Correspondence for end of NY fashion week: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

I didn't plan on writing about NY Fashion week. Really. But it's fashion and I'm addicted!! I spent about three hours going over the runway pics at nymag.com!! Bliss!! [I lie!! It was 3-something am, I ignored inquiring ims as to what I was doing up so late - still love you guys!!] I'm just glad my wrist hasn't fallen off with all the mouse pad tapping I've done.

I don't plan on writing about London Fashion Week. (Grin) London Fashion Week sounds awkward; something about grammar. But, that's where the (designer)stars are born!!

I've almost three hundred runway pics in my album, so I'll share. I've picked some elegant ensembles in decidedly sumptuous fabrics (and sadly, a couple of plain wretched costumes).

The Good: (First, this has been next to impossible, picking a handful when I know I love practically everything!! I'll do the designers in a bit, writing this stuff is hard work!!)
~Oscar de la Renta - both. Possibly, the chicest collection this season. Both, I can definitely see myself wearing. LOL.

~Michael Kors: Audrey Hepburn + Lee Radziwill, fast foward to 2007.
~Jill Stuart: I already have somewhere to wear this. Easy!!

~Sari Gueron; an elegant, refined carmine/venetian red sari dress in a deep-v cut I adore.
~Temperley London: Looooove it. Delicate crotchet accents just where you want them. I've always admired how the Londoner incorporates crotchet -can you say gr.gr.grandma?? No, not in this case- into her fabrics.

~Luca Luca: Encore!! Encore!! Teeny aside: I'd rather pair the lush winter white coat with black tights and shoes. Haha, natch!!
~Bill Blass: Yes, I love pink, and here, Mr Blass has found the perfect shade. And the model's downtown updo - superior!! Perhaps, it's the cold, but I desperately need this coat. I think of Bill Blass, I think of my mom; but, she'd never wear this coat. 1. She'd never be here in winter, and 2. She'd never pay for it!!

~Tommy Hilfger: Granted, I'm not a huge fan; but the outfit is so chic and I've also been looking for the perfect pair of yellow pumps for over 2 years. Boo, I'm not a proper shoe connoisseur.
~Marchesa: sensual, paisley silk; will someone please have a summer evening wedding so I can wear one of these, perhaps...

~Michael Kors: a fave of the season, elegant tweed for the modern-day Jackie O.
~Marc Bouwer: Ahhh, I want that as one of my bday presents, thanks!!

~Oscar de la Renta: Just tell me you haven't fallen in love with this coat!!
~Ralph Lauren. Elegant, subdued allure, the quintessentially powerful woman. And, power is hella sexy!! So, imagine the pleasure putting on and ripping off this outfit - perhaps on the boardroom table!! *wink*

Donna Karan: The rich, gem hues are making me swoon.
Jason Wu: I love it. I know if I had the dress, my boobs would look fab in it. Haha.

The Bad & Ugly: I suggest some of these designers be slapped for these... However, we can also say - for the creativity that fashion embodies - "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder." I don't believe it though.
Here goes, L-R:
~No words. Creative genius responsible for the ensemble - Heatherette, of course.

~I can only think the muse for this was an ostrich that threw up on itself.
~There's a fake hand on her left shoulder!! Dreadful.

~Homeless destitute and it's not funny, but I'm laughing.

Since, I'm such a doll, I figured we'd play a little game of "Guess that Gender!!"

And finally, I thought I'd add on these delicious-looking men. In befitting trappings, aren't they just yummy?? :



Anonymous said...

what's funny is that you have one of the guys from " guess that gender" also in the yummy men section... lol ur too cute!

Anonymous said...

you are a very good writer.