i still love you

I left without so much as a note to say I'd be gone.
I apologize.

I'm on holiday (do people still say that??) back home in Nigeria, the internet connection is *insert expletive here.* However, I'm having a good ol' lazy time :). It's still in the (early) delightful stage, really. I'll get tired by next weekend, I'm guessing. I'm reading my suitcase full—yes I said a suitcase—of books and magazines, including my fave Vogue versions - UK/Intl, U. S and French (I prob know all of two words in French, but I certainly feel tres cultured. That, and listening to the melange of accents on 'DSTV' makes me feel more worldly.) And I've gotten round to Colures finally!! I do have tons to write about and I should, but did I mention I'm almost comatose with laziness!! It's bliss!!

And I love watching Fashion TV!! Catwalks all evening!! (Look it up.)

Big lip-smacking kisses.