New York Fashion Week Feb. 2-9

...pining for the city, it's fashion week for flambé's sake!! I 'may' have decided not take up a wonderful offer and go into ny during one-of-the-two-most-talked-about weeks in U.S. fashion calendars!! The second being the other (spring) fashion week in sept. There'll be over a hundred and fifty shows all crammed into one week; designers - through whom I'd be made whole simply by touching their intricately sewn garment hems; and of course, socialites teetering on high heels and thumbing bejeweled treos. I want to be responsible and save money!! Responsible??!! Atrocious!! I am crying inside, I can feel my heart beating... eww is that a song or something??
If I end up not going, I will save half the money and....
I think what's holding me together is that I've made reservations for my birthday weekend at the oh-so-chic gramercy park hotel!! And, I am hoping to have a little gathering at the ultra-elegant Rose Bar!! Hooray!! I don't do birthdays, but this one will be special!!!