i'm thrilled!! (i don't need a title...)

I'm in a fashion Shangri-La, and here are the biggies on my anticpating/to-do list:
• culminating review of NY fash week in the next two days
LFW is in full effect: Double Whoop!! for provocative designs—half of which are, of course, completely unwearable. Oh wait... it's S/S!! Unwearable is usually reserved for A/W!! Chichi chic all the way!! Review at the end. And, of course, following LFW is Milan fash week, then Paris, et cetera; does it ever stop?? No!! Bliss!!!
• speaking of London, I've also been anticipating the Swarovski Fashion Rocks (for the Prince's Trust.) It'll be hosted by Samuel Jackson on Thu, October 18th. I just know it'll be baddd!!1
• I've been itching to mention her name: Zulema Griffin!! Whew!! Now wouldn't I loove to have been one of Fela's wives??!! (figuratively, of course!! I certainly don't do harems.)
• The lack of color on the runway—indeed the fashion industry—and by that I mean BLACK women is making headlines. I'd begun to think the reason everyone looked ummm... white was because I was going color-blind!! I'm thinking a thorough analysis of the subject... (not that we really need one, anyone who sees the shows can see, can't they?? I do, however, like to know what I'm talking about in its entirety.)
Coco-mademoiselle.com, if you haven't been in...
• And, in completely unrelated fash news, I am crushing on tons of indescribably handsome—even beautiful—and, of course, huge men, (umm.. ten yrs later, how did Timbaland get soo huge) who naturally don't even know I exist. Joy!!
• and, oh, awards show tonight!! Gowns galore!!! (And yes, I can't even be bothered to remember the name of the awards.)
• finally... buy. these. shoes!! One of them, or both. Or not. I wouldn't want us to end up with the same pair (*GASP* simultaneously!!) BTW, if that ever happens, we could just (re)establish our bond as best friends because we just have such elegant tastes!! Kiss me Christian Dior. The polished chicness of the left shoe is beyond words and the heel on the second—fierce!! (Go Tyra!!)

Left available at Saks. Right available at Neiman's. Online.

Of course, I went unto Dior, to see what else I could possibly be missing and there's the silver color, which would be a crime for me to purchase because I've just gotten two silver/gray shoes; and there's the feather-birdy shoe, the heels and soles of which I completely adore; but the vamp... NO. Please let us leave the feathers to the birdies. Still love you, Mr Dior.

Excited kisses!!
Enjoy the awards, or the dresses, rather.

1. Baddd was supposed to be a play on Brit slang, but now, it also seems something Mr Jackson would say as "Shaft." My goodness, so witty am I!!