A letter... or not.

"More than kisses, letters mingle souls..." ~John Donne

My darling sweets,
'Tis with great relish I set forth to transcribe my circumstances heretofore, excepting as I recall, it doth resemble a quagmire of feckless—but, ohhh pleasurable—undertakings amidst terrible headache spells.1 Certainly, thou art privy to much of my habits—foraging in the Houses of Neiman's et al, sojourning at the Gramercy etc; and considerable aspirations that I may reveal at a later time...

I feel another migraine coming on from my pathetic Old English ranting.
Back to English in 2007.

[Actually my head's pounding and my eyes can feel the vibrations, but I'm better now (three hours later) :)]

Anyway, I'm super delighted the four major fash weeks are over. Please feed the models now!! (Two celery sticks, no dressing, per 85lb frame. Haha, I'm cracking myself up!! Okay seriously, it's not a laughing matter, but feed them. Thanks.)

Of course, I'll still watch out for the minor shows; but the revelry is over for the most part. I've seen thousands!! of outfits, and I've managed to accumulate just a few fave complete ensembles or pieces in my stylebook. Three thousand, one hundred and eighty three looks to be precise. Yikes!! Picking out faves has/is/will always be a hassle for me. During the Milan shows, dread overtook my sweet anticipation as I clicked to view each designer's pieces—a silent, albeit fervent invocation for the subsequent collection showing a maximum thirty outfits. If I was lucky. *scoff* I'm thoroughly grateful my right wrist and fingers did not rise up in insurgency, breaking off and simply refusing to connect my right hand considering the continuous amount of mouse pad tapping I did.2 My extravagant number of fave ensembles/pieces forces me to question whether I really have an eye for style. I seriously could be exhibiting an unnatural condition of materialistic hedonism and sartorial appreciation ad nauseam, either of which should certainly be analyzed by a therapist. So you see, Houston, we have a problem.

Even as NY fash week took off, I knew I'd need to resolve a method to show a good portion of my Spring 08 fave pieces. I just don't like the flickr or sliding picture thing you have to use on b.l.(bleh)ogger (still hate the word); you know what I'm talking about... So I've decided to learn how to build my website with the Adobe Web Premium. That's been taking up some of my time too. I know I could've had it built, but do you know a more persnickety person (than myself) perhaps?? Plus, it's super fun. (I am an undercover geek!!) So until I unveil my new webbie at the end of the year, I'll post a dismal number of pieces I loved in the next couple of days on b.l.(bleh)ogger, and continue writing as usual :)

There were so many pretty things, I'm still in sartorial bliss. (Therapist??!!) I looove fashion but I try not to read many reviews of designers, especially immediately after the shows; though, they do make for an animated mélange of vagaries and fads based on the reviewer's perspectives. And I think I've come up with the unspoken formulaic prescription to which quite a number of designers and fashion writers subscribe. I'll share in my next post, tonight/tomorrow.

I've to run errands that simply can't wait. You know it's important, because it's rainy outside and I still have to go. Sheesh.
Be back before you can say puttanesca. Hahaha. (I'm really on something)

Big double kisses on each cheek.

1. Did they have a word for migraines in the 18th century??
2. Should I even be bringing attention to the fact that I think that sounds errrr... eecky, perhaps.??


Anonymous said...

I wanted to say how much I love your writing. Beautiful language. If that makes sense :)