YSL Lip Twins: Double Chic!!

Well. Well. Well.
I am utterly in love with the YSL Lip Twins (lip duo: satin/shine). I'd heard about the recovering house of style launching a new line of lip colors in January but I completely forgot until now. Their foundation and much of their color (blush and gloss) has just never really worked with my skin color, but I've decided to change that. I think they've decided to accommodate me too: look at this blush, the spice and/or blackcurrant (new!!) should look good on my brown skin. Yes??
Even more exciting, look at the Variation Blush - the range of colors is yummy and we should all be able to find one to match our various shades. The formula of matte and iridescent textures gives a satin veil of color and is reported to contain self-adapting pigments that produce just the right shade of cheek color in the presence of light. Oh my!! I think the Cinnamon/Rose or Ash Pink would accent my cheekbones fabulously.
And unto the pièce de résistance, the Lip Twins - with which I have fallen in love for purely superficial reasons. There's something alluring about whipping out an elegant lip color or compact from a teeny evening purse for a quick touch up - that is, if you're forced to, in public. Haha. We all know make up should never be applied as if for an audience!! Anyway, whether or not you're forced to, I'm thinking you'll want to be seen in public with a tube of YSL Lip Twins in it's couture jewel-like tube. It's really just a sexy piece of accessory, if ever an item of makeup was one. I love it!! And again, the range of colors is heart-fluttering. YSL is trying to cater to us all. I am definitely going to find three shades that suit me!! (Pink-Beige, Plum Harmony, Pink Harmony, Brown Harmony, Blackcurrant Rose, I guess that' more than three, huh??) Product-wise, the duo comes in two complimentary shades of color, one satiny and the other a shiny lipstick, so you can play with the colors!!

p.s. I wonder - I should really be thinking about incorporating ramen noodles into my diet?? Hmmm...

chichi chic!!