Dolce & Gabbana Ad again: Fantasy Rape...

Lack of sleep for no obvious reason prevents me from thinking straight and I'm really awful at updating my thoughts. They pop in my head and then, poof!! They're gone!! During the day, yesterday, I meant to write about the sad ad campaign idea my lovely Italian boys came up with, but I forgot. Well, 'it' can't really be called an idea since it actually materialized.
Anyway, when I looked up the man-with-tennis-ball-in-his-briefs ad on the DG website, I couldn't find the controversial 'fantasy rape' ad. Dolce and Gabbana had taken it off. Good job guys. I'm not even going to ask, because I know there's no such thing as fantasy rape!!!! MSNBC has the story and the ad. As penance, the designers should hop on each other's necks, in turns - like they made their male models pose inanother of their ads?? What are they smoking??!!!! - and walk the grounds of their villa!!! It'd serve them right for making those boys look soooo beyond ridiculous.
On second thought, I think, however, the duo would rather enjoy the burlesque exercise, missing the obvious ridic-ness of it all!!

p.s. Sorry pics of men bolstering each other on their necks will not be shown on this post.
Visit the DG website.

Air kisses.
(I am slightly put off by this whole thing, to say the least.)