i still love you

I left without so much as a note to say I'd be gone.
I apologize.

I'm on holiday (do people still say that??) back home in Nigeria, the internet connection is *insert expletive here.* However, I'm having a good ol' lazy time :). It's still in the (early) delightful stage, really. I'll get tired by next weekend, I'm guessing. I'm reading my suitcase full—yes I said a suitcase—of books and magazines, including my fave Vogue versions - UK/Intl, U. S and French (I prob know all of two words in French, but I certainly feel tres cultured. That, and listening to the melange of accents on 'DSTV' makes me feel more worldly.) And I've gotten round to Colures finally!! I do have tons to write about and I should, but did I mention I'm almost comatose with laziness!! It's bliss!!

And I love watching Fashion TV!! Catwalks all evening!! (Look it up.)

Big lip-smacking kisses.


engaging thoughts

As thick blankets of snow covered the ground Thursday afternoon, I sat on my couch in my usual easy lotus position and took up finishing a book I'd been reading. I went from an enthusiastic high to hopeless depression in three minutes flat!! It was quite alarming and I couldn't understand it. (Still can't.)

Out of habit—but, not expecting much reprieve—I sought out a few of my best shopping webbies. It may have taken about an hour; but, after a labyrinth of numerous shopping windows, I ended up on Tiffany's website. I'm not certain how I feel about this ritzy jewelry conglomerate. I mean, agreed, they have pretty baubles; but... And I do love the patented Tiffany blue color. I was pleasantly surprised with the newly designed webbie—I hadn't visited the site in months. And, while I wasn't really looking to buy anything at all, I did add some gorg pieces to my shopping bag; and then muse, in a pleasurably nonchalant manner, at the increase in 'total' price with each added piece. True to the effectiveness of retail therapy (in my case, faux retail therapy) my spirits began to lift and I remained mostly euphoric the rest of the evening. I'll ignore the fact that my down-in-dumps feeling returned the next morning: Sheesh!! But, seriously, I don't need to stress the intoxicating bliss—if only for a few hours—of filling one's hollowness with purchasable superficial trifles, or the possibilities thereof?? I mean is the Pope catholic??!!

Amidst my musings—and an IM conversation with a friend—I did a quick search for a Tiffany engagement ring with which I'd previously fallen in love. And though I struggle with the concept of conflict diamonds, the Jean Schlumberger Two bees ring with Emerald center diamond brought a quick smile to lips, I remember. Diamonds are a gyrl's best friend... but, I think I'd love elaborately inlaid less controversial pearls.

The intimated brilliance from the Schlumberger ring triggered memories of other pretty baubles, natch. I recalled fondly, my fave—and, quietly anticipated, LOL—engagement rings1 from the revered Houses of Leviev and Graff. Together, both houses produce the world's largest and most resplendent jewels; Graff possessing and having mined about 70% of the world's most famous diamonds. Needless to say, staring at the pieces on these websites was pure heaven!! During one of my latest visits to Saks NY, I made abit of time to go sit in the newly commissioned (and brilliantly lit!!) Graff enclave on the jewelry floor. I can't imagine what the men in black (guarding the entrance I suppose) must've thought. Ha!!

Absolutely nothing compares to the delusional joys I derive from daydreaming about engagement rings. I don't complicate my reveries with the concept of the giver, per se, just the gift itself. Hahaha!! Can't say I blame me much. Besides, it's always being all about the lady, anyway. So, yes, I do have my fave engagment rings picked out. (I'll make up my mind later.) And I will accept a tenth of the carat weights of my said rings, or with less controversial stones. ie pearls.


Joyful kisses.
P.S. I don't allow price interrupt important discussions such as these. :)
P.P.S. It's that time of the year when I go shopping with my carry-on suitcase. I always end up buying quite a bit, it's just so much easier to put all my purchases in my suitcase and lug that along. :)

1. I don't really think too much about being married and all that, but I certainly know what I'd like my engagement ring to look like :) And the future Mr. Man will be forced to read this post, and avoid us both any unnecessary hassles.


coat check

Notwithstanding my continued subconscious longing for these decadent and timeless pieces, I've tumbled in love with a more contemporary line of coats—Soïa & Kyo. The brand, which is the sister company of the recently celebrated Canadian Mackage outerwear under the APP Group, was created in 2004. The creative directors behind the line posits its collections as "young, trendy and urban with a retro twist." Hmm... Sadly, I find myself wincing at the mention of three of the four descriptives, but I'm still enthralled. It's the same exquisite coat tailoring that the Mackage coats are known for, without the slightly bothersome leather trimmings. The Soïa & Kyo coats flaunt incredibly natural fits and bold details—buttons and belts; and the funnel collar that's all the rage at the moment—that'll make up for my awful day clothes during winter!! I'm wont to throw on a mismatch of layers during the cold; it becomes imperative to top off the underlying disarray with a fashionably pulled-together coat or jacket and pretend that my air of chi chi chicness never wavers. Hahaha!! And if these aren't the most reasonably priced coats (price range:$180-$380)... And lest I forget, the array of colors... Joy!!

Cinnamon sugar cookies and kisses

the perfect shake (Renee Lewis diamond shake earrings)

Perhaps the most ingenuous pair of earrings I've ever come across; its simplicity in form is just brilliant!! And remarkably, still, the brilliance transcends its design and construction. The "shake diamonds" reflects a seemingly pureness; each stone casting a sparkle—that together, culminate in a brilliance and becomes awe-inspiring when you grasp the concept of the whole piece. Renee Lewis is applauded—not too loudly so, however—for her innovative jewelry. She is part of the growing school of shrewd jewelers, who, while highly regarded, prefer to produce one-of-a-kind high-end jewelry independently. She forages flea markets, rummage sales and antique fairs in search of vintage baubles. Her "Shake" jewelry series are contrived from solutions of the extracted stones (from her vintage finds) which she suspends in white gold spheres. I can't express how much I love these shake earrings!! Chic!! If I could fathom buying them at the moment, or ever—they do cost a pretty $17000, we all know I've ridiculously expensive tastes, even though I don't mean to really—they'd be my fave earrings. And staying true to fashionable fussiness, Renee Lewis's pieces are available at the 'vogue czar of contemporary exclusivity' (and natch, my fave) Barneys.

Allowing myself to drift into a romantic reverie, don't they make just the perfect gift from a perfect lover?? If I had one, that is. They also make me want to break out in a rugged gyration—even though I know I'm too old and, quite honestly, incapable of taking it there—to Ludacris's "Money maker," so I can shake what my mama lover gave me!! :) Ahhh...

Butterfly kisses


White out, or white satin

Well, it's only logical.
After the frenzy that was the Black Satin nail polish, Chanel's Creative Director for Makeup, Peter Philips introduces the "white satin" flaunted by all its models yesterday evening at the Paris-Londres Maison d'Art collection fashion show, London. So while, it reminds me of painfully trying—but never succeeding—to get a smooth glossy look out of "white out" cum clear nail hardener, I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival on shelves in January!! It's the Chanel fever, because I'm very certain Nars has white nail polish...
Quite right.
I just checked Sephora and indeed Nars does have two white hues: Temptation (opalescent white) and Edelweiss (sheer white); but, alas!! It's not Chanel. And when this fad reaches fever pitch early next year, perhaps—and sadly so—no one will recognize that Nars was ahead of its time. According to Vogue UK, Peter Philips admits to be inspired by "a mixture of the swinging Sixties and 'today's punk culture.'" The latter of which is slowly infiltrating my style persona. We'll see.

Cheeky kisses.


giving to me :)

Indeed, while Christmastime marks the season for giving and sharing, we may find ourselves selfishly ogling some of the seemingly most beautiful and unique items—or, is that just me?? It seems around this time each year, the prettiest extravagances and objet d'arts emerge invitingly from their hiding places; and the mere gorgeousness of them all begs buying. But, of course, you couldn't possibly buy these items for, say, ten of your closest friends; as much as you'd love to. Well maybe you could. I shouldn't assume that just because I can't, you can't either. Anyway, as I come across some of these pretty little things, I mentally file them in my ever expanding wishlist for myself—and for backup, under my shopping bookmarks—hoping to come back to them mid-February. At this time, without the Christmas-induced hallucinogens that permeate the air (causing an almost indiscriminate and irrational spending) I can pick out a few items to splurge on. I've gathered some decadent gift ideas from my fave online circulars. Perhaps, we can all allow ourselves one or five nonessential, but, very amazing pieces nonetheless, in the coming months:
Style, Elle, Glamour, Luckymag, NYmag

Sugar-splenda kisses.

p.s. NYmag has a section of gifts dedicated to the "chic wife." I'm gushing!! I just don't know how they knew my trophy-wife aspirations.


and introducing my hubby: Didier Zonga

I've just spent a lovely couple of minutes day-dreaming about this gorgeous man, model Didier Zonga. He happens to be one of the headliners for the Hennessy Ad campaign, "Flaunt Your Taste" and, more importantly, my future hubby.

I stumbled across his pic unintentionally when I clicked on the ad1 to take closer look at this divine creamy silk dress worn by model Marta Ber-something—her name is unimportant in today's grand scheme of events. Anyway, there Didier was for the 'Manifesto' flash page. I tried to find some more info other than his body stats, (he is 6'2 ⅖" of chocolate-y goodness); but I'm left very disappointed. I mean I found nothing even on Style or the NYmag model rosters. So. I'm on a mission... and that's all I can reveal at the moment. The rest is c.l.a.s.s.i.f.i.e.d. :)

Oh, and that dress is pretty too. Not as alluring as my YSL pre-wedding dress, which I talked about at the bottom of this post and pictured here; but, pretty nonetheless.

Blowing you air kisses.
(Perhaps, I now have a name to put on my wedding registries. *blissful sigh*)

1. I found the ad on T magazine. I managed to read all of nothing after I welcomed the pleasing distraction as you can imagine.


In the words of Kiki de Montparnasse underthings...

Kiki de Montparnasse's prettily sexy underthings are said to inspire "the romantic imagination."
However, the fine print that should address the dangerously torturous desire—intensifying under two minutes to a frenzied obsession, for practically every single piece of the line's lingerie is conspicuously missing.

And if you're like me, sometimes you just want to skip the imagination part and say exactly what's on your mind!!:
(Also at Shopbop).

Pretty pretty kisses.


the brits are taking over: victoria beckham's marc new gyrl + topshop in soho next september + jonathan saunders moves to ny fash week

WWD began the shooting this breeze a few months back. But we should know that WWD is all business; and in fact, photographer Juergen Teller has shot V. Beckham for Marc Jacobs Spring '08 ads. The deluded camaraderie I share with Posh Spice—ignoring (painfully) her questionable skin color and inability to smile, ever!!—stems from the fact that she's 'Posh!!' Seriously, if you can take up a name like that, you're it!! That, and the fact that I love her naturally chic sense of style, and our mutual hubby, David Beckham, oh heavenly gorgeousness!! And the hat (everyone hated, but I secretly coveted) that she wore to (annoying) Tom and Katie's wedding. So Brit haute. This merger between V and Marc confirms three key details:
~ Posh is the epitome of cool!! At least for now. This is just as well because I love her. It's the well-honed bitchiness look.
~ Posh's skin color and, perhaps her hair, may be taking up new colors and patterns in the near future!! I mean you never can tell What Marc Jacobs may decide. LOL.
~ Marckie Marc's (LOL) interest in more refined women confirms his growth and self-assuredness as he explores titillating notions of sex and self-identity in his clothes. And just in Ms. Beckham's honor, here aresome of my fave pics of her:

Yes, that's her entire outfit in that last pic.

And in more Brit intelligence news: Topshop is coming to Soho NY next September; can't wait!! And Jonathan Saunders—whom I adore for his succinctly refined, yet, very much avant-garde collections—is joining the flock of Brit designers who've left LFW and will be showing at NY fashion week.

Joy to the world!!

Pretty kisses.


i'll tell you what i want—what i really, really want

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna...

I'll stop. LOL.
But I certainly want Roberto Cavalli drawing a picture that depicts my lithe 5'1 frame—seriously, doesn't Posh look 5'10??—with my oh so incredibly Barbie-esque curves in a costume he's making especially for me. Okay I'll take three sketches and three outfits if he insists. Hmm... *contented sigh*
No, I'm serious.

He drew that up for the Spice Girls!! I'm not one for unwarranted ridiculing—okay, I lie; but what have these women done lately??!!
I still love them, however.

Kiss. Kiss.

welcome back [+ cathy waterman extra long pearls]

It's great to be back!!
"From where??" you ask. Well, from the absurd desperation of "Black Friday" extended to "Cyber Monday"—seriously??!!—which descends upon us all; yes myself included. So exactly how much shopping did you manage??

For a month prior, I'd psyched myself into believing that I really wanted to experience this great American phenomenon of queuing outside a dept. store (in my case, it was going to be Bestbuy)—in the biting cold, mind you—so I could make some great buys. (Does my subtle sarcasm come across??) I did really want the Sony Bravia XBR; and my little brother had tons of requests from PSPs to Nintendos and things. So you see, while I wasn't really in the spirit for clothes etc., I still wanted be a part of it all. But, of course my enthusiasm flew right out the window when it came time. I just remained indoors.
Faltering: I guess I'd just hoped that if I could psych myself up, I'd make it, perhaps.
In reality, this is the age of the internet: some clever folks—I can't remember who at the moment—posted huge store lists and accompanying sale items. None of my items made the Bestbuy list. Anyway, can you seriously see me groveling for space on a queue??

And so for the most part, sitting on my couch, I shopped for jewelry (for my mother, mostly). I've had this itch for a rope of pearls for forever and I found one on my one of my most precious webbies: Cathy Waterman Extra-Long Pearl Strand Necklace - 91 inches of glamourous pearls. It just so happens to be the priciest one on the website!! I have a knack for these things you know. And when Ms. Waterman decides to water down its price and move the decimal point two places to the left, I'll gladly have it. The sadness is that no other strand has come close to matching that faux-ending clasp of pearl encased in gold and diamond vine!! Precious! precious! vine!! So gorg!!

Cupcake kisses.


"to yourself be true, honey" - Andre J

A simple rearrangement of words from a familiar expression, this saying resonates with me.
I observed him in all his remarkable glory and energy when I attended the panel "Breaking into Fashion" at Runway, NY, a few weeks ago.

In early March, NYMAG lookbook featured an interview piece on him. Today, the NYTIMES has finally caught up with an aptly titled article, "A Cover Girl Who's Simply Himself" heralding an essence of the currently most-talked-about model in fashion circuits!!

Hope you've had a lovely holiday and you donated to CARE.:)

With élan and frosted sugar kisses.


[inspiration: "Baby, It's cold outside"] sandra backlund knits

I just want a huge cup of cocoa and a huge pullover that I can stretch across my knees as I sit in an easy lotus on my couch, writing up a business plan.

Certainly nothing like these alluringly sophisticated knits by Sandra Backlund. Good thing her work speaks for itself because I'm utterly overwhelmed trying to express how captivating these pieces are!! That, and the fact I've so much to do today, I couldn't do as good a job as I would like describing them. And even if I did have the time, I'd still be awed. Lest you think, she works only with yarn; please see her website for her unique materials. (I do hate the "hairy" pieces, I must say!!)

My fave pieces from her previous seasons:

I first saw her knits during the LV Fall 2007 show (pics below), where she collaborated with love-or-hate-him-but-you-must-love-his-blue-hair Marc Jacobs to show a number of pieces. Of course, I couldn't remember her name to save my life and I kept googling 'Backland.' So sad!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
And as we celebrate, we should remember the less fortunate amongst us. During this season of giving thanks, businesswoman, philanthropist and CARE Ambassador Sheila C. Johnson has pledged to double your gift to CARE.

A luxurious, lingering embrace; and kisses.


every title i've come up with is much too unbecoming

I have dedicated myself―for ten whole minutes―to painfully late (on my part) correspondence. I quickly realized the utmost futility of my (albeit) good intentions, and opted instead for some online window-shopping. Needless to say, I came across what―in well-mannered speak―may be described as an intriguing photo, to say the least.
Seriously, my disturbingly active imagination ran with it!! And I haven't been able to stop myself since.
I know what you're thinking, "Where's your (or my) therapist??"

Now re this pic, my imagination is frightfully disturbing!! I'm not certain if the model is doing a good job of selling the belt she's supposedly modeling. She certainly does draw in the on-looker; making you want to a glimpse at what must be so fixating.

Oh, it is a rather lovely belt, don't you think?? It may very well be all in the belt: a pretty belt with extraordinary powers. Perhaps, it should be credited for making one see oneself in a whole new light.

Air kisses (because my brain is still swarming with dirty thoughts and now I can't help feeling like a perv)

P.S. I haven't been to Yuta Powell's yet. Sunday was spent in a self-indulgent lethargy.


a treasure: Yuta Powell

I'll have you know that I rarely care what the WSJ has to say. The not-so-mighty dollar is taking a huge tumble, so grab your Burberry coat and we'll fly to Paris. Actually, I meant "my" Burberry coat; and by "grab" I meant "buy me one."
Or, if you'd prefer—I think I would too—this Leonara Coat by Aquascutum (pictured):
which, really is just g.r.a.n.d!!
1st stop:
Blvd Sebastopol in search of the Hidden Kitchen, to haggle our way into 7-course meal.

Okay, enough of my delusions, we can just sit on my couch and order some thai. And the woman on the other end can pretend she doesn't know I'm getting the same pineapple fried rice (extra spicy) I always get; or my card number for that matter, like the back of her hand.
Wait, can that really happen??!!
Yes, I still want either coat!!
Thank you lots :)

Now, back to the WSJ. I came across the most uplifting article yesterday evening.

Ignore my blatant name-dropping: *wince* I'm really more comfortable with indistinct, but, certainly not unremarkable, well-made clothing and accessories, esp those I can afford. Nevertheless, like every fashion-lover, I adore luxurious pieces and will go with the classics almost always; although, perhaps never how the designer might have intended. Haha!! Of course, there are tons of people out there just like me (or so I like to think.) Never mind that I'm finding a advocate in Yuta Powell—a woman almost thrice my age perhaps; I'm very much an it-gyrl or in-the-know young woman. (Again, so I like to think.) The thing is, I'm wont to eschew 'logo-fied' *arghhh* or popularly heralded pieces, so-called "it-"items. I mean why would anyone want to be a walking billboard or have an "it-bag" just like a million other women?? I fall in love with pieces (esp. clothing) many times for the simple fact that I can envision—usually, immediately I notice it—how exactly I might wear it, and my tailor—love him—will alter it to suit me. I'm going to try to make an appt. with Yuka Powell on Sunday. I won't be buying her thousand-dollar items. Hahaha. LOL!! But perhaps, I can get to talk with her.

Secret Kisses.


kiss me keisha. perhaps, i should say forest?? oh now, i'm confused.

Yesterday, Keisha Whitaker, wife of Forest Whitaker (also known as my ideal man: I mean isn't he just so reserved?? Debonair really!!) along with acclaimed celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson launched a line of lippies called Kissable Couture, in West Hollywood. (The line debuted in New York last week.) The charming collection is appropriately named the "First Kiss Collection." Each lip stain is said to provide the "ultimate high gloss factor that is stand-alone satisfying." The romantic and subtly sexy philosophy behind the collection, "a sexy sheen" that provides "an endearing feeling of everlasting love" was enough to make me purchase two tubes on the website's e-store: Dylan/Pink Perfection and Forest/Crimson Tide. That, and the fact that I just love Keisha (like I know her, huh??!!) Her knack for effortless chic—which, of course is my panache, if I do say so myself—and poised reserve like her hubby is just so charming!!

Intriguingly, the First Kiss Collection is just that: a collection celebrating a woman's first kiss. Each of the seven colors in the collection is named after a man (one named for Keisha's hubby, Forest.) And each one, of course, has a unique personality. Thrilling!! What's more, the pigments look so rich and luxurious, they seem almost good enough to eat, really. If that doesn't make you want to buy one tube, the warm feeling you get from listening to Dinah Washington's "what a difference a day makes" on the website will certainly do the trick. Like I said I'll be trying out two new colors soon!! I'll let you know what I think.

Sending you beautiful kisses.
Perhaps I'll be your first kiss of the day. *wink*


can i hav' a cavalli?? (italian accent)

I luurve Cavalli: this'll give you an idea of how intense it could get.

But, I really can't wait in lines. I've tried to for a few fashion events; but, I'm certainly so over it!! Well, except it were a Chanel Sample Sale. But, then again, that's a formidable covert operation; an endeavor akin to the search for Big Foot or the skinny bearded head honcho of Al-Qaeda!!

And so, what I'm trying to say is I didn't even bother to include the launch of Roberto Cavalli's line at H&M today on my radar. I mean I expected nothing less than fashion fracas at H&M stores, esp. in NY. The FWD has an aptly titled "catfights and Cavalli" post ('cat'fights = his signature leopard prints, get it??) Ms. Claire at the fashionbomb did get a good close-up of the rockstar designer himself, and now I'm so jealous!!

I do have conflicts with the concept of "lower-priced" "designer" pieces for the masses; I guess it's the more viable financial drive overtaking the love of creativity and specialty in the fashion industry. (I just feel you should do the best you can at all times *eyes closed* without really thinking price; uncharacteristic naiveté, I know.) Of course, this is not to say that I won't buy the pieces if I love 'em!! I luurve cheap stuff too!! If only, we could all decide to make stingray and cashmere cheap!!
Pic: Roberto Cavalli Resort 2008

Indulgent Kisses!!!!


Sales!! Sales!!

I love sales!!
It's smart shopping especially when you do consider just how much stuff one (ahem!!) buys.
Just in case you don't get the emails flooding your inbox, it's the fall sale at two of our fave dept stores!!
And appropriately for beauty:

Grosses bises!!


kissing up: (a gyrl's unintended enamour of the rose bar, gramercy park hotel)

I just know how to pick 'em!!
Mid last year, I discovered Ian Schrager's love affair with the Gramercy Park, and the GPH's become one of my fave stops in the city. Natch, I had no idea the esteemed hotelier (and management) was in a bid to enter that echelon of luxury hotels, in other words "adopt" luxury hotel prices (he succeeded this past August??)!! Madness!! [I still adore the place, so please feel free to start a fund that supports my continued stay there as often as I'd like. *muah*] But, this is slightly besides the point.

At this same time, the new Rose Bar (in the hotel) was hardly on the scene; Bungalow 8 et al supposedly1 hosting the hottest soirees in the city then. But of course, now, the Rose Bar is all the rage!! In my case, my love for the saloon stems not just from a deep appreciation of Schrager's design of the space; it's akin to a selfish intimacy that comes from finding a space I loved before it shot up as the it-spot!! I simply stumbled upon it, unbeknownst to the frenzy that was threatening to erupt; and now, I just want it for myself, on occasion. You'd have to be extremely lucky—and by that I mean ephemeral, or more to the point (and sorry to dash your hopes) possess powers to turn yourself invisible—to get past Damion Luayie if you are not on his list!! Please take a look at that methodically classified excel sheet in his hand. Umm... yeah... And, here my entreaty (kissing up) begins (also having invoked the patron saint of supplication...)

Dear Damion,
To state the obvious, you must be the most devastatingly handsome specie of masculinity I've laid eyes on recently (this part's all true!! Okay, mostly true. You're "one of the most"... but, at the moment, you're all the matters!!) Not to mention, most gorg doorman in all of history!! I completely admire your meticulous approach to doing your job (I mean that excel sheet is telling!!); but, wouldn't you consider giving the little people consent to mingle in your well-guarded establishment?? I'm appealing to your gracious heart, the softness I see in your eyes. And might I add, that suit—bespoke, I'm sure—is simply smart!! (No lie, here either.) Go ahead and make it easy on us, will you sweets?? And you know, if you let me in, I'd always come chat with you for the two seconds you'd be taking a break; just so you're not lonely. *puppy eyes*
Love from your friend,

Customarily, if you do book a room at the hotel, you and a guest are welcome to the bar. But, what happens if you have two, or ten guests?? See how that could easily be a problem?? And of course, case in point, while I made the grand attempt to be sweet and attend some halloween thing somewhere I don't remember, I left the GPH and guess where the party of the evening was?? Yes, that's right, at the Rose Bar. Not that I would've gotten in, but you know...

Big kisses (Damion) on the lips, if you'd like. *wink*

1. I know nothing of these so-called hottest parties, so I can't be more accurate. Now if I and two friends were invited, I would be better able to confirm.... Hahahaha


my fave queen does sequins!!

Seriously, I should be clobbered for this glaring omission, but, that's not going to happen. *huge grin* I'm not completely certain how I neglected to include these sequined beauties by Alexander McQueen in my previous post, but here they are!!

Let's make an entrance, shall we?!!

I'd already pictured the top pair of shoes previously. This past weekend, I stopped by the McQueen store in NY and asked about them. Naturally, the salesperson, an annoying, ersatz queen, attempted to give me some attitude!! I chuck it up to the fact that he's jealous he'll never be able to wear the beauties in his life time; not even if he adorned drag and partied at Studio 54!! There's a waiting list and they're not even available in store. So I called the store in London... Haha!!! I'm beyond help!! I'll probably not get them, but never say never. I'm thinking about reworking the exchange rate to my benefit—skip the ever-falling dollar and parlay some naira into pounds or euros!! Ahh... the things I come up with. And isn't the pump to die for?? I even find myself going back on my notion that I could never do a sequined purse.

Perhaps, in a former lifetime, I was Hindu and reincarnated as a magpie. How else can I explain my attraction to ridiculously shiny objects??!!

Glamourous kisses.


I'm an uptown gyrl??!!

In reality, this title evokes a miscellany of progressive rebelliousness at the sad attempt to confine myself to this none-the-less intrinsic construct of society (ahhh.. sooo downtown, no??)—the even more laughable irony: uptown-ness is oh-so noticeable!! I couldn't even begin to unravel the conflicting mysteries of my lifestyle: A devout admirer of Mlle Coco—and yet, she was such a revolutionary (that equals downtown attitude!!)—and, equally a lover of almost every piece designed under the revered name "Chanel" (soooo uptown baby, uptown baby!! Yay!! Lord Tariq!!); how do I define this?? Oh, make that a lover from afar, I still can't afford $10000 Chanel jackets!! Haha!! And naturally, I prefer to wear shirts/tops as short dresses just barely covering my booty because I can and it's so so sexy, borderline raunchy; a string or two of pearls accompanying my risqué outfit, perhaps. Again, how do I classify this??!! Fashionably h**chie?? *shaking my head in fits of giggles* Perhaps, it's the notion I think, that I've never fit in any one category. Never will.
I'm enthusiastically black (and Nigerian) and I love many Nigerian/African prints; but, how I detest the word "urban?!" describing anything.
Seriously, what does it even mean??!!
*Again, conflicting.*

But call me an uptown gyrl because I sure-as-Prince-William-is-my-future-hubby love YSL's Uptown Bag!!! Naturally, a weekend in Manhattan includes a stopover at BG, where I had my (second) ten-fifteen minute coveting pass to the black patent YSL bag. Barely grazing the bucket portion of the bag—we don't want any fingerprints on it—I exchange a loving, pleading look with my bag. Politely, I tell the sales lady a few seconds into her sales pitch, that I've been here before and I'd just like to admire the bag. She retreats, nodding a mute understanding or exasperation. It's hard to tell the expression on her botoxed face.
And, I almost care.
I'm simply taking my time with this beautiful bag. I admire both myself and the bag (ahh vanity!!) in the mirrors of the adjacent less crowded (sunglass displays) enclave leading to elevators that no one ever seems to use. Enjoyable me-time. *smile* Perhaps a miracle will happen... Someone will see how good the bag looks on my arm and decide to buy it for me; or in my usual (but sadly, distorted) reverie, the decimal point in the price tag is moved one over to the left and the price is really 3 digits rather than 4!! *cue: Hallelujah chorus*
Neither scenario takes form.
Finally, I put the bag ever so delicately back on its hanger.
I can't afford it. Especially now. It's Christmas season, time to shop for family and friends; not myself.
[Lord hear my prayer.
And Santa come in the form of my yet-to-be lover bearing my YSL BAG!! It's available at Saks, and the croc version (I don't want that) are at Neiman's and Bergdorf's.]

And speaking of, I've fallen into one of my seemingly-drug-induced love affairs with LV Spring '08 bags. The French must be absolutely stuck on Marc Jacob's derrière—especially after the atrocious limited edition mistake he put out this past summer (forgive my crass portrait). They let him to take uptown-y LV bags downtown to be spray-painted, graffitied and generally deconstructed, resulting in a collection that I simply can't wait to see up close!! For the first time, I'm not totally against any piece of arm candy that has LV stamped or sewn all over it. I mean aren't the monogram (canvas and multicolored) collections the most numerous and ill-replicated motifs out there?? Eeeck!!
How could I just not love these??

Double air kisses, *fluttering crystal-encrusted eye-lashes*