Springtime: The Classic White shirt

[It's five in the morning, I should be asleep!!]

The requisite social hysteria that accompanies prominent Fall fashion weeks has subsided; somewhat. Trendy socialites - someone pls tell me what this word means and why I'm even using it - may take respite from their ferocious bids for camera-time for all of about two point three seconds; and superskinny, puerile models may treat themselves to a carrot stick (psych!!) and snort a gram less in the meantime. Thereupon, mere mortals, like myself, anticipate - helplessly - what pieces, original and/or reshaped, will end up in stores; that is, after fashion editors and store buyers get their butts and toes kissed, natch, by the designers!! Oh what compromises!! The great fashion industry we live for!!
I'm contented to wait.
Good thing too!! Spring is here. I don't care whether it rained and snowed two days ago!! That was just an anomaly and - in my head - it's going to be beautiful weather from now!! It has to be. My birthday is on Friday!! My huge barely-contained-on-my-face smile quickly amends itself as I remember I have no birthday outfits for the entire weekend!!
No worries. Yet.
In my mind's blossoming spring, I do mini-pirouettes down a street. I've shed at least three layers of clothing and putting one leg in front of the other is oh-so simple. Life is grand. I need a quick spring fix and I know just the thing: a white shirt. An easy, classic luxury. Before I start my enchanting fling with colors, a white shirt will do just beautifully. Even when I can't seem to stop admiring chiffon prints and patterns, the white shirt will remain my ideal faithful. It really suits any and every occasion, day and night. It's so understated, it's glamourous. I did a bit of shopping around and found some great pieces. This (pic from March's Vogue, I finally got a chance to glance at the pics, I haven't read it yet, sad) is my fave updated look of the classic white shirt!! So weird, but I promise I came up with a similar ensemble (black top, though) before seeing this look!! Tousled Haute!! I can't believe my genius!! I know, right!! Neither can you!! It's slightly difficult to pull off, but I think I did well.

You know, posting pictures really is sooo blah!!! And, I'm really tired. I think I need someone to ummm.... do them for me whenever I finish writing. It's just so tedious!! And I feel bad, like I'm letting you, my lovely multitude of one or two of readers, down when I don't put up as many pics as I'd like, just to show you what I'm thinking!! *Tear-drops* I'll get used to it soon, I promise.

Tons of sugar kisses to make up.

p.s. I wonder if Ms. Wintour's people have come up with another word for b.l.o.g.