¡¡Loco for Lucite!!

I'm hot for lucite at the moment and I've been meaning to put these up!!

Photos by Paola Kudacki, nymag.com
L - R:
Patricia von Musulin Lucite thin bangles, $570.00 each, wide bangles, $875.00 each, at Takashimaya, 693 Fifth Ave. NY.
Patricia von Musulin Lucite ring, $600.00 at Takashimaya.

That gorgeous ring will turn out to be a useful weapon a la double-O-7!!

But look at those prices, there's obviously a mistake and the decimal point should be shifted one over to the left. Thanks. More Patricia von Musulin jewelry available at Vivre :) and her website is deliciously lovely as well. One more reason to head to NY at some point.

Ben Amun has these available at Saks, @ $55.00 and $60.00:

There's a frosted bangle as well in the collection, but I'm not keen about it.

p.s. Meanwhile, I'm still working on the Milan and Paris shows, there are just sooo many clothes to look at. Mr Armani had at least a hundred ensembles in his Emporio Armani collection!! Now, you tell me, how do I narrow down my faves?!!

p.p.s. The Saks and Neiman's Beauty Events are going on at the moment!! They both end on March 11. Pretty! Pretty!!


keri said...

heheehe, thats funny about the decimal point moving over one to the left.