pretty trenches, prehistoric barettes and skirting the issues: japan fashion week S/S 2009

Given that I subscribe to the techie, avant-garde stereotype (sorry!) of our anime-famed pioneers, I think I was a bit underwhelmed by Japan fashion week; well, at first. As I pondered the seeming odd disparity ― that I, no doubt, was conjuring up and making a big deal of ― between the Japanese fashion industry and well, every other industry in this very driven economy, I tucked into some of my delish shortbreads. I'd been positively gagging for them. Off putting choice of words, haha!

The crumbly goodness intoxicating my system, I began to appreciate some of the forms I was seeing on the runways. The trench has never exuded such casual chic (L: Support Surface, C: Lep Luss); the graffiti coat (R: Gut's Dynamite Cabarets), a refined rocker edge.

I need our capitalistic Westerners to refashion (read: steal and copy) these miniature ― but really, dramatically large ― dino barettes (Mintdesigns). (Then the Chinese markets can go to work replicating...)
I'm obviously asking for it, with all these darned stereotypical talk, no??

And I couldn't resist the prettiness of Hiroko Koshino's skillfully constructed skirts.

There are even more treats, come to think of it. Do like me and take a peek, then proceed to google your life away the designers and any shoppes that may carry or not! their pieces!!

Butterfly kisses.
Here comes NY fashion wk!! *big grin*


spatterdashery: spats by Posso.

No, spatterdashery is not a word. Spatterdash is; archaic, albeit. But no worries, I'm allowed to make up words because I'm super cool. HA! I can't tell you why exactly I fell in love with Posso's revamped spats, but it was one of those excitedly dizzying, love-at-first-sight episodes. The refined rocker-chic edge, which the spats offers, appeals to my somewhat classic and yet, remarkably undefinable ― seemingly more so, everyday ― sensibilities. Perhaps, it's the impending change in seasons kindly proffering a logical excuse why I should require more than two pairs. When winter rolls around and my mental faculties go AWOL, thus causing me to parade in mini dresses at negative temperatures, these spats will come in just handy, no?? I discovered the Posso brand (designed by Mary Louise Pels and Vanessa Giovaccini) at my Euro-mode darling of an emporium, Seven NY. (It's why Seven rocks my little world!!) What's even more charming, the spats are reversible.

This pic from the Posso the spat webbie cracks me up. I want to twist the models' arms because they look plastic. Life in plastic... Or not!!

My faves:

Blowing you kisses.
P.S. Speaking of, its Japan Fashion Week (S/S 2009). Can't wait for the madness that will be NY fash week!!