welcome back [+ cathy waterman extra long pearls]

It's great to be back!!
"From where??" you ask. Well, from the absurd desperation of "Black Friday" extended to "Cyber Monday"—seriously??!!—which descends upon us all; yes myself included. So exactly how much shopping did you manage??

For a month prior, I'd psyched myself into believing that I really wanted to experience this great American phenomenon of queuing outside a dept. store (in my case, it was going to be Bestbuy)—in the biting cold, mind you—so I could make some great buys. (Does my subtle sarcasm come across??) I did really want the Sony Bravia XBR; and my little brother had tons of requests from PSPs to Nintendos and things. So you see, while I wasn't really in the spirit for clothes etc., I still wanted be a part of it all. But, of course my enthusiasm flew right out the window when it came time. I just remained indoors.
Faltering: I guess I'd just hoped that if I could psych myself up, I'd make it, perhaps.
In reality, this is the age of the internet: some clever folks—I can't remember who at the moment—posted huge store lists and accompanying sale items. None of my items made the Bestbuy list. Anyway, can you seriously see me groveling for space on a queue??

And so for the most part, sitting on my couch, I shopped for jewelry (for my mother, mostly). I've had this itch for a rope of pearls for forever and I found one on my one of my most precious webbies: Cathy Waterman Extra-Long Pearl Strand Necklace - 91 inches of glamourous pearls. It just so happens to be the priciest one on the website!! I have a knack for these things you know. And when Ms. Waterman decides to water down its price and move the decimal point two places to the left, I'll gladly have it. The sadness is that no other strand has come close to matching that faux-ending clasp of pearl encased in gold and diamond vine!! Precious! precious! vine!! So gorg!!

Cupcake kisses.