Scents of New York: Bryant Park

So, let's review my some of my loves...
~New York! New York!!
~the lovely month of March *big smile* (my bday month, fiery & passionate Aries *wink*)
Now where am I going with this??
vrrrooommmscreeeeechh (sound of a car coming to a halt, just in case you didn't get it. Haha, cracking myself up with my silliness!!)
↪⇥Here: Today, Bond No.9 - the collection of fragrances paying homage to the greatest city of all, New York, and named for its boutique headquarters at 9 Bond Street, Noho - has launched it 28th scent called Bryant Park!! Exciting News?!!! Hell yeah!! It's about time the hub of NY fashion week got it's own scent!! Bryant Park - the inspiration for this eau de parfum - is a rose-patchouli concoction with PINK pepper thrown in for "dissonance." (love that word!!)
According to the folks at Bond No.9, their mission is twofold: 1. To restore artistry to the art of perfumery, and 2. To mark every New York neighborhood - yes, that's right!! - every uptown, midtown or downtown milieu - with its very own scent.
I thought I had probably five favorites from the collection - West Side, Bleecker St., Gramercy Park, H.O.T. Always and Park Ave.; but, I've obviously been lying to myself. Yesterday evening at Saks, I tumbled in love with half of the collection perhaps. And the candles are delicious!! I simply can't wait to smell Bryant Park.
So if you're from or in NY, please represent your 'hood!! Or, if you're me, represent them all. I don't discriminate!! Haha!! (I'm full of lame innuendoes this fine March morning.)

"Pink Pepper" Kisses.

P.S. I forgot to mention the Bon Bon Box and Perfumista's Box, each beautifully wrapped and containing 18 x .20ml and 16 x .20ml refillable pocket scents respectively. Delish!! There's an extra sample bottle so you can make your own signature scent as well. Available at Saks :)