Bijoux!! Bijoux!!: Stephen Dweck necklaces

I went through a period of intense fondness of chandelier earrings, perhaps three summers ago. They were trendy!! (sigh) I just couldn't get enough of huge, dangling, mini-fanlike jewelry that almost grazed my shoulder blades. And, if they came with gemstones, all the better!! I began a love affair with Miguel Ases' earrings even before his line became available at Neiman's and everywhere else - I found his jewelry at Fragments.com - he'd make beautiful earrings and I'd buy them. It was such a beautiful relationship. I am still in love with most of my pretty earrings; although I don't wear them often. I'm really just a (teeny-tiny) studs kinda gyrl.

Now, I'm all about making a statement with necklaces!! Somewhat fussy - a chic balance is crucial!! - these bright, bold baubles are in of themselves magnificent pieces of art. I'd sooner be adorning them with nothing else!! Yes, I mean going nude. Hahaha. Okay, seriously, I'm not advocating abandoning clothes and all possible facade of sanity. Umm. No way!! It's just that these eye-catching necklaces, especially courtesy Stephen Dweck, make a lavishly adequate statement all on their own. I have taken a huge tumble and fallen head over heels with Dweck's necklaces.

Top left: Four-Strand Necklace (Shanghai collection), $1560.00, Neiman Marcus; Top right: Graduated Turquoise Necklace (Vera Cruz collection), $1965.00, Neiman Marcus; Bottom: Multi-Strand Malachite Necklace (Shanghai collection), $945.00, Saks.
I remember the first piece of the designer's jewelry that I admired: a pair of small floral mother-of-pearl stud earrings with silver centers. It was around the same time I was eagerly searching for unique chandelier pieces. The following fall season, I also found the earrings available in Tahitian pearls. It was classic and elegant; there were matching necklaces as well. Stephen Dweck creates unique pieces of jewelry from many different natural stones and minerals from all around the world, fusing his love for sculpture and jewelry. He also creates "One of a Kind" (OAK) jewelry pieces, which are made from his substantial gallery of collected stones and are never duplicated. They are simply brilliant showpieces.
I love love the necklaces from Vera Cruz and Amalfi collections this season, okay I love his collections every season, to be honest.

I found out that his pieces will be shown:
~Tue May 8th, Neiman's, Boston, MA.
~Fri Apr 13th, Neimans Westchester, White Plains, NY.

p.s. I started writing this last week; but... ahhh, my birthday wkend; 'twas absolutely divine, thanks to my most wonderful friends and NY, NY!!


alluretone said...

i'm a stud kind of girl also :) i don't really like chunky jewlery, unless they're studs because i'm obsessed with them. i usually just keep my necklaces simple.

chic simplicity said...

yes for studs!! but i am into bold princess or matinee length necklaces at the moment ;) they give my outfit an extra something whenever i want it.