The Chic Hatter

I love hats. With spring in the air, I'm talking broad-brimmed, considerably ornate and colorful straw/linen hats; but, everyone is pointing me in the direction of the Kentucky Derby (in May)!! Haha. I happened to try some on this past weekend at Saks NY, and each time the Derby came up, even though I'd gone in with two different friends on two different days!! Am I the only one who is mad for these chic hats??!!!

Pretty!! Pretty!!
From hats.com - Top left: $97.99, Top right: $108.99
From hatsinthebelfry.com - Bottom left: $400.00, Bottom right: $400.00 (That's a bit much for some hats; but funnily, these are found in the "Kentucky Derby" section.)


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