best wishes for the new yr... and, pretty peeping toms (sorry) toes

Coming back to an uncharacteristically warm January night, I'm nothing less than thrilled to be back in New England!!1 (Sounds a bit oxymoronic, doesn't it??) My return trips are generally less hassled and certainly more rewarding when one (ahem... myself) thinks one (") is rolling in the dough. (I love my daddy!!) Shopping at Heathrow remains one of my cherished indulgences (mitigating its debasing rank as the world's worst airport for some (business) travelers—I wish I cared a smidge); thus I can tell you, (my sisters and) I used the layover time very wisely. The Chanel store proffers the utmost (and an early look and caress) of chic accessories, you see—pearl chain belts and heart-warming cruise purses; not to mention a temporary, albeit very pleasurable cure for headaches; and a fitting scene to schmooze with older women prone to queue-barging and spiffy bags!!

Perhaps, more exhilarating is the fact that I'm back to my 10/20?? Mbps high-speed internet. I didn't realize I would missed it so dearly; and decided to avoid the turtle-creeping version completely. The experience has peaked my interest in WiMAX technology even though there aren't many enabled areas in the world. I'm anticipating an ultra mobile PC (Apple needs to get in the pic ASAP) with the technology by the end of the year!! And... I need a new phone. But like my present and currently-missing-a-button mobile, it's got to be teeny; so, I'm searching vigorously because I need to get a new one like yesterday.

Even more joy: Shall we get started on the fact that MB NY Fashion week is in two weeks??!! The website has certainly been upgraded. (Applause!! Up until now, I've thought the website useless and pretty shoddy, to say the least.) I can only hope that our beloved older (well, mostly European) fashion houses are taking the cue and planning to get in the mix with the splendidly speedy method of information dissemination online and, very importantly, shopping!! While brand exclusivity is of the utmost priority and fashion snobbery ranks high in our minds—unforgivably, this superficiality doesn't preclude myself and my raving about such brands, I've accepted my sad fate—the ease of online shopping and it's capacity to rack in sales cannot be overestimated.

In other news, can you say sex on heels?? My latest obsession is the Peep-toe bootie. In the simplest of forms a peep-toe (pump) is just oh so sexy. The understated glamour, and thus, lust-racking appeal of just a peek of this fetish-inducing anatomical portion of the feet—prettily painted of course—is off the charts!! So, when I glimpsed a few designers combining the allure of the peep-toe with laced-up booties/shooties/oxfords, it's perfectly correct to say I was driven wild with desire. The hint of S&M in the laces is a bit of a thrill, no??2 I think it's simply brilliant!! Plus, it's appropriate for the in-between seasons when it may be too cold to wear sandals, but you still went in for a pedi and they simply must be shown off. I'm game for a pair of the pink (or maybe black with yellow piping) Gucci Newtons (open-toe lace-up booties with engraved Gucci script logo 4.5" skinny! heel.)

I also wouldn't mind a friend or Good Samaritan (it's still christmas season I'll have you know ;)) buying these D.G's (top left and center), Balenciaga's (top right) or Moschino's (bottom) pairs in a size 7.5/37.5 to share, or donating them to the (ahem) Chic Simplicity Goodwill. Bless your generous heart.

I also meant to include these amazing Viktor & Rolf beauties!!! The space cleft connected by the laces down the top arch of the feet creates a glamourously long leg.

Love you.
Fat Sugar Kisses on each cheek (I don't care what the Skinny Bitches say... Okay, maybe a little; all the same Sugar Kisses.)
Happy New Year. (I have no new year's resolutions. Sue me.)

1. I avoided all weather news concerning the U.S. northeast so I wouldn't fall into a depression thinking of it. (Whatever it was.)
2. This may or may not reflect my sexual state of mind. Thanks.


mia said...

You are back! Yay! Great post as usual.

kristen said...

Beautiful shoes. Beautiful post :)