can i hav' a cavalli?? (italian accent)

I luurve Cavalli: this'll give you an idea of how intense it could get.

But, I really can't wait in lines. I've tried to for a few fashion events; but, I'm certainly so over it!! Well, except it were a Chanel Sample Sale. But, then again, that's a formidable covert operation; an endeavor akin to the search for Big Foot or the skinny bearded head honcho of Al-Qaeda!!

And so, what I'm trying to say is I didn't even bother to include the launch of Roberto Cavalli's line at H&M today on my radar. I mean I expected nothing less than fashion fracas at H&M stores, esp. in NY. The FWD has an aptly titled "catfights and Cavalli" post ('cat'fights = his signature leopard prints, get it??) Ms. Claire at the fashionbomb did get a good close-up of the rockstar designer himself, and now I'm so jealous!!

I do have conflicts with the concept of "lower-priced" "designer" pieces for the masses; I guess it's the more viable financial drive overtaking the love of creativity and specialty in the fashion industry. (I just feel you should do the best you can at all times *eyes closed* without really thinking price; uncharacteristic naiveté, I know.) Of course, this is not to say that I won't buy the pieces if I love 'em!! I luurve cheap stuff too!! If only, we could all decide to make stingray and cashmere cheap!!
Pic: Roberto Cavalli Resort 2008

Indulgent Kisses!!!!