the perfect shake (Renee Lewis diamond shake earrings)

Perhaps the most ingenuous pair of earrings I've ever come across; its simplicity in form is just brilliant!! And remarkably, still, the brilliance transcends its design and construction. The "shake diamonds" reflects a seemingly pureness; each stone casting a sparkle—that together, culminate in a brilliance and becomes awe-inspiring when you grasp the concept of the whole piece. Renee Lewis is applauded—not too loudly so, however—for her innovative jewelry. She is part of the growing school of shrewd jewelers, who, while highly regarded, prefer to produce one-of-a-kind high-end jewelry independently. She forages flea markets, rummage sales and antique fairs in search of vintage baubles. Her "Shake" jewelry series are contrived from solutions of the extracted stones (from her vintage finds) which she suspends in white gold spheres. I can't express how much I love these shake earrings!! Chic!! If I could fathom buying them at the moment, or ever—they do cost a pretty $17000, we all know I've ridiculously expensive tastes, even though I don't mean to really—they'd be my fave earrings. And staying true to fashionable fussiness, Renee Lewis's pieces are available at the 'vogue czar of contemporary exclusivity' (and natch, my fave) Barneys.

Allowing myself to drift into a romantic reverie, don't they make just the perfect gift from a perfect lover?? If I had one, that is. They also make me want to break out in a rugged gyration—even though I know I'm too old and, quite honestly, incapable of taking it there—to Ludacris's "Money maker," so I can shake what my mama lover gave me!! :) Ahhh...

Butterfly kisses


mia said...

They are absolutely gorgeous and I would get them too except for the small matter of price. :)

Anonymous said...

My name is rene but with one e, my last name is lewis lol XD