a treasure: Yuta Powell

I'll have you know that I rarely care what the WSJ has to say. The not-so-mighty dollar is taking a huge tumble, so grab your Burberry coat and we'll fly to Paris. Actually, I meant "my" Burberry coat; and by "grab" I meant "buy me one."
Or, if you'd prefer—I think I would too—this Leonara Coat by Aquascutum (pictured):
which, really is just g.r.a.n.d!!
1st stop:
Blvd Sebastopol in search of the Hidden Kitchen, to haggle our way into 7-course meal.

Okay, enough of my delusions, we can just sit on my couch and order some thai. And the woman on the other end can pretend she doesn't know I'm getting the same pineapple fried rice (extra spicy) I always get; or my card number for that matter, like the back of her hand.
Wait, can that really happen??!!
Yes, I still want either coat!!
Thank you lots :)

Now, back to the WSJ. I came across the most uplifting article yesterday evening.

Ignore my blatant name-dropping: *wince* I'm really more comfortable with indistinct, but, certainly not unremarkable, well-made clothing and accessories, esp those I can afford. Nevertheless, like every fashion-lover, I adore luxurious pieces and will go with the classics almost always; although, perhaps never how the designer might have intended. Haha!! Of course, there are tons of people out there just like me (or so I like to think.) Never mind that I'm finding a advocate in Yuta Powell—a woman almost thrice my age perhaps; I'm very much an it-gyrl or in-the-know young woman. (Again, so I like to think.) The thing is, I'm wont to eschew 'logo-fied' *arghhh* or popularly heralded pieces, so-called "it-"items. I mean why would anyone want to be a walking billboard or have an "it-bag" just like a million other women?? I fall in love with pieces (esp. clothing) many times for the simple fact that I can envision—usually, immediately I notice it—how exactly I might wear it, and my tailor—love him—will alter it to suit me. I'm going to try to make an appt. with Yuka Powell on Sunday. I won't be buying her thousand-dollar items. Hahaha. LOL!! But perhaps, I can get to talk with her.

Secret Kisses.


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Yea you are living that diva lifestyle. I love it.

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