from macro to micro chips: my fave new obsessions!!

Ivana Omazic, artistic director—appointed in 2005—of the luxury contemporary house of Celine has out-done herself. Then again, it's more likely just the beginning for her. Either way, I've fallen madly in love and can't see my future without one or two pieces from her S/S 2008!! In particular, I've taken a huge tumble for Omazic's Macro Chips Shiny (high fashion) pump in sunflower (yellow)!! The pump is shaped with the sole as part of the upper (covering) and contrasts gloriously against the wooden heel.

Now if you know anything about me, you'll know that I've been searching for the perfect yellow pair of heels since before I thought I was chic ;). You can't imagine the indescribable joy I felt when I glimpsed these babies on runway pics. Of course, back then—in September—I was going crazy trying to find a much larger pic of the shoes; but, because I generally view style.com fashion show pics, I completely forgot about Elle.com's "details/backstage" pics!! Anyway now, I'm so on it like honey butter on toast points and I must at least wiggle my what-will-be freshly-painted toes—when I do decide to head for for a fitting *wink*—in a pair of these beauties to see how they look. Naturally, it's impossible (for me) to stop with just the fashionable pump. I'm seriously coveting the handbags as well; the patent corset bags in vermilion (red) and the season's hottest clutch (in my book)1 in all available skins and colors!! LOL. I love their chic simplicity of style. The laser python piece is to die for; with its iridescent skin and and vibrant hologram lamination accenting the scales.

In other exciting chip news, I'm seeking a legitimate method of procuring the newly launched Mac Book Air!! It hits stores in two weeks.

Beautiful kisses.

1. I do hope everyone isn't clamoring for it yet; I wouldn't want to have a piece everyone has. Although I do think I could almost make an exception.
You already know I'm beyond persnickety. Get over it!!


Mia said...

Yes those shoes are absolutely beautiful. I may need a pair too. ;)

Mia said...

Yes those shoes are absolutely beautiful. I may need a pair too. ;)

Jillian said...

i like your taste...great blog :)

Girl-Woman said...

I love the shoes and bags, but more importantly, I like you -- anybody who smiles insanely all the time is my kind of woman! Life is too short to frown.