kissing up: (a gyrl's unintended enamour of the rose bar, gramercy park hotel)

I just know how to pick 'em!!
Mid last year, I discovered Ian Schrager's love affair with the Gramercy Park, and the GPH's become one of my fave stops in the city. Natch, I had no idea the esteemed hotelier (and management) was in a bid to enter that echelon of luxury hotels, in other words "adopt" luxury hotel prices (he succeeded this past August??)!! Madness!! [I still adore the place, so please feel free to start a fund that supports my continued stay there as often as I'd like. *muah*] But, this is slightly besides the point.

At this same time, the new Rose Bar (in the hotel) was hardly on the scene; Bungalow 8 et al supposedly1 hosting the hottest soirees in the city then. But of course, now, the Rose Bar is all the rage!! In my case, my love for the saloon stems not just from a deep appreciation of Schrager's design of the space; it's akin to a selfish intimacy that comes from finding a space I loved before it shot up as the it-spot!! I simply stumbled upon it, unbeknownst to the frenzy that was threatening to erupt; and now, I just want it for myself, on occasion. You'd have to be extremely lucky—and by that I mean ephemeral, or more to the point (and sorry to dash your hopes) possess powers to turn yourself invisible—to get past Damion Luayie if you are not on his list!! Please take a look at that methodically classified excel sheet in his hand. Umm... yeah... And, here my entreaty (kissing up) begins (also having invoked the patron saint of supplication...)

Dear Damion,
To state the obvious, you must be the most devastatingly handsome specie of masculinity I've laid eyes on recently (this part's all true!! Okay, mostly true. You're "one of the most"... but, at the moment, you're all the matters!!) Not to mention, most gorg doorman in all of history!! I completely admire your meticulous approach to doing your job (I mean that excel sheet is telling!!); but, wouldn't you consider giving the little people consent to mingle in your well-guarded establishment?? I'm appealing to your gracious heart, the softness I see in your eyes. And might I add, that suit—bespoke, I'm sure—is simply smart!! (No lie, here either.) Go ahead and make it easy on us, will you sweets?? And you know, if you let me in, I'd always come chat with you for the two seconds you'd be taking a break; just so you're not lonely. *puppy eyes*
Love from your friend,

Customarily, if you do book a room at the hotel, you and a guest are welcome to the bar. But, what happens if you have two, or ten guests?? See how that could easily be a problem?? And of course, case in point, while I made the grand attempt to be sweet and attend some halloween thing somewhere I don't remember, I left the GPH and guess where the party of the evening was?? Yes, that's right, at the Rose Bar. Not that I would've gotten in, but you know...

Big kisses (Damion) on the lips, if you'd like. *wink*

1. I know nothing of these so-called hottest parties, so I can't be more accurate. Now if I and two friends were invited, I would be better able to confirm.... Hahahaha


mia said...

LMAO!!! Girl you are too much which is why I love you!