"Les Exclusifs"

I heart all that is CHANEL - one of my year's missions: pick up two jackets/suits!! Haha!!
I heart perfumes - imagine my joy upon picking up my Feb. issue of Town & Country with an entreating feature, "85 Fragrances to Love."

Well, this morning, love simply came down from heaven as I began to read "Skin Deep" in the nytimes.com. My tickled senses rose and meandered excitingly, words from my computer screen making up a scented path. Funnily, it's really not a descriptive article, but my brain's working hard - conjuring up scents. Is that possible?? I can't even describe it!!! In the article aptly titled, The Genie in Every Bottle Is Coco Chanel, Chanel perfumer, Jacques Polge introduces his collection of ten perfumes called Les Exclusifs, which will be available in 200ml bottles - huge!! - eau de toilettes at Chanel boutiques and Bergdorf's!!

An attempt to explain the perfumer's decision - financial strategy - in launching the collection is not lost on me . But, umm.. do you care?? At the moment, I don't!! Haha.


British Intelligence

I said I wouldn't write about London Fashion Week. I lied.

As controversy swirled concerning the British Fashion Council's refusal to ban super-skinny models, eccentric LFW designers conspired to ensure that folks kept talking - about their designs, that is. Subtly made-up models sashayed down runways in otherwise electrifying garments, as many designers determined to push the fashion envelope. Can you say fashion renegades?? That's what London Fash Week is all about!! Some designers did manage to prettify ugly and vice-versa - 'art' in the light of fashion. There are ensembles, whole and/or part, with which I just fell in love; but then, expectedly, there were others. (Pics not shown this time, I can't do uglies again on my post.) My fave pictures - on nymag - reveal my quirkiness and make me giddy with excitement. Strangely, yet brilliantly, considerably outlandish designs blossom in a fashion shangri la. Christopher Kane was probably my fave, he created amazing pieces in leather and velvet - however, not a fan of vel-anything fabrics: velvet, velour, velcro, haha!! Here's his collection. :)
Other faves, L-R:
~ Julien Macdonald
~ Jasper Conran: no quirkiness here, pure chichi chic!!

~ Roksanda Ilincic (ignore the turbid, misty tights, it's all about the hat!! And I was just reminiscing about the joys of wearing shapely hats this weekend.)
~ Ricahrd Nicoll

~ Basso & Brooke
~ Aquascutum: ...in jacquard, elegant.

My excuse to put pics of men:
New Yorker, Marc Jacobs managed to create some super-sexy disheveled nerd-looking hotties, in my view. I've got to ask my gyrlies what they think. I mean these English boys (I s'pose they're English) exude a muted sex appeal. I know the style, particularly, of my exceptional black (American) men is evolving, but to what?? A uniform?? Blazer, pants, some pronounced air of I'm-an-educated-black-man, ar.ar.argyle sweaters, end of story. I guess there's not much more, but they all look the same. No exceptional personal touches. Sometimes I can't help but giggle!! (What fun to be a gyrl!!)

And speaking of fashionable envelopes, I still want a VBH clutch!! AND I WANT IT NOW!! I must go shopping and I've been so beyond good recently. LOL. (Online, VBH is available at brownsfashion.com and net-a-porter.com, in boston: Louis Boston, and of course in NY at the boutique store in Mnhttn)

I think I'd also like this...(British Aseef Vaza, the lining of his purses - pretty cerise pink, what's not to love??!! Available online at matchesfashion.com, his website is not running as yet. And if you're on the other side of the pond, England, you've got better luck!!)
and this as well (by Roger Vivier, YAY!! for his boutique in Mnhttn)...

Enjoy Milan Fashion Week!!


Correspondence for end of NY fashion week: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

I didn't plan on writing about NY Fashion week. Really. But it's fashion and I'm addicted!! I spent about three hours going over the runway pics at nymag.com!! Bliss!! [I lie!! It was 3-something am, I ignored inquiring ims as to what I was doing up so late - still love you guys!!] I'm just glad my wrist hasn't fallen off with all the mouse pad tapping I've done.

I don't plan on writing about London Fashion Week. (Grin) London Fashion Week sounds awkward; something about grammar. But, that's where the (designer)stars are born!!

I've almost three hundred runway pics in my album, so I'll share. I've picked some elegant ensembles in decidedly sumptuous fabrics (and sadly, a couple of plain wretched costumes).

The Good: (First, this has been next to impossible, picking a handful when I know I love practically everything!! I'll do the designers in a bit, writing this stuff is hard work!!)
~Oscar de la Renta - both. Possibly, the chicest collection this season. Both, I can definitely see myself wearing. LOL.

~Michael Kors: Audrey Hepburn + Lee Radziwill, fast foward to 2007.
~Jill Stuart: I already have somewhere to wear this. Easy!!

~Sari Gueron; an elegant, refined carmine/venetian red sari dress in a deep-v cut I adore.
~Temperley London: Looooove it. Delicate crotchet accents just where you want them. I've always admired how the Londoner incorporates crotchet -can you say gr.gr.grandma?? No, not in this case- into her fabrics.

~Luca Luca: Encore!! Encore!! Teeny aside: I'd rather pair the lush winter white coat with black tights and shoes. Haha, natch!!
~Bill Blass: Yes, I love pink, and here, Mr Blass has found the perfect shade. And the model's downtown updo - superior!! Perhaps, it's the cold, but I desperately need this coat. I think of Bill Blass, I think of my mom; but, she'd never wear this coat. 1. She'd never be here in winter, and 2. She'd never pay for it!!

~Tommy Hilfger: Granted, I'm not a huge fan; but the outfit is so chic and I've also been looking for the perfect pair of yellow pumps for over 2 years. Boo, I'm not a proper shoe connoisseur.
~Marchesa: sensual, paisley silk; will someone please have a summer evening wedding so I can wear one of these, perhaps...

~Michael Kors: a fave of the season, elegant tweed for the modern-day Jackie O.
~Marc Bouwer: Ahhh, I want that as one of my bday presents, thanks!!

~Oscar de la Renta: Just tell me you haven't fallen in love with this coat!!
~Ralph Lauren. Elegant, subdued allure, the quintessentially powerful woman. And, power is hella sexy!! So, imagine the pleasure putting on and ripping off this outfit - perhaps on the boardroom table!! *wink*

Donna Karan: The rich, gem hues are making me swoon.
Jason Wu: I love it. I know if I had the dress, my boobs would look fab in it. Haha.

The Bad & Ugly: I suggest some of these designers be slapped for these... However, we can also say - for the creativity that fashion embodies - "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder." I don't believe it though.
Here goes, L-R:
~No words. Creative genius responsible for the ensemble - Heatherette, of course.

~I can only think the muse for this was an ostrich that threw up on itself.
~There's a fake hand on her left shoulder!! Dreadful.

~Homeless destitute and it's not funny, but I'm laughing.

Since, I'm such a doll, I figured we'd play a little game of "Guess that Gender!!"

And finally, I thought I'd add on these delicious-looking men. In befitting trappings, aren't they just yummy?? :



Darling, I love you (because I love me)!!

First, let me say, this 3-day consecutive posting is possibly a rare occurrence!!
I'm in love!! I'm not so sure with whom or what exactly, but I'm in love!! I woke up this morning with another migraine - 'twas the imminent, now ongoing snowstorm!! Eek!! But, I had a pained glow of excitement when I awoke. I do have a late shift volunteering at the hospital, though. I wonder if I'll make it. Bigger Eeeek!!

I think I'm just very happy with myself at the moment; deep in love with me. What's not to love?? *coquettish giggle* See, I'm even flirting with myself!! Ha!! Anyway, as usual, my parents have called - to wish my sisters and me "a happy valentine's day." I could hear the composed excitement in mommy's voice, she's just been to dinner with dad. LOL.

I wanted to spend a bit of time listening to some of my fave men; Louis, Frank and Otis. Once, my head stops throbbing so much, I will. :) Then, I'll say to a couple of people, "Darling, I love you (because...)." LOL.


p.s. I'd also like to mention beneficence on this lovely day. Everyone needs abit of help at some point. Isn't that what love is all about??!!
p.p.s. In order to love another person, you've got to love yourself first!! Ha!! That's for people who are thinking I'm loving me way too much. Imagine how much I'd be able to love you!! *wink*
p.p.p.s. The principal tenet of Christianity: LOVE... I need grace for this one because there are times when I just cannot love a person and what's sad, sometimes, it's for no apparent reason!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

I'm just recovering from one of those awful 'see-no-evil-hear-no-evil' migraines. I won't even turn my head for fear that it comes back and I have to put my eye-mask back on!! So very sad. But of course, it's left me feeling appreciative of good health; I know I've a delighted smile on my face, weak albeit, but delighted all the same. Actually, it might not be much of a smile, perhaps more of a contortion. Anyway, I am thankful!! whew!!

I am my mommy's daughter. I looove home fittings!! When I feel like wasting time, I browse Horchow, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. And... Ikea, I don't like the website, but the showroom is a playground for adults. And, is it just me or has pier1 been slightly updated??!! I simply can't understand it: my love for furniture, furnishings and - goodness - tableware, that is. I am ridiculous. Completely bonkers. I think that's why I want to have a wedding. I'd be oh so happy to spend hours picking out stuff for my registry!! (bigger contortion/smile on my face) Ahhh bliss... That, and the fact that my 'pre-wedding' and wedding dresses would be utter charmingness!!!!

My mommy - I love to say mommy, mother sounds so strained, pained even - she loooves plates!! I looove them too. I think we should all spend abit of time in the Tabletop section of Home & Entertaining on Neiman's or Horchow's website. Some of the colors probed the nerve endings in my forehead, but they are simply gorgeous!! I wish I could buy some of those plates. Imagine how much more delish and mouth-watering my food would appear on those plates. Would I be able to eat?? I don't imagine so. Now I eat on paper plates of course; you are not going to do my dishes, are you?? But every so often I wish I wouldn't be lazy and eat on a proper plate. Even more, I wish I would just go ahead and spend money on some of those plates. Ahhhh..

Well, of course I can't make an isolated stop on the Horchow's website. My spirits would be in turmoil. That's like going into CVS or Sephora and buying a singular item!! Please!! So, I must view the entire website, well what I haven't seen recently :) And, may I proclaim my love for mirrors!! Not only are they perfect for looking at myself when I am dancing and wining my waist ;), they are impressive art displays. I have found two floor mirrors that each reflect half of my true self (pun intended). And because I want to include a pic in my blog, I'll make them the first ones!!

They are both traditional; the shape of the first is slightly more avant-garde, lending it some measure of modernity, which is why I love it. The second could adorn my imaginary gift-wrapping room - I mean what other furniture would you need for a gift wrapping room??!! I guess I could throw in the accompanying chair.

Now you get an insight into why I love hotels and room service. Each place or room offers a unique space for me to enjoy my love for furnishings.

Aside, I'd like to ask what color the wall in the first pic is. And, if you've been to my apt, ummm... what color's my little area called the living room?? Yes folks, great minds think alike. (I'll let you in on a secret, I'm tired of the color - have been for a while - but I've painted the walls about three times already!!)


belts - suzi roher!! ooh...

The past few seasons have seen the reinvention, reshaping and uplift of a note-worthy accessory: the belt. I, personally, hardly paid particular attention to this singluar piece of accessory; that is, until, I was spending abit of quality time with British Vogue two christmas seasons ago (Sept/Oct issue, I believe) and saw one of my most-coveted items (for an entire year, that is) - the Fendi B belt. I just knew I had to have it!! I mean I went into NY on two or three occasions the previous year just trying to get this belt. You have seen the 3-inch wide patent belt in black - to die for. Anyway, suddenly, the belt is the it-fash accessory and I am possibly, entirely happy about it. Of course, there are times when I see the awful faux pas - the waist cincher NOT actually cinching the waist; but riding over the tummy, slightly obscured underneath boobies!! Dear me!! Anyway again, I am still for the belt. And, I am particularly loving Suzi Roher's belts!! Genius!! Simply too pretty for words. I have been staring at two of the designer's belts (# 1 & # 2) and trying to justify their prices!! Somebody call 911 because this is beyond serious. (I think I like the first one better :)) And they are in my fave colors. Yellow gold accents - exquisite!!

christmas season for me starts Oct and lasts through Feb!! Oh yes!!
Lord, forgive me for coveting.

P.S. I am sad, yet happy, fashion week is over. I mean what is the point of all those absolutely gorgeous clothes -in most cases, not so much in Heatherette's - parading up and down runways if I can't be there to see them. Yes, I am a hater.




There are certain kinds of responsibilities I do not like!!


New York Fashion Week Feb. 2-9

...pining for the city, it's fashion week for flambé's sake!! I 'may' have decided not take up a wonderful offer and go into ny during one-of-the-two-most-talked-about weeks in U.S. fashion calendars!! The second being the other (spring) fashion week in sept. There'll be over a hundred and fifty shows all crammed into one week; designers - through whom I'd be made whole simply by touching their intricately sewn garment hems; and of course, socialites teetering on high heels and thumbing bejeweled treos. I want to be responsible and save money!! Responsible??!! Atrocious!! I am crying inside, I can feel my heart beating... eww is that a song or something??
If I end up not going, I will save half the money and....
I think what's holding me together is that I've made reservations for my birthday weekend at the oh-so-chic gramercy park hotel!! And, I am hoping to have a little gathering at the ultra-elegant Rose Bar!! Hooray!! I don't do birthdays, but this one will be special!!!