[inspiration: "Baby, It's cold outside"] sandra backlund knits

I just want a huge cup of cocoa and a huge pullover that I can stretch across my knees as I sit in an easy lotus on my couch, writing up a business plan.

Certainly nothing like these alluringly sophisticated knits by Sandra Backlund. Good thing her work speaks for itself because I'm utterly overwhelmed trying to express how captivating these pieces are!! That, and the fact I've so much to do today, I couldn't do as good a job as I would like describing them. And even if I did have the time, I'd still be awed. Lest you think, she works only with yarn; please see her website for her unique materials. (I do hate the "hairy" pieces, I must say!!)

My fave pieces from her previous seasons:

I first saw her knits during the LV Fall 2007 show (pics below), where she collaborated with love-or-hate-him-but-you-must-love-his-blue-hair Marc Jacobs to show a number of pieces. Of course, I couldn't remember her name to save my life and I kept googling 'Backland.' So sad!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
And as we celebrate, we should remember the less fortunate amongst us. During this season of giving thanks, businesswoman, philanthropist and CARE Ambassador Sheila C. Johnson has pledged to double your gift to CARE.

A luxurious, lingering embrace; and kisses.


Anonymous said...

dear ms. chic...fabulous

i ♥♥♥♥♥♥ your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

besos with calorie free sugar on top.

Jillian said...

absolutely lovely...i adore knitting in fashion.