follow your nose
...and try and catch me

I have a thing for scents.
Okay, I'm terribly sorry for one of the most appalling understatements of the year.

My love affair with (pleasing) scents very much encompasses all of my five senses; it's decidedly difficult to verbalize its perception. Actually, I'm pretty certain the sense of smell is the most important of the five senses in mammals and other classes of animals—as recent studies now show; the smelling or olfactory organs and neurons exerting considerable influence on the paths of neuronal activity of the other senses. 1 Yay!! Bio!!
So, you see, I'm not completely nuts!!
Alright, I am; but only very slightly.

While, the influence of smell cannot be disregarded in our daily lives—although its perception might be misplaced or misinterpreted2; I think in my case, it goes a tad overboard. I mean I had the Pucci Vivara Eau de Parfum mailed to me from Harrods, after I smelt it on my sis at the start of spring. Never mind, when I fell head over heels in pulsating, impassioned lust upon seeing that bottle!! They (Harrods) lied that they had the fragrance exclusively. Umm... no, it's certainly available everywhere!! Now, at least!! But, then I had to have it!! Please save that 'perfumes are commonly delivered within the UK, madam' speech. Besides, does my profile not say I'm a "miss"?? Also, kindly overlook the fact that I couldn't reconcile the particular scent in that bottle with the seductive concoction I'd just smelt on her; because really who wears just one scent?? More like four in my case. Sometimes more?? *Yiiikes!!* An alluring trail of scents—hinting—meandering all over me; a spritz on the inside of my wrists, behind my ears, just below my belly button, my hair, décolletage, around my legs and ankles... I mean the possibilities are endless. But be warned, lest you think the scents overwhelm me. The rationale for my chicsimplicity is ...a penchant for balancing the delicate nuances of style and refinement... So, it's a certain je ne sais quoi, and very light fingers!! Hahaha. The thing is, each scent arouses a feeling that begs a complementary emotion, so spritz number two; now I feel a little more elegant, add a hint of seductive playfulness: spritz number three and we could go on and on.

[A woman should use perfume] wherever [she] wants to be kissed. ~ Coco Chanel. I take this quotation very literally. Haha.

Speaking of, that's one of my huge dilemmas when I have to go away for a weekend—what scents to pack??!! Cue: dinky-crisis, but thank the Lord for mini-scents and sample bottles!!

I awoke to a bleak fall-like morning, perhaps, heralding what would be the somber mood of this historic day. I closed my eyes. I needed to feel a more pleasant emotion. I remembered my baby brother's smell. He's really a sweet mish-mash of EVERYthing, but it's simply energetic and beautiful like he is. He's back home for school now and I'm not crazy enough to want him back so quickly, but... My mind evokes more smells, two seconds later, my senses are full throttle into overdrive.
Bliss. (...and the inspiration for today's post.)

Again speaking of—in this case—glorious NY, I meant to write a piece on the Bond No. 9 NY Saks Fifth Ave scent, which debuted at the beginning of September. It was the long weekend coming up and I didn't write. I am sad, I know. I haven't tried it yet, but the bottle is charming, natch.

Loving, pleasurable kisses.
P.S. THE 50TH ANNUAL EBONY (TRAVELLING) SHOW themed "GLAM ODYSSEY" starts tomorrow, SEPT. 12TH!! Click the title to view show-times in your cities. *muah*

1. Do I have to provide references from research studies?? Haha. I'm not in class!!
2. In fact, about seventy percent of what we perceive as taste is really smell. This is fact, as well. *Coy, fluttering lashes*


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