primp, pretty up, and preen ...and abit of news.

Of course, I'm completely drenched in the feverish excitement and headiness that is NY fashion week!! I gave up some tix because I had a Dr's appt yesterday. No comment. I've blissfully accepted denial and will not acknowledge the repercussions of that decision. *inane smile, blinking back mini-tears* I'll do updates right after the shows!!
Meanwhile, one word (from ongoing fash week): PREEN.

Pictures courtesy style.com

And in some news, as you may see, I've sold out and am now sporting one ad on the left side of my memoirs page. I think this will be as much as I can handle. Ever. But, in all earnestness, I am tremendously excited and appreciative to become a part of the GLAM network, and the ad is really a small price to pay (again, denial is bliss!! haha) I've been writing for just over six months, and to become part of this celebrated network, the number one site for women, is really an honor. Again, I am sincerely thankful.

Glamorous Kisses.
Glamorous!! Glamorous!!