engaging thoughts

As thick blankets of snow covered the ground Thursday afternoon, I sat on my couch in my usual easy lotus position and took up finishing a book I'd been reading. I went from an enthusiastic high to hopeless depression in three minutes flat!! It was quite alarming and I couldn't understand it. (Still can't.)

Out of habit—but, not expecting much reprieve—I sought out a few of my best shopping webbies. It may have taken about an hour; but, after a labyrinth of numerous shopping windows, I ended up on Tiffany's website. I'm not certain how I feel about this ritzy jewelry conglomerate. I mean, agreed, they have pretty baubles; but... And I do love the patented Tiffany blue color. I was pleasantly surprised with the newly designed webbie—I hadn't visited the site in months. And, while I wasn't really looking to buy anything at all, I did add some gorg pieces to my shopping bag; and then muse, in a pleasurably nonchalant manner, at the increase in 'total' price with each added piece. True to the effectiveness of retail therapy (in my case, faux retail therapy) my spirits began to lift and I remained mostly euphoric the rest of the evening. I'll ignore the fact that my down-in-dumps feeling returned the next morning: Sheesh!! But, seriously, I don't need to stress the intoxicating bliss—if only for a few hours—of filling one's hollowness with purchasable superficial trifles, or the possibilities thereof?? I mean is the Pope catholic??!!

Amidst my musings—and an IM conversation with a friend—I did a quick search for a Tiffany engagement ring with which I'd previously fallen in love. And though I struggle with the concept of conflict diamonds, the Jean Schlumberger Two bees ring with Emerald center diamond brought a quick smile to lips, I remember. Diamonds are a gyrl's best friend... but, I think I'd love elaborately inlaid less controversial pearls.

The intimated brilliance from the Schlumberger ring triggered memories of other pretty baubles, natch. I recalled fondly, my fave—and, quietly anticipated, LOL—engagement rings1 from the revered Houses of Leviev and Graff. Together, both houses produce the world's largest and most resplendent jewels; Graff possessing and having mined about 70% of the world's most famous diamonds. Needless to say, staring at the pieces on these websites was pure heaven!! During one of my latest visits to Saks NY, I made abit of time to go sit in the newly commissioned (and brilliantly lit!!) Graff enclave on the jewelry floor. I can't imagine what the men in black (guarding the entrance I suppose) must've thought. Ha!!

Absolutely nothing compares to the delusional joys I derive from daydreaming about engagement rings. I don't complicate my reveries with the concept of the giver, per se, just the gift itself. Hahaha!! Can't say I blame me much. Besides, it's always being all about the lady, anyway. So, yes, I do have my fave engagment rings picked out. (I'll make up my mind later.) And I will accept a tenth of the carat weights of my said rings, or with less controversial stones. ie pearls.


Joyful kisses.
P.S. I don't allow price interrupt important discussions such as these. :)
P.P.S. It's that time of the year when I go shopping with my carry-on suitcase. I always end up buying quite a bit, it's just so much easier to put all my purchases in my suitcase and lug that along. :)

1. I don't really think too much about being married and all that, but I certainly know what I'd like my engagement ring to look like :) And the future Mr. Man will be forced to read this post, and avoid us both any unnecessary hassles.


mia said...

I love it all! And I love your writing! :)

Nicole said...

I myself am waiting fir the right guy and I'll certainly direct him to this page when it's that time ;)!

kristen said...

That Schlumberger ring looks wonderful, but I don't know if I'd wear it. I love it regardless.

The Bougie Baller said...

Love your website (and facebook group)... longtime lurker and reader :) Leah W.

Nikita said...

Cool website...Very very interested in the Schlumberger ring, does anyone know if there are any sites/shops which sell more affordable versions of it? ;o)

Anonymous said...

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