Airport-ready Chic...

...or just a made-up reason to love these, and those below.

Dolce & Gabbana Patent Convertible Bag and Leather Pumps that just scream chic!! The Bag: Black patent leather with clear PVC, gold-tone hardware. Love it beyond words!! (Maybe I'm just really drawn to shiny objects.) Top handles with buckled sides and the entire thing is foldable. Did I mention airport-ready chic to the max?? And just check out the heels on these pumps, zoom in. At the moment, I think these are available just at Neiman's (online store).

Speaking of heels, you wouldn't want to mess with a chic in these Dior Extreme Pumps!! Pictured as well, is the Jeanne Bag, the new It-Bag from Dior!! Look for dark browns, deep indigos; for fall. Available at Eluxury.