coat check

Notwithstanding my continued subconscious longing for these decadent and timeless pieces, I've tumbled in love with a more contemporary line of coats—Soïa & Kyo. The brand, which is the sister company of the recently celebrated Canadian Mackage outerwear under the APP Group, was created in 2004. The creative directors behind the line posits its collections as "young, trendy and urban with a retro twist." Hmm... Sadly, I find myself wincing at the mention of three of the four descriptives, but I'm still enthralled. It's the same exquisite coat tailoring that the Mackage coats are known for, without the slightly bothersome leather trimmings. The Soïa & Kyo coats flaunt incredibly natural fits and bold details—buttons and belts; and the funnel collar that's all the rage at the moment—that'll make up for my awful day clothes during winter!! I'm wont to throw on a mismatch of layers during the cold; it becomes imperative to top off the underlying disarray with a fashionably pulled-together coat or jacket and pretend that my air of chi chi chicness never wavers. Hahaha!! And if these aren't the most reasonably priced coats (price range:$180-$380)... And lest I forget, the array of colors... Joy!!

Cinnamon sugar cookies and kisses


jen said...

I looovvveeee that grey coat!

Zza said...

omg i stalked a mackage coat for a year once...sadly it was never within grabbing distance

christine mills said...

If there is ever any one item that makes winter appealing it is a definitely a timeless coat. I'm loving the cream coat.