Mirror, mirror on the wall...

I'm just recovering from one of those awful 'see-no-evil-hear-no-evil' migraines. I won't even turn my head for fear that it comes back and I have to put my eye-mask back on!! So very sad. But of course, it's left me feeling appreciative of good health; I know I've a delighted smile on my face, weak albeit, but delighted all the same. Actually, it might not be much of a smile, perhaps more of a contortion. Anyway, I am thankful!! whew!!

I am my mommy's daughter. I looove home fittings!! When I feel like wasting time, I browse Horchow, Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn. And... Ikea, I don't like the website, but the showroom is a playground for adults. And, is it just me or has pier1 been slightly updated??!! I simply can't understand it: my love for furniture, furnishings and - goodness - tableware, that is. I am ridiculous. Completely bonkers. I think that's why I want to have a wedding. I'd be oh so happy to spend hours picking out stuff for my registry!! (bigger contortion/smile on my face) Ahhh bliss... That, and the fact that my 'pre-wedding' and wedding dresses would be utter charmingness!!!!

My mommy - I love to say mommy, mother sounds so strained, pained even - she loooves plates!! I looove them too. I think we should all spend abit of time in the Tabletop section of Home & Entertaining on Neiman's or Horchow's website. Some of the colors probed the nerve endings in my forehead, but they are simply gorgeous!! I wish I could buy some of those plates. Imagine how much more delish and mouth-watering my food would appear on those plates. Would I be able to eat?? I don't imagine so. Now I eat on paper plates of course; you are not going to do my dishes, are you?? But every so often I wish I wouldn't be lazy and eat on a proper plate. Even more, I wish I would just go ahead and spend money on some of those plates. Ahhhh..

Well, of course I can't make an isolated stop on the Horchow's website. My spirits would be in turmoil. That's like going into CVS or Sephora and buying a singular item!! Please!! So, I must view the entire website, well what I haven't seen recently :) And, may I proclaim my love for mirrors!! Not only are they perfect for looking at myself when I am dancing and wining my waist ;), they are impressive art displays. I have found two floor mirrors that each reflect half of my true self (pun intended). And because I want to include a pic in my blog, I'll make them the first ones!!

They are both traditional; the shape of the first is slightly more avant-garde, lending it some measure of modernity, which is why I love it. The second could adorn my imaginary gift-wrapping room - I mean what other furniture would you need for a gift wrapping room??!! I guess I could throw in the accompanying chair.

Now you get an insight into why I love hotels and room service. Each place or room offers a unique space for me to enjoy my love for furnishings.

Aside, I'd like to ask what color the wall in the first pic is. And, if you've been to my apt, ummm... what color's my little area called the living room?? Yes folks, great minds think alike. (I'll let you in on a secret, I'm tired of the color - have been for a while - but I've painted the walls about three times already!!)


Anonymous said...

Hello my love, I know I've never posted a comment, so I took it upon myself to do so today. First of all, your writing style is absolutely impeccable: the way the words lead one to the delicate nature of fashion (a finer thing of life) makes me want to go and ROB a bank or not settle for anything less. Your taste in the art of fashion makes every item worth more than just a purchase......in fact they represent Visual Art. A job (hobby lol) well done on all that you have accomplished via your blog. Smooches ~cocodee~

chic simplicity said...

oh thanks love, i just saw the comment!! oh i'm so glad you like it too... thanks lots again. kisses