knock on wood. ...then put your lipstick in it.

I've been away.
Sugar-glacé kisses to make up.

I've also been thinking of a suitable title for this post for almost three weeks; my punny skills are waning—pun intended. Funny?? eh (not so much)... a bit to make you smile, I hope. I marvel at the genius of using wood to create these clutches. I mean trees are certainly one of the most versatile resources on our planet, I'm completely intrigued by its uses in our everyday lives...
And thinking re personal aesthetics; just genius!! Well, that is, until I remember clogs!! They're atrociously frumpy, especially the Danish ones, and I'm yet to reconcile the fact two of my most devilishly yummy treats come from this clogs-wearing breed.1 No offense to the Danes. Ever. Read footnote #2. *yummy kisses*

These clutches are made by Ports 1961—a brand that reminds me of a casual resort elegance. This season, the shapes (of the dresses) remain classic, and yet, there's a comfortable futuristic element that makes them very modern. With a simplicity that intensifies a stylish essence, these clutches are alluring. A little part of me, though, yearns for something to add a little more ummph. Perhaps, a huge bauble or two, artfully recessed or raised from a corner on the vertical plane of the clutch—technical much??—without eliminating the simple lines. Do you know what I mean?? Or maybe I just need to temper my affections for Devi Kroell's gem-embellished purses. Hahaha.
The purses (and clothing) are available on Ports website, as well as at Vivre. Clothing only: available at Saks.

Baublicious kisses.

1. Two of my fave treats: Danish butter cookies and Danish men; Danish men have the second largest population of tallest men, after Dutch men in the world. How do I know this?? Fly KLM and enjoy the bliss of gazing at most men at the airport (and in Amsterdam) at least 6'!! And I did a little research to see if there might be some truth to this—other than my adeptness at picking out men over 6', of course—turns out I'm genius!! Ohhh joy!! *blush*


viridiansun said...

these are BEAUTIFUL!