my fave queen does sequins!!

Seriously, I should be clobbered for this glaring omission, but, that's not going to happen. *huge grin* I'm not completely certain how I neglected to include these sequined beauties by Alexander McQueen in my previous post, but here they are!!

Let's make an entrance, shall we?!!

I'd already pictured the top pair of shoes previously. This past weekend, I stopped by the McQueen store in NY and asked about them. Naturally, the salesperson, an annoying, ersatz queen, attempted to give me some attitude!! I chuck it up to the fact that he's jealous he'll never be able to wear the beauties in his life time; not even if he adorned drag and partied at Studio 54!! There's a waiting list and they're not even available in store. So I called the store in London... Haha!!! I'm beyond help!! I'll probably not get them, but never say never. I'm thinking about reworking the exchange rate to my benefit—skip the ever-falling dollar and parlay some naira into pounds or euros!! Ahh... the things I come up with. And isn't the pump to die for?? I even find myself going back on my notion that I could never do a sequined purse.

Perhaps, in a former lifetime, I was Hindu and reincarnated as a magpie. How else can I explain my attraction to ridiculously shiny objects??!!

Glamourous kisses.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I must confess I haven't been on your blog for a while now but I must say, it is ALWAYS a pleasure. Ok, I have to go back to my drawing board on how to get my hands on the YSL uptown bag :-): options right now are : rob a bank, look for an arab prince(prince william might be stingy-BRITS..LOL) or just work very hard :-(.
I concur about the VLs but I'm not that fashion forward; thus, I'll probably make a statement with it once or twice and that'll be it. Thanks dearie for making my reading pleasurable. Love ya xoxo ~cocodee~