Hats off to Eric Javits!!

L: Lana Hat, $315.00; R: Luigi Floppy Hat, $290.00 at Neiman's.
Indulging my love for hats, I applaud Eric Javitz whose signature Squishee† material, similar to straw, is intricately sculpted into yummy-colored hats and bags!! Every year, his pieces are super-chic cruise/spring/summer essentials!! And natch, I just happen to be chic, so I hope to be sporting some of his hats. Someone please have a spring/summer wedding so I can really have an apt occasion to wear them. Or maybe I could go on a yacht, I'll definitely need a hat then!! Haha

Sugar-splenda kisses.

The Chic Hatter

I love hats. With spring in the air, I'm talking broad-brimmed, considerably ornate and colorful straw/linen hats; but, everyone is pointing me in the direction of the Kentucky Derby (in May)!! Haha. I happened to try some on this past weekend at Saks NY, and each time the Derby came up, even though I'd gone in with two different friends on two different days!! Am I the only one who is mad for these chic hats??!!!

Pretty!! Pretty!!
From hats.com - Top left: $97.99, Top right: $108.99
From hatsinthebelfry.com - Bottom left: $400.00, Bottom right: $400.00 (That's a bit much for some hats; but funnily, these are found in the "Kentucky Derby" section.)


Bijoux!! Bijoux!!: Stephen Dweck necklaces

I went through a period of intense fondness of chandelier earrings, perhaps three summers ago. They were trendy!! (sigh) I just couldn't get enough of huge, dangling, mini-fanlike jewelry that almost grazed my shoulder blades. And, if they came with gemstones, all the better!! I began a love affair with Miguel Ases' earrings even before his line became available at Neiman's and everywhere else - I found his jewelry at Fragments.com - he'd make beautiful earrings and I'd buy them. It was such a beautiful relationship. I am still in love with most of my pretty earrings; although I don't wear them often. I'm really just a (teeny-tiny) studs kinda gyrl.

Now, I'm all about making a statement with necklaces!! Somewhat fussy - a chic balance is crucial!! - these bright, bold baubles are in of themselves magnificent pieces of art. I'd sooner be adorning them with nothing else!! Yes, I mean going nude. Hahaha. Okay, seriously, I'm not advocating abandoning clothes and all possible facade of sanity. Umm. No way!! It's just that these eye-catching necklaces, especially courtesy Stephen Dweck, make a lavishly adequate statement all on their own. I have taken a huge tumble and fallen head over heels with Dweck's necklaces.

Top left: Four-Strand Necklace (Shanghai collection), $1560.00, Neiman Marcus; Top right: Graduated Turquoise Necklace (Vera Cruz collection), $1965.00, Neiman Marcus; Bottom: Multi-Strand Malachite Necklace (Shanghai collection), $945.00, Saks.
I remember the first piece of the designer's jewelry that I admired: a pair of small floral mother-of-pearl stud earrings with silver centers. It was around the same time I was eagerly searching for unique chandelier pieces. The following fall season, I also found the earrings available in Tahitian pearls. It was classic and elegant; there were matching necklaces as well. Stephen Dweck creates unique pieces of jewelry from many different natural stones and minerals from all around the world, fusing his love for sculpture and jewelry. He also creates "One of a Kind" (OAK) jewelry pieces, which are made from his substantial gallery of collected stones and are never duplicated. They are simply brilliant showpieces.
I love love the necklaces from Vera Cruz and Amalfi collections this season, okay I love his collections every season, to be honest.

I found out that his pieces will be shown:
~Tue May 8th, Neiman's, Boston, MA.
~Fri Apr 13th, Neimans Westchester, White Plains, NY.

p.s. I started writing this last week; but... ahhh, my birthday wkend; 'twas absolutely divine, thanks to my most wonderful friends and NY, NY!!


Springtime: The Classic White shirt

[It's five in the morning, I should be asleep!!]

The requisite social hysteria that accompanies prominent Fall fashion weeks has subsided; somewhat. Trendy socialites - someone pls tell me what this word means and why I'm even using it - may take respite from their ferocious bids for camera-time for all of about two point three seconds; and superskinny, puerile models may treat themselves to a carrot stick (psych!!) and snort a gram less in the meantime. Thereupon, mere mortals, like myself, anticipate - helplessly - what pieces, original and/or reshaped, will end up in stores; that is, after fashion editors and store buyers get their butts and toes kissed, natch, by the designers!! Oh what compromises!! The great fashion industry we live for!!
I'm contented to wait.
Good thing too!! Spring is here. I don't care whether it rained and snowed two days ago!! That was just an anomaly and - in my head - it's going to be beautiful weather from now!! It has to be. My birthday is on Friday!! My huge barely-contained-on-my-face smile quickly amends itself as I remember I have no birthday outfits for the entire weekend!!
No worries. Yet.
In my mind's blossoming spring, I do mini-pirouettes down a street. I've shed at least three layers of clothing and putting one leg in front of the other is oh-so simple. Life is grand. I need a quick spring fix and I know just the thing: a white shirt. An easy, classic luxury. Before I start my enchanting fling with colors, a white shirt will do just beautifully. Even when I can't seem to stop admiring chiffon prints and patterns, the white shirt will remain my ideal faithful. It really suits any and every occasion, day and night. It's so understated, it's glamourous. I did a bit of shopping around and found some great pieces. This (pic from March's Vogue, I finally got a chance to glance at the pics, I haven't read it yet, sad) is my fave updated look of the classic white shirt!! So weird, but I promise I came up with a similar ensemble (black top, though) before seeing this look!! Tousled Haute!! I can't believe my genius!! I know, right!! Neither can you!! It's slightly difficult to pull off, but I think I did well.

You know, posting pictures really is sooo blah!!! And, I'm really tired. I think I need someone to ummm.... do them for me whenever I finish writing. It's just so tedious!! And I feel bad, like I'm letting you, my lovely multitude of one or two of readers, down when I don't put up as many pics as I'd like, just to show you what I'm thinking!! *Tear-drops* I'll get used to it soon, I promise.

Tons of sugar kisses to make up.

p.s. I wonder if Ms. Wintour's people have come up with another word for b.l.o.g.


Two Airbus 380 Navigators in US today!!

...I'm such a dork.
This has nothing to do with fashion, per se; but two airbus 380's land in the US - NY and LA, today!! Exciting!! This aircraft is actually referred to as "the Beluga." Actually, it has much to do with fashion, the shopping facilities in one of these things is monstrous!! Imagine how much more I'd be able to purchase on the airplane - all DUTY-FREE!!
Now, I really better start planning a trip for Dubai!!!

Dolce & Gabbana Ad again: Fantasy Rape...

Lack of sleep for no obvious reason prevents me from thinking straight and I'm really awful at updating my thoughts. They pop in my head and then, poof!! They're gone!! During the day, yesterday, I meant to write about the sad ad campaign idea my lovely Italian boys came up with, but I forgot. Well, 'it' can't really be called an idea since it actually materialized.
Anyway, when I looked up the man-with-tennis-ball-in-his-briefs ad on the DG website, I couldn't find the controversial 'fantasy rape' ad. Dolce and Gabbana had taken it off. Good job guys. I'm not even going to ask, because I know there's no such thing as fantasy rape!!!! MSNBC has the story and the ad. As penance, the designers should hop on each other's necks, in turns - like they made their male models pose inanother of their ads?? What are they smoking??!!!! - and walk the grounds of their villa!!! It'd serve them right for making those boys look soooo beyond ridiculous.
On second thought, I think, however, the duo would rather enjoy the burlesque exercise, missing the obvious ridic-ness of it all!!

p.s. Sorry pics of men bolstering each other on their necks will not be shown on this post.
Visit the DG website.

Air kisses.
(I am slightly put off by this whole thing, to say the least.)


Dolce & Gabbana Ad...

Am I the only one who ponders this ad?? I mean, specifically, the iffy magnitude of the man's package?? It looks like there's a tennis ball is in his briefs.
Every mag has this particular DG ad and I just can't help wondering.


Ms. Anna Wintour: errm, I don't use that word... *scowl*

Haha. I did burst into laughter when I read this, but I can't help but agree!!
Snooty, much??!! Whatever!!
I detest the word b.l.o.g.!! I don't use it if I can help it and certainly, not in reference to my (errm) writings!! Haha.
Guess who else hates it too... story here: Anna Wintour hates the word blog.
I guess we have something in common after all. Ok yeah, that, and the fact that we're b*tches.



Lanvin debuts in the U.S

...guess a few French have decidedly overlooked their teeny dislike of Americans.
Lanvin is the oldest and one of the most prestigious couture houses in France. Founded in 1889 by its eponym Jeanne Lanvin, the couture house is an essence of the Parisian industry of fashion luxury, elegance and refinement. Since recently reverting to its independent standing, fashion enthusiasts worldwide clamour to obtain Lanvin pieces. I don't know why, but the leather material on their handbags, and ballet flats, especially, is as soft as a baby's bottom!! Open the pages of any U.S. Vogue or Hearst magazines, and you're sure to find praise and acclaim for Lanvin flats; and natch, you'd be able to find the brand at Barneys!! I remember calling up my ex-roomie this past Jan. when I was having a mini-crisis at the shoe dept: wondering whether to pick up a pair of floral lace-covered wedge shoes on sale by Alaïa (another French couture house with no premier base in the U.S). Yes I did pick them up!! I'll show you, I love them but I've'nt worn them yet.
Anyway, we walked over to the handbags section and we just couldn't stop touching the Lanvin bags... so, so soft and lush!! I loved the bag pictured above!! I truly am drawn to shiny objects, aren't I?? Well, yesterday, the company opened its first office in the U.S. (142 Greene St., NY.) Albar Elbaz’s Lanvin fall 2007 show pieces will be the first collection in the new showroom.

Check out the calendar for Fall 2007 trunk shows and beauty events on the Barneys website.

My shoes: I found the only picture at Gregory's Shoes online. Picture 'em with a pair of super skinny cropped black pants (love the Audrey ones they had at the Gap) or jeans.

Airport-ready Chic...

...or just a made-up reason to love these, and those below.

Dolce & Gabbana Patent Convertible Bag and Leather Pumps that just scream chic!! The Bag: Black patent leather with clear PVC, gold-tone hardware. Love it beyond words!! (Maybe I'm just really drawn to shiny objects.) Top handles with buckled sides and the entire thing is foldable. Did I mention airport-ready chic to the max?? And just check out the heels on these pumps, zoom in. At the moment, I think these are available just at Neiman's (online store).

Speaking of heels, you wouldn't want to mess with a chic in these Dior Extreme Pumps!! Pictured as well, is the Jeanne Bag, the new It-Bag from Dior!! Look for dark browns, deep indigos; for fall. Available at Eluxury.


Finally, Paris & Milan Fall 2007.

Fall fashion is oh-so chic; and the most revered connoisseurs of the industry put forth their creations amidst great stir in Paris and Milan!! I couldn't possibly tell you how thrilling, yet tasking, it's been going through the looks and try to pick faves. It's hard to bypass the settings of each show, which, in itself is a prelude to each fashion story - a fairy tale, a documentary etc; skirt around accessories that tie each ensemble together, and let's not even talk about makeup... A painfully bitter sweet ordeal, really!! I'm so drained. For some reason, I'm thinking sex... hmm... Anyway, truly, just so you can look at my prettiest pics - which I've linked as an album (tedious), I've made this sad excuse for a post on fall fashion!!

I'm not really a trendy gyrl. I prefer classic pretty and chic interjected with renovated enhancements and silhouettes. So when I affirm certain fashion ideas, I'm merely expressing what I think is chic and/or what I might wear. :)
So, here ~
Still Chic:
belts - varying widths, show off that waist, oooh!!
tights/leggings/skinnypants - haute pieces come in even more lush textiles (think, even quilted fabrics, like a puffer coat!!) with tremendous shine
flounce/balloon skirts!!
bell/exaggerated sleeves - I am still iffy on these, they're kinda pretty. I walked in Intermix (Boston) about two weeks ago and clearly Christopher Deane and Geren Ford have embraced this pattern whole-heartedly!!

New Chic:
color! color! color! - vivdly rich, gem hues; pops of color on accessories with grey/black garbs
chic, decadent embellishments as accessories or part of ensemble;
sequins, shine and sparkle - illuminate those gem hues even more!!
quilted fabrics for every piece of your ensemble
well proportioned fitting & shapely emphasis (belts are not going anywhere anytime soon!! yay!!)
head wraps, bows - love, love it!!;
gloves - I thought of wearing some lace ones for my birthday dinner, but i don't even have any birthday dresses to decide on yet. Haha.

Makeup: barely there natural look, which I love lots; some red lips...

Haute Mentions:
Emporio Armani: chicest ever!! My fave collection.
Stella McCartney: refined renaissance in lush fabrics.
Blugirl: for the smart, whimsical woman. I love the color and hats!!
Giorgio Armani: luxe RTW
John Galliano: fantasy never looked to pretty!!
Christian Dior: Total Couture
Dolce & Gabbana: eye-catching fabrics, corset belts!! You'll see I couldn't help myself in my album.
Just Cavalli: Beautiful avant garde fashion
Celine: retro-chic + trendsetting

Paris & Milan Fall 2007

Love you and love fashion!!

p.s. Fashion Calendar:
6:00PM—8:00PM—Benefit Brow Bar Party, Bloomingdale's, 59th St., NY, A special night of cocktails and complimentary brow shaping. Sponsored by Bacardi and Hampton Popcorn. Limited Space. >21 to attend.


A bit of news...

Beauty and skin care expert, Ms. Bobbi Brown, celebrated the launch of her new book Living Beauty at friend (and designer) Tory Burch's home last night. Just in time for her 50th birthday, she has written the book redefining beauty for women over 40. I don't need the book, but hey, it'd make a lovely gift for an older friend, or mommy, perhaps. If Bobbi Brown really looks as beautiful as she does on the cover, maybe I should just read ahead...

Spring is the air!! Until it starts pouring rain - and snowing - tomorrow. Eeek. Anyway, chicly speaking, 'tis the season for rosé!! I just happen to be chic and love rosé - a divine accompaniment to any fare, or on its own - so guess what's in my refrigerator!! As if the LVMH clientele needs more reason to spend lavishly, the luxe brand conglomerate has partnered with interior designer, Karim Rashid to create the Veuve Clicquot Loveseat, now available in NY. The intimate seating, in its lovely powder pink color, comes with a detachable ice bucket in the classic Clicquot yellow!! I certainly don't need or have ten grand for a loveseat; but it's...chic and oh-so decadent!!


p.s. Fashion Calendar:
3/14 - 3/18 The Rachel Roy sample sale (up to 75% off) begins today. 25 W 39th St., at Fifth Ave., 14th floor.
Pink Wall Street: Thomas Pink opens a boutique in NY's Financial District; its custom shirt service, Personally Pink, will be available in an apportioned mezzanine section!!


YSL Lip Twins: Double Chic!!

Well. Well. Well.
I am utterly in love with the YSL Lip Twins (lip duo: satin/shine). I'd heard about the recovering house of style launching a new line of lip colors in January but I completely forgot until now. Their foundation and much of their color (blush and gloss) has just never really worked with my skin color, but I've decided to change that. I think they've decided to accommodate me too: look at this blush, the spice and/or blackcurrant (new!!) should look good on my brown skin. Yes??
Even more exciting, look at the Variation Blush - the range of colors is yummy and we should all be able to find one to match our various shades. The formula of matte and iridescent textures gives a satin veil of color and is reported to contain self-adapting pigments that produce just the right shade of cheek color in the presence of light. Oh my!! I think the Cinnamon/Rose or Ash Pink would accent my cheekbones fabulously.
And unto the pièce de résistance, the Lip Twins - with which I have fallen in love for purely superficial reasons. There's something alluring about whipping out an elegant lip color or compact from a teeny evening purse for a quick touch up - that is, if you're forced to, in public. Haha. We all know make up should never be applied as if for an audience!! Anyway, whether or not you're forced to, I'm thinking you'll want to be seen in public with a tube of YSL Lip Twins in it's couture jewel-like tube. It's really just a sexy piece of accessory, if ever an item of makeup was one. I love it!! And again, the range of colors is heart-fluttering. YSL is trying to cater to us all. I am definitely going to find three shades that suit me!! (Pink-Beige, Plum Harmony, Pink Harmony, Brown Harmony, Blackcurrant Rose, I guess that' more than three, huh??) Product-wise, the duo comes in two complimentary shades of color, one satiny and the other a shiny lipstick, so you can play with the colors!!

p.s. I wonder - I should really be thinking about incorporating ramen noodles into my diet?? Hmmm...

chichi chic!!


Beauty Bargains

I am a beauty products junkie!! It's very sad. Actually, it's not sad at all - it's affecting and exciting!! Many a-shopping mini excursions and retail-therapy sessions begin, concomitantly, with a stop at the beauty counters of my staple dept. stores. It's just that make-up is so alluring and stunning in its ever-pretty, tempting bottles, tubes and packages. Ooohhh la la. Simply - multiple orgasms. Pure loveliness: the color palettes and matrix forms of eyeshadows; delicious tubes of lip color; pots and jars of skin creams that smell oh-so-decadent, I sometimes wonder if the products are too good to be true and are really just sold for their velvety textures and yummy scents; fragrances, ooooh fragrances - I think dad's responsible here, standard gifts for us, his gyrls, when he comes to visit, so we have some fragrances way before they're introduced in the US :); blushes and cheek stains - also in a myriad of colors and textures; nail polishes - remember the Chanel Black Satin nail polish, I was sporting that last summer before the all the frenzy!! Actually, years before, I'd be in black nail polish for periods of a month or two just because I love it!! Oh, and did I mention beauty tools?? The feel of a new natural brush...remarkably cool. It's a wonder I've managed to not to rant effusively about beauty products in my writings!! Just you wait...

This past Tuesday, I stopped at the Saks and Neiman's Beauty Events. I needed to purchase something for my mom - Ultimate Lifting Creme. Estée Lauder skin care, among reverent brands, has been in my household since I can remember mommy attempting some semblance of a nightly beauty routine. It was more like every fortnight. Haha, but obviously that didn't stop her owning all those products!! I've inherited that gene; hmmm, must be a dominant allele. Anyway, I picked up the jar, as well as some Pure Eyeshadow and got talking with the Beauty Expert lady - their compact cases are exquisite - and next thing I knew I was asking her if she wouldn't mind giving me two of the Beauty Gift Bags; since technically, you got the gift bag if you spent $100, and that jar alone was definitely more than twice that... "Sure honey, you've made my evening!!" she says, "I'll throw in an extra Estée Lauder free treat!!" Well of course, I am exhilarated and grinning like a Cheshire cat. I paid for my purchases, we hugged and parted ways. My mommy was so happy when my younger sister arrived with her goodies two days later. She'll use them at least three times, I think. [The power of bargaining: Lesson #1.]

Next Stop: Barney's. Helloooo black mesh skirt with a puce satin underlay. On sale!!
Sorry, that was just a detour.

Next Stop: Neiman's. Chantecaille Detox Mask and Rose Water. Well, that's all I wanted and was willing to spend money on. I'd be able to get the Neiman's Gift Bag for sure, but I didn't make it (tax excluded) for the Chantecaille Beauty treat. Anyway, I was already positively glowing from my other purchases and gushing to the lady about how wonderful I felt - she's gushing back, "Not many African American women use Chantecaille, but it's an exceptional skin care line." I pleasurably agreed, thinking, "oh well, so what?? The detox mask got wonderful reviews and I just had to try it" - and I asked if I'd still be able to get Chantecaille treat. "I just can't afford to buy anything else and I'm definitely going to be eating ramen noodles for the next couple weeks," I prodded her conscience. It worked!! She'd love for me to try the samples and come back soon. Wrapping up my purchases, she directed my attention to some four-hundred-dollar?? compact case - as we had been talking about the Estée Lauder ones, to which I politely declined and reminded her of my impending ramen noodle diet. I thanked her for all of her help and waved my farewell floating on cloud nine. [The power of bargaining: Lesson #2.]

Thank you Lord for the bargaining gene I know I definitely inherited from mom!! She'd be so proud!!
Beautyfull kisses.


¡¡Loco for Lucite!!

I'm hot for lucite at the moment and I've been meaning to put these up!!

Photos by Paola Kudacki, nymag.com
L - R:
Patricia von Musulin Lucite thin bangles, $570.00 each, wide bangles, $875.00 each, at Takashimaya, 693 Fifth Ave. NY.
Patricia von Musulin Lucite ring, $600.00 at Takashimaya.

That gorgeous ring will turn out to be a useful weapon a la double-O-7!!

But look at those prices, there's obviously a mistake and the decimal point should be shifted one over to the left. Thanks. More Patricia von Musulin jewelry available at Vivre :) and her website is deliciously lovely as well. One more reason to head to NY at some point.

Ben Amun has these available at Saks, @ $55.00 and $60.00:

There's a frosted bangle as well in the collection, but I'm not keen about it.

p.s. Meanwhile, I'm still working on the Milan and Paris shows, there are just sooo many clothes to look at. Mr Armani had at least a hundred ensembles in his Emporio Armani collection!! Now, you tell me, how do I narrow down my faves?!!

p.p.s. The Saks and Neiman's Beauty Events are going on at the moment!! They both end on March 11. Pretty! Pretty!!


Scents of New York: Bryant Park

So, let's review my some of my loves...
~New York! New York!!
~the lovely month of March *big smile* (my bday month, fiery & passionate Aries *wink*)
Now where am I going with this??
vrrrooommmscreeeeechh (sound of a car coming to a halt, just in case you didn't get it. Haha, cracking myself up with my silliness!!)
↪⇥Here: Today, Bond No.9 - the collection of fragrances paying homage to the greatest city of all, New York, and named for its boutique headquarters at 9 Bond Street, Noho - has launched it 28th scent called Bryant Park!! Exciting News?!!! Hell yeah!! It's about time the hub of NY fashion week got it's own scent!! Bryant Park - the inspiration for this eau de parfum - is a rose-patchouli concoction with PINK pepper thrown in for "dissonance." (love that word!!)
According to the folks at Bond No.9, their mission is twofold: 1. To restore artistry to the art of perfumery, and 2. To mark every New York neighborhood - yes, that's right!! - every uptown, midtown or downtown milieu - with its very own scent.
I thought I had probably five favorites from the collection - West Side, Bleecker St., Gramercy Park, H.O.T. Always and Park Ave.; but, I've obviously been lying to myself. Yesterday evening at Saks, I tumbled in love with half of the collection perhaps. And the candles are delicious!! I simply can't wait to smell Bryant Park.
So if you're from or in NY, please represent your 'hood!! Or, if you're me, represent them all. I don't discriminate!! Haha!! (I'm full of lame innuendoes this fine March morning.)

"Pink Pepper" Kisses.

P.S. I forgot to mention the Bon Bon Box and Perfumista's Box, each beautifully wrapped and containing 18 x .20ml and 16 x .20ml refillable pocket scents respectively. Delish!! There's an extra sample bottle so you can make your own signature scent as well. Available at Saks :)