whose red soles??

If you, like me, have seen these pretty (esp. the royal blue) shoes in Spring's editorials, gushed, and then prescribed an additional VAT (Value Added, T for Trademark, in this case) by virtue of glimpsing the red soles (of Christian Louboutin, NOT), then I'm afraid we've all been fooled. They're actually made by Versace, which is equally oh so lovely and decadent, but...

It seems a bit deceptive, if you think about it. I'm not sure what the reasoning is behind stealing—such an ugly word, I'm afraid—the red soles. The Versace camp can't really need to make shoe sales that badly. Smell a patent/proprietorship infringement?? I am, however, quite certain the red Loubou soles aren't patented. It's a decidedly prohibitive process. So much so, I can only think of two companies that have managed to patent their colors—Hermès (equestrian) orange and Tiffany (robin-egg) blue; and they both happened back in the middle ages. There've been none since then.

I can only think this new installment by Versace will serve solely to create the grand opportunity for confusing my little nine year old brother when he comes to visit later in the year. If I happen to snag a pair (I'm not utterly, dumbfoundedly in love with any of the shoes at the moment), then little Jr will have to figure out that those red soles aren't my "Christian" shoes as he's so lovingly dubbed any of my red soles when he's trying to butter me up. He's such a charmer, the little brat. No, he's not into shoes, but he does have three older sisters!! It's almost saddening that Versace isn't at all part of his lingo seeing as he wasn't even born during the Biggie-Versace-love era.

I wish it was all a dream...

Big kisses. It's Friday!!

P.S. No, I can't stop staring at that bag either!!
P.P.S I just had to put Gisele's butt on display...


Mia said...

You're an amazing writer and person. Look you are getting proposals from men for writing them a post. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought they were Christian Louboutin shoes, but I won't discriminate. I love the blue ones too.

P.S. We should all thank God for your writing skills. I'm usually a picture type of girl, but I can't help reading your articles (didn't want to use the 'B' word).

The Bougie Baller said...

Christian Louboutin is my favorite shoe designer. I lose all rational thought when it comes to his shoes. I don't even see a price tag... I just see... perfection... *sigh*

And while I do love the Versace shoes... I'm disappointed. Why use Louboutin's trademark red soles when there are many other wild and wonderful colors out there? Wouldn't it have been hot if Versace had done soles to compliment the shoe? Blue with a pink sole... green with a yellow or orange sole... it would have been brilliant! In fact, I've been looking for a designer who offers purple soled shoes... so decadent, so fierce... can you imagine a black patent leather Versace 4 inch pump with a purple sole? *drools*

As a side-note, Louboutin is involved in litigation right now - they are trying to trademark the red sole, and they've already sued "Oh Deer!" for copying their shoes (especially the soles)... I read about it a while ago, so I have no idea where they are in the process...

chic simplicity said...

I think we are sole mates because I've been looking for a purple/fuchsia/magenta colored sole. IS this bordering on crazy. This season Lanvin did something with orange on the soles... Actually, I'm looking for Elbaz's color palette in his past fall collection for the soles of my feet.

I almost bought these even though they are not the type of shoes I'd wear, but I totally love them on someone tall with dainty ankles:

It's the second shoe from the left, even though they clearly have black soles. But that color on the platform is just amazing. So I decided (in my mind) if I ever did come across them again in London (they'd be on sale by now) I'd buy them and take them to a shoe person and have the straps removed. LOL.

P.S. I almost have no preferences for any designers, except Chanel, so I kinda like the Versace shoes. I don't love them terribly, but they're still very pretty.

P.P.S. I'm glad Louboutin is suing. I hate stealers. Haha.

chic simplicity said...

So I totally had no idea who or what De Beers was. As a matter of fact, I kept thinking, "isn't that a jewelry line??" (Which it is as well.) So I looked it up. Can you imagine the audacity of ripping off that bootie design entirely?? They deserve to have their boots sued off!!