my present and currently-missing-a-button mobile, it's got to be teeny; so, I'm searching vigorously because I need to get a new one like yesterday.

Even more joy: Shall we get started on the fact that MB NY Fashion week is in two weeks??!! The website has certainly been upgraded. (Applause!! Up until now, I've thought the website useless and pretty shoddy, to say the least.) I can only hope that our beloved older (well, mostly European) fashion houses are taking the cue and planning to get in the mix with the splendidly speedy method of information dissemination online and, very importantly, shopping!! While brand exclusivity is of the utmost priority and fashion snobbery ranks high in our minds—unforgivably, this superficiality doesn't preclude myself and my raving about such brands, I've accepted my sad fate—the ease of online shopping and it's capacity to rack in sales cannot be overestimated.

In other news, can you say sex on heels?? My latest obsession is the Peep-toe bootie. In the simplest of forms a peep-toe (pump) is just oh so sexy. The understated glamour, and thus, lust-racking appeal of just a peek of this fetish-inducing anatomical portion of the feet—prettily painted of course—is off the charts!! So, when I glimpsed a few designers combining the allure of the peep-toe with laced-up booties/shooties/oxfords, it's perfectly correct to say I was driven wild with desire. The hint of S&M in the laces is a bit of a thrill, no??2 I think it's simply brilliant!! Plus, it's appropriate for the in-between seasons when it may be too cold to wear sandals, but you still went in for a pedi and they simply must be shown off. I'm game for a pair of the pink (or maybe black with yellow piping) Gucci Newtons (open-toe lace-up booties with engraved Gucci script logo 4.5" skinny! heel.)

I also wouldn't mind a friend or Good Samaritan (it's still christmas season I'll have you know ;)) buying these D.G's (top left and center), Balenciaga's (top right) or Moschino's (bottom) pairs in a size 7.5/37.5 to share, or donating them to the (ahem) Chic Simplicity Goodwill. Bless your generous heart.

I also meant to include these amazing Viktor & Rolf beauties!!! The space cleft connected by the laces down the top arch of the feet creates a glamourously long leg.

Love you.
Fat Sugar Kisses on each cheek (I don't care what the Skinny Bitches say... Okay, maybe a little; all the same Sugar Kisses.)
Happy New Year. (I have no new year's resolutions. Sue me.)

1. I avoided all weather news concerning the U.S. northeast so I wouldn't fall into a depression thinking of it. (Whatever it was.)
2. This may or may not reflect my sexual state of mind. Thanks.