every title i've come up with is much too unbecoming

I have dedicated myself―for ten whole minutes―to painfully late (on my part) correspondence. I quickly realized the utmost futility of my (albeit) good intentions, and opted instead for some online window-shopping. Needless to say, I came across what―in well-mannered speak―may be described as an intriguing photo, to say the least.
Seriously, my disturbingly active imagination ran with it!! And I haven't been able to stop myself since.
I know what you're thinking, "Where's your (or my) therapist??"

Now re this pic, my imagination is frightfully disturbing!! I'm not certain if the model is doing a good job of selling the belt she's supposedly modeling. She certainly does draw in the on-looker; making you want to a glimpse at what must be so fixating.

Oh, it is a rather lovely belt, don't you think?? It may very well be all in the belt: a pretty belt with extraordinary powers. Perhaps, it should be credited for making one see oneself in a whole new light.

Air kisses (because my brain is still swarming with dirty thoughts and now I can't help feeling like a perv)

P.S. I haven't been to Yuta Powell's yet. Sunday was spent in a self-indulgent lethargy.


Shopalicious! said...

My guess is, she's admiring her shoes...

sandrine said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!! This is too much

Anonymous said...

I'm really am imagining her cho-cha. Too bad, I'll be signing off as anon, I don't want you ladies thinking I'm some awful perv like chic. J/k.

DAVID said...

I like your blog=)Stumbled on it on Facebook... *Yay for Facebook!*

Meanwhile I abs detest her outfit. That top, I believe, does not need any prisoner-looking belt to go with it. It just reminds me of this passing year's tragic ''Abuse of the Abortion Belt''. Those belts do NOT go on everything! The sooner people realize, the better. =)

And umm, I think I understand where you're going with her facial expression? I just hope your hypothesis is correct (about her looking at something extraordinary below the belt) and not that harness of a thing! (Sorry, I just can't get over the fashion faux pas)!


PS: Please could you make your comment window not a pop-up? Life's just easier that way. ;-)