belts - suzi roher!! ooh...

The past few seasons have seen the reinvention, reshaping and uplift of a note-worthy accessory: the belt. I, personally, hardly paid particular attention to this singluar piece of accessory; that is, until, I was spending abit of quality time with British Vogue two christmas seasons ago (Sept/Oct issue, I believe) and saw one of my most-coveted items (for an entire year, that is) - the Fendi B belt. I just knew I had to have it!! I mean I went into NY on two or three occasions the previous year just trying to get this belt. You have seen the 3-inch wide patent belt in black - to die for. Anyway, suddenly, the belt is the it-fash accessory and I am possibly, entirely happy about it. Of course, there are times when I see the awful faux pas - the waist cincher NOT actually cinching the waist; but riding over the tummy, slightly obscured underneath boobies!! Dear me!! Anyway again, I am still for the belt. And, I am particularly loving Suzi Roher's belts!! Genius!! Simply too pretty for words. I have been staring at two of the designer's belts (# 1 & # 2) and trying to justify their prices!! Somebody call 911 because this is beyond serious. (I think I like the first one better :)) And they are in my fave colors. Yellow gold accents - exquisite!!

christmas season for me starts Oct and lasts through Feb!! Oh yes!!
Lord, forgive me for coveting.

P.S. I am sad, yet happy, fashion week is over. I mean what is the point of all those absolutely gorgeous clothes -in most cases, not so much in Heatherette's - parading up and down runways if I can't be there to see them. Yes, I am a hater.