shimmer with sequins

...been around the world and I, I, I...
(remember the Lisa Stansfield hit?? Or am I completely dating myself here?!! Haha.)
Daahlings, I'm a wannabe jet-setter. *fluttering eyelashes* Now here's a post that I've finally completed :)

Last February, when we were getting excited about all the glam that fall promised, I would never have fathomed just how much shimmery, sparkly pieces the shoppes would carry. And guess what?? I love 'em all!! Well, okay, not all of them, but I love having so many options. When Joy Bryant stepped out in that gorgy sequined number from Erin Fetherston's Holiday 2007 collection at Glamour's Fashion Gives Back last month, I simply went crazy for sequins. Never mind, the fact that I've been eyeing this Elizabeth & James (Olsen twins' line) sequins tunic forever and finally put an order in!! It's simply the most beautiful and perfect shape!! (Sadly, I don't know which twin is adorning it in the accompanying picture.)

Utterly glam—dancing in the night light—the shimmery reflections of sequins (on a dress) intimate tantalizing glimpses into one's soul. The elusory flecks of color in one's eyes; if they're not glazed over from too much champagne or liquor. Haha!! Naturally, I've scoured all of my frequent online shopping webbies for my fave sequin and paillette pieces. There are newer pieces each day, it seems. Given October is the perfect month to stock up on party pieces for the end of the year, I'd say go ahead a pick up one or... four sequin numbers :). Then, a couple during Christmas sales!! And, believe me, there are all kinds of items in sequins!! The only thing is I could never do a sequined purse/clutch. I just don't fancy them. Here are some of my faves from the start of this month.

I'm almost considering those leggings, even though I won't pay more than 20 bucks for a pair of leggings—umm.. no, not even cashmere leggings will sway me. So we'll see!! I'm labeling the pieces... Be back soon!!

Glam kisses.


viridiansun said...

those color splashed pumps...MINE! where and how much girl?

chic simplicity said...

the color-splashed pumps are by issa (http://www.issalondon.com/) the brazilian-brit famous for her wrap-dresses. there are points of sale in ny (henri bendel and saks) listed on her website. good luck. i loved them immediately i saw them too.